Picnic Perfect: Professional Performers

There are countless entertainment options that can be added to any Frogbridge company picnic. From team building activities to magicians and performers, check out all the additional fun you can have.

Face Painters

At Frogbridge, we pride ourselves on fostering children’s imagination, and nothing lends itself to that cause like a game of pretend. Our professional artists are masters at the art of transformation. Your child can be Spiderman for a day as he zooms down the zipline, masquerade as a mermaid out on the water, or even sport swirling “tattoos” on his arms as he takes a swing at mini golf. The possibilities are as big as your child’s smile.

Balloon Artists

Mom, can I get a hat? Of course. Dad, can I have a dog? Definitely. What about a sword? By all means.

Our balloon artist can turn any child’s fantasy into a reality. From animals to pet and share an ice cream with to swashbuckling swords to use on the high seas in a bumper boat, your child can have all the props she needs to create an adventure all her own.


Whether they’re walking around our beautiful venue or giving a 30-minute stage show, our magicians are crowd pleasers for all ages. Every “prestige” has a tried and true Wow! Factor. You’ll hear your guests saying with ear-to-ear grins, “No way! Do it again!” Our professionals will respond with a smile and a shake of the head because no good magician does the same trick twice…and then astounds them anew.