A 2013 Best New Ride Award Winner, as voted by the International Association of Amusement and Attractions, our black-lighted Spin Zone Bumper Car Arena is smashing fun for the entire family! It is the most advanced version of the classic past time that Americans have loved for generations, and it is safe and easy enough for even 5 year olds to use and operate, accommodating anyone weighing 50-200 lbs. Guarded by a soft inner tube, each car has a soft impact to maximize safety without losing any of the fun!

Girl in Spin Zone Bumper Car

How They Work

These are no ordinary bumper cars. The objective here is to aim for the targets on the other cars. When you bang into that point the fun begins! The spin zone is activated, sending you into a 3-second spinning, exhilarating ride! This isn’t a game just about crashing into the competition; it’s about making the cars whip you into a ride that brings nothing short of excitement.

Watch out!

Another car can go into a spin at any moment, so stay on your toes!

This is the ultimate amenity to add to any company event or school picnic. When friendly competition meets an exciting ride, there is no greater combination to bring a smile on your guests’ faces.

Boy in Spin Zone Bumper Car

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