Planning Your Company Picnic

Frogbridge is the premier place to host your company picnic. With our sprawling venue, we have something for everyone and enjoyment for all ages. Who wouldn’t want to challenge their coworkers to a game of basketball or horseshoes? We’ve seen the sly grins that cross the faces of even the most composed managers when they see our bumper cars, and we’ve heard time and time again the cheers of victory as coworkers race to the top of the rock wall. This is the tried and true ultimate resort experience, and your guests’ smiles are guaranteed!

See the Frogbridge difference in action!

Ready To Start Planning Your Event?

Start Planning Your Event

Our in-house experts have developed this timeline for the smoothest planning experience possible.

10-12 Months In Advance

So, you’ve decided to consider Frogbridge for the most hoppin’ picnic your company has ever seen. Awesome! The first step is to book a tour to see our venue and amenities. When you take a walk around our grounds, you’ll notice immediately what sets us apart and get ideas of what you want your picnic to include. Based on your needs and wants, we will provide a detailed proposal after the tour, so you can see envision your day right down to the penny.

8-10 Months In Advance

Frogbridge Catering

Frogbridge isn’t just about a great day of adventure and camaraderie. We pride ourselves on our second to none catering. At this point we offer food and beverage tasting, so you not only have your custom amenities but menu as well.

6 Months In Advance

At Frogbridge, we strive to make your event as unique as your company and the people in it. This is why we provide you with a flyer so all of your coworkers can find their event agenda on your company’s customized event website.

4 Months In Advance

What’s a party without invitations? Around 4 months before your event we send out invitations to all of your guests. RSVP “Yes” or miss out on the most fun they’ve ever had—or ever will have— at work.

3 Months In Advance

3 months in Advance

Things can happen in the planning processes that cause changes—a change in ideas or budget—this is when it’s all figured out and comes together. At the 3-month mark, we lock in full event details and start working our magic on your company picnic.

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