Looking for a way to cool off at your next company picnic? Our property features a scenic lake, which offers a variety of activities for you and your guests to enjoy. Lake activities are included with any picnic packages, along with lifeguards to ensure your safety. Whether you want to try and catch some fish, or simply enjoy a leisurely paddleboat ride, below are a few things you should know about our lake activities.


Frogbridge Paddleboats

Paddleboats are great for both adults and children. The boat steers based on how much pressure is applied on the left and right pedals. Putting an equal amount of pressure on both pedals will keep the boat moving in the same direction. A boating attendant will help you learn how to operate the paddleboat. We will also provide you with a life vest, which should be worn while participating in any lake activity.


Frogbridge Kayaking

We offer both single and double kayaks for your enjoyment. For double kayaks, the person in the back usually controls steering while the person in the front will control the speed. We can accommodate up to 20 guests on our kayaks. Paddles are included along with life vests, which will need to be worn.



Did you know that you can fish from our lake? We stock our lake with sunnys, bass, catfish, and perch. Bring your own rod, tackle, and any other fishing equipment you might need to enjoy a relaxing day away from your office.

Bumper Boats

Frogbridge Bumper Boats

This is one of our most popular amenities. If you enjoy bumper cars, then you will most likely enjoy some friendly competition with our bumper boats. Each boat is equipped with a water cannon, allowing you to cool down your opponent should your game get competitive. A great activity for hot summer days.

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