Activities & Crafts

Company picnics and events at Frogbridge aren’t just family friendly—they’re family fun! From watersports and petting zoos to inflatables and fun-tastic amenities, we are the experts of smiles. Our crafts have proved time and time again that the simplest way to a smile is to let kids set their imaginations free. Children find daily distractions coloring princesses and superheroes on their tablets, but there is a true joy in having a tangible work of art they’ve made themselves. Our team of creative geniuses is here to guide and watch your children as you make you own memories with team building activities and competitive fun.

Spin art

No child can resist the classic, psychedelic allure of spin art. One drop of color blooms onto the whirling page like a firework coming to life. Virtually mess free, as the colors are finely controlled, this is a craft that kids will be amazed to create and proud to present without messing up their clothes.

Sand Art

There is a fascination with the beach: the sun and ocean, but for little kids, the sand is where the magic happens. Using bottles designed in fun shapes and figures, kids can take the same ingenuity they use to make their mighty castles and forts on the beach to bottle colorful layers of that same soft sand. Instead of a tower here or moat there, they’ll layer blue on top of yellow, strategically making a 3D work of art that contains all the fun of sand and color, while keeping the mess of it contained. A sculptural win for everyone!

Arts & Crafts Station

Our arts and crafts station is the hoppin hot spot for the young creative mind. Choose ceramics and bring them to life with colorful paints. Kids can bedazzle and wear bling they’ve made themselves with beads. The possibilities are endless as to what they will make, and can hold their attention the entire time as you enjoy your event. Speak with one of our representatives to learn about all the different possibilities we can provide at this station.

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