You Can Relax Completely at Frogbridge’s Pool Complex

Our swimming pool complex has always been a popular point of pride at Frogbridge. With the recent addition of some key upgrades, the complex is now even more impressive and – most importantly – more relaxing. Adults will enjoy the increased comforts of our completely resurfaced pools. Youngsters and adults alike will be thrilled by the addition of the Frogbridge Super Slide. We are proud to present Frogbridge’s upgraded aquatic experience that will make your corporate picnic here a memorable break you and your guests will enjoy taking.

Resurfaced Pools Increase Relaxation

Frogbridge Pool Complex
After adding a fourth heated pool – because everyone knows heated pools are much more relaxing than icy cold ones – the next step was upgrading the comfort and safety of the entire pool complex by resurfacing each of the pools. Smooth footing and the decreased likelihood of slippage will make you and your guests feel safer and more comfortable. This means no more worrying about youngsters scraping themselves on rough pool surfaces.

Additionally, we increased the number of umbrellas and lounge chairs, making our swimming complex – which already featured the convenience of poolside towel service and a staff of certified on-duty lifeguards – even more relaxing for you and the guests at your corporate picnic. You will appreciate the difference between our personalized experience and the impersonal ones offered by overcrowded community swim clubs or water parks.

Brand New Super Slide

Frogbridge Super Slide
Kids and adults agree that Frogbridge’s brand new Super Slide, featuring twin intertwining water slides that speed you toward an exciting plunge into the pool, is a thrill. The fact that you won’t have to wait in lines at a crowded water park to slip and slide to your heart’s content further increases the satisfaction of your relaxing getaway from day-to-day responsibilities. Under the watch of our certified lifeguards, you will feel safe and secure knowing you and your children are being looked after by a dedicated staff of trained experts during a school picnic.

With their concerns minimized, your guests will rave about the experience, one that sets our pool complex apart from others. Summer events are more fun and relaxing at Frogbridge, making it the ideal place to host one.

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