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Team Building Activities Monmouth County NJ
Team building activities are a great way to encourage communication and cooperation between you and your coworkers. If you are planning a company picnic in the future you might want to consider signing up for one of our team building packages. Team-based activities are fun for people of all ages, and they can show employees how to work in groups. Continue reading to learn about some of the best team building activities offered in our event packages.

Water Balloon Toss

The water balloon toss is a great activity that helps improve coordination. Participants are divided into groups of two, and the two members must stand a couple of feet apart. Each group is given a water balloon, and the two group members will toss the balloon back and forth. If the balloon pops, then that group is eliminated.

The person tossing must toss the balloon with just enough power so the other person can easily catch it. The person catching must not apply too must pressure when catching the balloon so it will not pop. As time goes on, each team member must take a few steps backward, which will make the tosses harder to accomplish. This game is a lot of fun at larger events, and it helps encourage cooperation between attendees.

Volleyball Tournament

Another great team building event that we offer at our events is the volleyball tournament. Frogbridge features two beach volleyball courts perfect for hosting your very own tournament.

Volleyball is a sport that requires a strong amount of teamwork, so attendees will have to learn how to work together if they want to win. Even if you do not know how to play volleyball you should still try competing, because this will give you the opportunity to learn a new skill. Anyone who is not competing can root for their friends, which helps build comradery among your coworkers.

Kayak Relay on the Lake

This is a popular activity done on our lake in our two person kayaks. Participants are divided into two groups of 10. Each group starts on different sides of the lake and paddles to the other side as quick as possible. The first group to reach the other side wins! Teams are able to rematch once all groups get to go.

Egg-and-Spoon Relay

Another popular team building activity offered by Frogbridge is the egg-and-spoon relay. The goal of this activity is to use a spoon to carry an egg while you race against others to a goal. The challenge comes from figuring out how to move at a decent pace while keeping the egg balanced on the spoon.

This can be done as a single race, but if you do it as a relay you can have your coworkers work together. Once a racer reaches a certain point, he or she must transfer the egg to another person, who will go back to the beginning with it. Both players will need to perform adequately in order to well, so everyone involved will be encouraged to work as a team.

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