How Retreats Help Fuel Collaboration and Innovation in Fortune 500 Boardrooms

Fortune 500 companies must constantly adapt to stay competitive amidst changing business trends and a fluctuating economy. For many of the top companies with the highest revenues in the country, innovation is a key ingredient to staying relevant in today’s society. Creativity might become stifled when employees experience the same routine week after week, but retreats allow employees from different departments to interact, brainstorm, and form bonds that can continue to grow when everyone returns to the office.

Many Fortune 500 companies benefit when they dedicate time and resources to a company retreat. Corporate retreats provide a space for employees to generate new ideas and become a stronger team without distractions. By gathering your employees at a space away from the office, you expose them to a new environment that can foster creativity, innovation, and excitement. If you are planning a corporate retreat, look no further than Frogbridge Events. Our scenic 86-acre resort will be the perfect backdrop for your next corporate retreat.

Corporate Retreats Encourage Team-Building and Collaboration That Can Transfer to the Office Setting

It is common knowledge that many corporate retreats involve team-building activities. Retreats are meant to serve as a break from the day-to-day grind, and employees are able to collaborate in a more relaxed environment away from the office. Instead of bringing work projects to a retreat, an employer may dedicate a portion of the retreat’s schedule to team-building exercises. 

Some companies may find that their workforce is heavily divided by departments, and interactions between members of different departments are rare. On a retreat, employees from different departments may be placed on the same teams for certain activities, thus giving them the chance to interact for the first time.

Employers would be wise to use such an opportunity to encourage employees to collaborate, form tighter bonds, and enhance their overall teamwork. The collaboration and team-building that takes place on a corporate retreat can lead to better productivity in the boardroom once everyone returns to the office.

Retreats Provide a Distraction-Free Place for New Ideas

Creativity and innovation may become stifled when a person’s everyday routine becomes predictable. Leaving the office and entering a new environment allows employees to think differently and form new ideas in an unconventional setting. 

Employers may wish to schedule specific idea workshops or brainstorming sessions on the corporate retreat in an effort to spark innovation amongst employees. Such workshops might focus on an upcoming product launch, event, marketing tactic, or other strategy that is important to the company. On a retreat, employees can focus on such matters with a more relaxed approach because the stress of the office environment is far away. Corporate retreats remove the everyday distractions that can occur in the usual workplace, and employees are able to focus better on the topic at hand.

Frogbridge Events Is the Ideal Location for Your Next Corporate Retreat

Every Fortune 500 company should be mindful of the well-being of its employees and try to avoid burnout. Hosting a corporate retreat is a proven method to encourage collaboration and innovation while also allowing employees to relax and enjoy time away from the office setting. A well-rounded retreat will include team-building activities, creative brainstorming sessions, and recreation. The teamwork and innovation that stem from corporate retreats often return to the office, making retreats well worth the investment. If you are planning a corporate retreat in New Jersey, Frogbridge Events has the perfect venue for your employees.

Frogbridge Events is located on a beautiful 86-acre resort, and we offer superb amenities for your employees to enjoy. Our event planners can help you craft the perfect schedule for your retreat. We would be honored to host your next corporate retreat. To speak with a member of our team, you can call (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form today.

How Corporate Retreats Enhance Adaptability in Organizations

In the ever-changing world of business, the ability to adapt and evolve can often distinguish between thriving enterprises and those left behind. Corporate retreats, a dynamic tool for development, are pivotal in honing the adaptability and resilience that modern organizations require. These retreats pull teams out of the familiar, immersing them in environments ripe for growth, innovation, and strategic thinking.

Corporate retreats can help jumpstart organizational adaptability, emphasizing the significant impact these experiences can have on a company’s ability to manage shifts in market dynamics and internal challenges. Employees are refreshed and inspired by temporarily stepping away from the daily grind — qualities that Frogbridge Events fosters through meticulously planned retreats designed to strengthen team bonds and enhance flexibility in tackling business challenges.

What Is a Corporate Retreat?

A corporate retreat is more than just an off-site meeting – it is a strategic gathering designed to take employees out of their daily routines and immerse them in a different environment that stimulates creativity and open-mindedness. These events can vary in scope and size but are typically structured to combine strategic planning sessions with team-building activities. The goal is to provide a refreshing setting where employees can freely explore new ideas and perspectives without workplace distractions.

Such retreats are invaluable for reinforcing a company’s objectives and values, allowing team members to align their goals with the organization’s strategic vision. By breaking down the walls of the traditional office setup, a corporate retreat helps foster an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation, which are critical for adapting to new challenges in the business world.

Exploring the Importance of Adaptability at Work

Adaptability in a corporate environment is the capacity for an organization and its team members to respond to changes and challenges swiftly, maintaining operational momentum in the process. This crucial trait involves flexibility and responsiveness to various shifts, such as new technologies, market demands, or internal adjustments. An organization’s ability to adapt helps it navigate difficulties and turn potential hurdles into opportunities for growth.

Fostering a culture of adaptability is essential for any business aiming to succeed in today’s fast-paced market. Corporate retreats are vital in creating an environment where employees can develop flexibility and resilience. At Frogbridge Events, such retreats are designed to enhance these skills through engaging team-building exercises, enabling staff to manage transitions better and maintain high productivity levels under diverse conditions.

What Team-Building Activities Enhance Adaptability Within an Organization?

At Frogbridge Events, we believe that engaging and dynamic team-building activities greatly enhance an organization’s adaptability. These activities are designed not just for fun but to strengthen problem-solving skills, encourage open communication, and foster an environment of cooperation and adaptability among team members. 

Some of the most effective team-building activities designed to boost adaptability include:

  • Kayak Relay Races: Encourages teamwork and communication as participants must work together to navigate their kayaks efficiently.
  • Tug-of-War Contests: Builds team spirit and strength, highlighting the importance of every team member’s effort in achieving a common goal.
  • Treasure Hunts: Enhances problem-solving skills and strategic thinking as teams navigate through clues to reach their treasure.
  • Volleyball Tournaments: Promotes cooperation and adaptability as teams adjust their strategies in real-time against competing teams.

After participating in these activities, team members often return to the workplace with a renewed sense of collaboration and an enhanced ability to adapt to new challenges. These exercises not only boost morale but also provide practical lessons in adaptability that are applicable in the everyday corporate world. 

Plan Your Next Corporate Retreat at Frogbridge Events

Frogbridge Events provides the perfect venue for corporate retreats, focusing on building adaptability within teams. Our skillfully designed programs and activities help foster an environment where creativity and flexibility flourish. By choosing Frogbridge Events for your next corporate retreat, you are not just planning an event but investing in your organization’s future resilience and adaptability.

Whether you want to address specific challenges, boost team morale, or align your team with corporate goals, Frogbridge Events can tailor a retreat to meet your needs. Connect with us today to discover how we can assist you in enhancing your organization’s adaptability through an unforgettable retreat experience. For more information or to start planning your event, please complete our contact form or call (609) 208-9475 today.

Prioritizing Employee Well-Being With Retreats

The daily routine and constant grind of a nine-to-five job can become draining, and even the most dedicated employees run the risk of burning out due to work. In order to maintain the well-being of employees, many companies choose to host corporate retreats. A company retreat can take many different forms, and it provides a change of pace from the everyday grind. A corporate retreat can result in higher motivation, better communication, increased collaboration, and healthier work-life balances for all.

One of the best ways to break up the usual routine of the workweek is to enjoy fresh air and the outdoors. At Frogbridge Events, our beautiful resort is the ideal location for hosting a corporate retreat in the form of a company picnic. Our goal is to provide the perfect backdrop for your employees to bond, and we offer several team-building activities and delicious catering options. With fantastic outdoor amenities and scenic views, Frogbridge Events is the best place to host your company retreat in New Jersey.

How Can a Retreat Benefit the Well-Being of Employees?

Great employers care about the well-being of their employees, and they should want to find ways to genuinely motivate and encourage workers on a regular basis. If you employ or manage a team of employees, you should consider taking your employees on a corporate retreat outside of the workplace. Company retreats can benefit the well-being of your employees in the following ways:

  • Incentive: A corporate retreat can provide a welcome disruption to the daily grind of the workweek. Additionally, semi-annual retreats can serve as rewards for hard work.
  • Care: Retreats are completely optional, and many employers would choose not to halt the workflow for a retreat. Taking employees on a corporate retreat is a great way for an employer to show that they care about the overall happiness of their employees.
  • Collaboration: Many company retreats include team-building exercises, and these activities may catalyze the collaboration of co-workers that could carry over to the regular workplace.
  • Bonding: A corporate retreat provides a place for employees to bond and get to know each other better without the distraction of projects or deadlines looming over them.
  • Rejuvenation: A company retreat is a great opportunity to rejuvenate employees. Employers can combat employee burnout by dedicating a set amount of time to regular retreats.

Corporate retreats benefit employees in numerous ways, and many companies should consider having at least one retreat a year. 

The Benefits of an Outdoor Company Retreat

Corporate retreats offer many benefits for the well-being of employees, but outdoor retreats have their own unique perks. Many companies have offices in high-rise buildings with few windows, and these stuffy environments can take a toll on the mental health of employees. Having a company retreat outdoors exposes employees to fresh air and a new environment. Outdoor retreats can provide beautiful scenery as your employees bond while doing team-building activities. Some venues for outdoor company retreats offer fishing, boating, or swimming within a beautiful body of water.

Also, retreats or celebrations held in the same conference room used for regular work meetings do not feel like much of a getaway. If you want your employees to feel like they had a true escape from the usual work routine, you should consider having your company retreat at an outdoor venue.

Let Frogbridge Events Host Your Next Company Retreat

If you are wondering how you can boost the morale and overall well-being of your employees, you should plan a company retreat. Retreats allow employees to have a much-needed break from the usual work routine while still interacting and bonding with fellow employees. Outdoor company retreats are especially beneficial, as they expose your team to nature and fresh air rather than keeping them cooped up inside of a building. 

If you want to have your company retreat in a beautiful outdoor setting, look no further than Frogbridge Events. Reach out to our talented event planners to schedule your next company retreat by calling (609) 208-9475 or filling out our contact form today.

Attracting and Retaining Top Employees With Retreats

Most people today value a healthy work-life balance, and they will not stay at a job that is detrimental to their mental health. Employers must find ways to attract and retain valuable, dedicated employees by offering certain benefits that cannot be found at other workplaces. One such benefit that employers should consider offering is the corporate retreat. Retreats allow employees to rest and get away from the daily grind, thus benefiting employee well-being and overall mental health. Additionally, current employees will feel appreciated and rewarded when employers take them on retreats to beautiful destinations.

Employees will most likely be inclined to stay at a workplace where they feel appreciated and seen. If you are an employer, you should consider taking your employees on a company retreat. The benefits of company retreats tend to far outweigh the costs, and retreats can lead to the attraction and retention of amazing employees. Frogbridge Events is a beautiful resort located in New Jersey, and it is the perfect place to host your next company retreat.

How to Attract Employees by Offering Retreats

In the digital age, job candidates have access to thousands of job listings online, and because of the sheer multitude of online job listings, candidates skip over many positions that fail to stand out over the rest. As an employer, you want the best candidates to notice your company and not gloss over your job posting online; therefore, you may want to consider how a corporate retreat can be an attractive benefit to potential candidates. Mentioning corporate retreats on your company website or within job posts can be an effective method for attracting employees.

Not every company offers retreats. In fact, a company that takes employees on regularly scheduled retreats is desirable for many job candidates. Employers trying to attract the best candidates should encourage their current employees to post about the retreats on social media. When employees post about their positive experiences on retreats, the company’s visibility and online presence increases, and this can attract new employees.

How to Retain Current Employees With Retreats

Everyone is susceptible to burning out, and employers do not want to risk losing their top employees. If an employee is beginning to feel burnt out, they may search for other jobs that will foster a better work-life balance. As an employer, you can show your current employees that you value their contributions and want to meet their needs beyond mere compensation by taking them on a corporate retreat. A retreat to a special destination away from the workplace will show your employees that you care about their well-being and mental health.

Company retreats benefit the well-being of employees in numerous ways. To begin, a retreat promotes rest and healthier work-life balances. Employers may say they promote mental health awareness, but the employers who back their words with actions are the ones who will retain dedicated employees. Additionally, corporate retreats can benefit current employees by encouraging innovation. Employees can foster their creativity and share new business ideas while on a retreat. Finally, company retreats create a stronger sense of community amongst employees.

Begin Planning Your Next Corporate Retreat With Frogbridge Events

Employers are always looking for ways to attract and retain great employees. If you are an employer, you can make your company stand out as an attractive option by offering corporate retreats. Additionally, company retreats benefit the well-being and mental health of current employees by providing a welcome break from the daily grind. You should not hesitate to plan your next corporate retreat with Frogbridge Events, where your employees can enjoy numerous amenities and stunning scenery.

Frogbridge Events is the perfect destination for your company retreat. To speak with someone on our team today, you can fill out our contact form or call (609) 208-9475.

Unplug to Recharge: The Importance of Digital Detox in Corporate Retreats

The concept of taking a break from technology has become increasingly important. Enter the digital detox – a practice aimed at disconnecting from devices and recharging both mentally and physically. From self-imposed breaks to organized corporate retreats, the digital detox trend is gaining traction. 

Companies are incorporating this practice into their team development programs, offering employees a chance to unplug and focus on personal well-being. Frogbridge Events is here to help you and your company plan a retreat free from technology so that your team can reconnect. 

What Is a Digital Detox?

We are constantly surrounded by screens and notifications from our smartphones and other electronic gadgets, and taking a break from the digital world has become increasingly important for our overall well-being. A digital detox allows us to disconnect from the constant digital buzz and distractions, helping us reduce stress levels and prevent burnout.

By participating in a digital detox retreat or wellness retreat, individuals can take a digital break and prioritize their mental well-being. This tech-free environment encourages mindfulness and screen time management, allowing participants to rejuvenate and improve their productivity. Disconnecting from digital devices can also improve the quality of night’s sleep, as the constant connectivity and notifications from smartphones can often lead to overload before sleeping.

A digital detox may seem like a difficult and overwhelming idea at first, as many of us have become accustomed to constantly checking our devices for the latest updates. However, the benefits of a digital detox can help reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and restore balance in our lives. 

How a Digital Detox Helps Business Leaders at Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats can help leaders disconnect from technology and reduce their exposure to screens, especially the blue light emitted by smartphones and laptops. By incorporating digital detox practices into their daily lives, business leaders can create boundaries between work and personal time, allowing for greater focus and employee well-being.

During a digital detox, leaders can take the time to meditate, relax, and turn off notifications on their mobile devices. This break from the digital overload can help reset their minds and improve melatonin levels, which in turn can lead to better sleep and overall health. Retreats offer leaders a chance to reconnect with themselves and their surroundings, encouraging a greater sense of balance in an age of constant connectivity. This also lets leaders become more attuned to what their employees need.

Is a Digital Detox Possible at a Corporate Retreat?

In a world where technology and constant communication are key in the business world, can you even try to do a digital detox at a corporate retreat? Surprisingly, yes, you can. In fact, it is pretty easy to do so if the entire company is in on it. 

The importance of a digital detox cannot be overlooked, as our constant use of smartphones, email, and social media can lead to burnout and increased levels of anxiety and depression. By reducing digital distractions, employees can improve their focus and efficiency. Our team at Frogbridge Events is here to help you plan the retreat that your team needs, including incorporating digital detoxes into the planning process. 

Take the Time to Disconnect to Improve Your Experience

While finding the time for a digital detox can be hard, planning a corporate retreat where you can do a digital detox is easy. You just need the right location that has plenty for you to do otherwise. 

At Frogbridge Events, we host corporate events to help company leadership teams find the time to do what they need to make improvements. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or use this form to partner with our team today.

The Importance of Leadership Development Retreats for Executives

In a fast-paced business environment, the importance of leadership development retreats for executives cannot be overstated. These corporate retreats offer a unique opportunity for top-level management to step back from their everyday responsibilities and focus on their personal and professional growth. Through executive training, staff development, mentorship, and strategic planning sessions, leaders are able to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and gain valuable insights from industry experts.

By investing in leadership development retreats, companies are not only investing in the growth and success of their executives but also in the overall success of the organization. These retreats provide a platform for collaboration, networking, and innovation, and Frogbridge Events is here to provide the perfect venue for leadership development retreats. 

Development Retreats Lead to Better Mentorship

Retreats often provide the perfect environment to foster transformative change in team members and executives. Away from the distractions of daily life, participants can focus solely on their professional development and personal growth. The dedicated time and immersive experience at an offsite retreat can truly transform a person’s leadership style.

Leadership training during a retreat can have numerous benefits, such as improved teamwork and emotional intelligence, which are essential for effective leadership. The facilitator at a leadership retreat guides participants through activities that help them foster relationships with their peers and transform their leadership style. With personal development at the forefront, participants often come away with valuable takeaways that they can apply in their daily work.

Cohesive Leadership Across the Organization

Company leadership plays a crucial role in promoting cohesive leadership across the organization. Through strategic corporate leadership planning, leadership retreats are often organized to focus on staff development and team-building. These retreats provide executive retreat participants with the time and space to recharge and gain fresh perspectives on their leadership potential. 

By allowing leaders to step away from the daily grind and the demands of leadership, leadership retreats offer a valuable opportunity for learning and development. The benefits of a leadership retreat can also include improved conflict resolution skills, enhanced leadership capabilities, and a greater sense of team cohesion.

Retreats are often held in serene locations that provide entrepreneurs and corporate professionals with dedicated time and space to focus on self-reflection and personal growth. A well-structured retreat experience can help individuals navigate the complex world of leadership retreats and emerge with a clearer sense of purpose and direction. Whether it’s their first or their latest leadership retreat, participants can expect to walk away with valuable insights and a renewed sense of leadership potential.

Retreats Create Opportunities for Improvement

Leadership retreats provide a valuable opportunity for personal and professional development. Retreats allow senior leaders to step back from their daily responsibilities and focus on improvement in a supportive and collaborative environment. Leadership retreats often include a mix of problem-solving activities, outdoor activities, and mindfulness exercises that enable leadership teams to solve problems and identify areas for improvement. By fostering a culture of self-awareness and camaraderie, these retreats enable participants to develop actionable strategies for skill-building and enhancing team dynamics.

By fostering a culture of organizational success, these retreats play a vital role in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and development within the organization.

Effective Bonding is the Key to Success: Reach Out to Frogbridge Events Today

If you want to build a corporate leadership team that can reach your goals and excel in all areas of performance, bonding is key. No company functions solely because of one person, and you won’t see improvement until everyone can work together effectively. Help the bonding process along while making life-long mentor friendships by attending leadership development retreats. 

At Frogbridge Events, we provide everything that you need for a leadership development retreat. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or use this form to book your executive retreat today.

The Complete Guide to Hosting a Fortune 500 Retreat

Most Fortune 500 companies understand the importance of bringing your team together for a successful and motivating experience. Whether your goal is to strengthen relationships, increase teamwork, or celebrate the success of your company, hosting a Fortune 500 retreat is an excellent way to achieve these objectives.

If this is your first time hosting a retreat for your Fortune 500 company, it is important to understand the essential elements of hosting a company retreat, from choosing the perfect theme to arranging top-notch entertainment. We want to make sure that you have all the tools and knowledge you need to plan and execute a successful and unforgettable retreat for your team. If you need help planning your next retreat, the team at Frogbridge Events is happy to help. 

A Complete Guide to Hosting a Fortune 500 Retreat

If you’re looking to plan a retreat for your Fortune 500 company, here’s everything you need to know:

Start With a Theme

One of the key components of a successful Fortune 500 company retreat is the theme. A well-chosen theme can set the tone for the entire event and inspire your team to engage and participate fully. Whether you opt for a high-energy, adventurous theme or a more relaxed, introspective one, the theme will serve as the backdrop for all your activities and entertainment.

Plan for Quality Entertainment

When people think of Fortune 500 companies, they think about quality. Your retreat needs entertainment options, and the quality of those options sets the tone for the rest of the event. Entertainment is a crucial aspect of hosting a Fortune 500 retreat. From keynote speakers to team-building exercises, the entertainment you provide can make or break the success of your event. Consider booking a renowned motivational speaker or organizing fun and engaging workshops or activities to keep your team inspired and energized throughout the retreat.

Showcase Recent Successes

At the heart of any successful Fortune 500 retreat is the focus on success. Whether you are celebrating past achievements or setting the stage for future goals, the retreat should be a time to honor the hard work and dedication of your team. By showcasing the success of your company and the individuals within it, you can motivate and inspire your team to continue striving for greatness.

Remember to Prioritize Team Building Activities

A Fortune 500 retreat should also prioritize relationship building and teamwork. Through innovative team-building exercises and collaborative activities, your team can strengthen their bonds and work together more effectively. These activities can also serve as a platform for fostering new relationships and creating a culture of camaraderie within your company.

Find the Right Venue

Finding the right corporate retreat venue might be the most important part of planning any corporate retreat. It will dictate what other services and products that you still need. For instance, if you choose a venue that’s all-inclusive and provides food, linens, and chairs, then you won’t need to find a separate vendor for each of these services. 

Some venues may also offer team building or other recreational activities for your guests to enjoy during the retreat. This can make it easier to plan your retreat, as you wouldn’t have to come up with entertainment every hour. The right venue may also have event planning staff available to help you, such as our team at Frogbridge Events. 

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Your Next Fortune 500 Retreat With Our Team

At Frogbridge Events, we’re proud to be the go-to partner for many corporate events and retreats. When you have your special Fortune 500 retreat at our resort, we’ll help you plan the perfect all-inclusive experience. Planning your next event should be fun, not something that you’re dreading. 

Call our team at (609) 208-9475 or use our contact form to learn more about our venue and our available packages. We are here to make sure that your team has a positive experience at their next corporate retreat.

How a Retreat Balances Work and Leisure for Fortune 500 Teams

The concept of work-life balance has become increasingly important. With the demands of a high-powered job at a Fortune 500 company, it’s essential for teams to find ways to unwind, recharge, and bond outside of the office. One effective way to achieve this balance is through a company retreat that offers a blend of work and leisure activities.

Planning a corporate retreat is a big step toward improving the mental health, performance, and overall experience of your staff. The key is to make sure that those plans account for guest comfort, engagement, enjoyment, smooth operations, and relationship development to get the results that you want. At Frogbridge Events, we bring together many of the resources that you need to host the perfect corporate retreat. 

A Break From The Normal For Above-Normal Performance

A company retreat is more than just a getaway – it’s a strategic investment in the well-being and productivity of a team. People live and thrive on routines, but those routines don’t always create the best working environment. Sometimes, the routines that develop over time can start to slow employees down or wear them down from doing the same strenuous things every day. 

A corporate retreat provides an opportunity for employees to step away from their daily routines, gain new perspectives, and form stronger connections with their colleagues. In the case of Fortune 500 teams, where the pressure to excel and deliver results is always high, a well-planned retreat can serve as both a team-building exercise and a form of entertainment.

Finding a New Approach for Projects

The work aspect of a retreat for a Fortune 500 company can include strategic planning sessions, goal-setting exercises, and skill-building workshops. These activities allow team members to focus on the big picture and align their efforts toward common objectives. It provides dedicated time and space for brainstorming, problem-solving, and creative thinking, which can be difficult to achieve in the midst of daily work responsibilities.

However, it’s equally important for a company retreat to offer opportunities for leisure and relaxation. This can include outdoor adventures, wellness activities, and social events. Providing team members with a chance to unwind and enjoy themselves is a crucial component of the retreat experience. It serves as a reward for their hard work and commitment and helps to foster a positive and supportive company culture.

Retreats Can Be About More Than Just Work

The struggle to get staff to disconnect from work is a problem that top companies need to address. While employees can be incredibly dedicated to their jobs, they should also value work-life balance. Don’t let your staff see your company as the problem – instead, support their need for balance with a corporate retreat that addresses their work and life interests at the same time. 

The balance between work and leisure at a company retreat creates a holistic experience that addresses the needs of both the individual and the team as a whole. It allows team members to recharge and return to work with renewed energy and motivation while also strengthening their relationships with one another. This, in turn, can lead to improved collaboration, communication, and morale within the Fortune 500 company.

Breakthroughs Can Happen at Retreats With Frogbridge Events

A well-planned company retreat for a Fortune 500 team is a valuable opportunity to invest in the success and well-being of its employees. Offering a mix of work-focused activities and leisurely entertainment creates a space for personal and professional growth while also serving as a well-deserved reward for the hard work and dedication exhibited by the team.

Create a space where your staff can recharge, reconnect, and have breakthroughs that drive performance all year. Contact Frogbridge Events at (609) 208-9475 or fill out this contact form for help planning a corporate event that your staff won’t soon forget. We have helped companies create events where their staff had breakthroughs and reached new levels of success that they couldn’t have had if they only stayed in their normal routines.

The ROI of Corporate Retreats: How Fortune 500 Companies Benefit

In today’s fast-paced business world, Fortune 500 companies are continuously seeking strategies to maintain their edge, and corporate retreats have emerged as a valuable tool in this endeavor. These retreats, far from being mere leisure activities, offer tangible returns on investment (ROI) through various channels. Understanding this ROI is crucial for businesses aiming to foster growth and employee satisfaction.

At Frogbridge Events, we specialize in orchestrating corporate retreats that deliver measurable benefits. Our experience with numerous Fortune 500 companies has equipped us with the insights and expertise to create events that not only entertain but also contribute significantly to a company’s success.

How Retreats Boost Employee Productivity and Morale

Corporate retreats are more than just a break from the office routine; they are a strategic investment in a company’s most valuable asset – its employees. These retreats offer a unique opportunity for team building. Engaging in activities outside of the usual work environment fosters collaboration and strengthens relationships among colleagues. This enhanced teamwork translates directly into increased productivity back in the office.

Retreats are also an excellent way for companies to show appreciation for their employees’ hard work. This recognition goes a long way in boosting morale and job satisfaction, which are critical components of employee retention. In an era where talent acquisition and retention are paramount, investing in employee well-being through retreats is a strategic move.

Also, by stepping away from the day-to-day operations and immersing in a different setting, employees can think more creatively. This break from the routine can lead to fresh ideas and perspectives that can be pivotal in problem-solving and strategic planning.

Enhancing Leadership Skills and Corporate Culture

Corporate retreats also play a crucial role in leadership development. Through carefully designed activities and workshops, employees at all levels are given the chance to develop and showcase their leadership skills. This environment nurtures future leaders, essential for a company’s long-term success.

Furthermore, these retreats reinforce a company’s culture. By bringing together employees from various departments and levels, retreats help in disseminating the core values and vision of the company. This shared understanding is crucial in building a cohesive corporate identity.

Additionally, retreats provide a platform for open communication. In a relaxed setting, employees feel more comfortable voicing their opinions and ideas, leading to valuable insights for management. This feedback is essential for the continuous improvement of business strategies and operations.

Measurable Outcomes: ROI of Corporate Retreats

While the benefits of corporate retreats may seem intangible at first, they translate into measurable outcomes. Companies report increased employee engagement and productivity following retreats, leading to better business results. Furthermore, the decrease in turnover rates as a result of improved job satisfaction represents significant cost savings in recruitment and training for new employees.

Another aspect of ROI is the innovation and problem-solving that emerge from these retreats. Ideas generated during these events often lead to improvements in processes, products, or services, driving your company’s competitive edge.

The enhanced communication and understanding of corporate goals also align employees’ efforts more closely with your company’s objectives, leading to more efficient and effective work processes.

Why Choose Frogbridge Events for Your Corporate Retreat?

Choosing the right partner to plan and execute your corporate retreat is crucial. At Frogbridge Events, we offer an 86-acre all-inclusive natural wonderland, perfect for a range of activities and events. Our extensive experience in hosting Fortune 500 companies ensures that your retreat will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Our space offers a variety of recreational amenities and team-building activities, all designed to enhance collaboration, creativity, and enjoyment. With our trained chef, William Towle, we provide exceptional catering options, ensuring your team enjoys delicious and nutritious meals throughout the event.

Ready to Boost Your Company’s Performance? Contact Frogbridge Events Today

Are you seeking to elevate your company’s performance? At Frogbridge Events, our in-depth knowledge of expertly organized corporate retreats positions us as your ideal partner in this journey. We are equipped with a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to crafting an event that not only resonates deeply with your employees but also significantly advances your company’s objectives.

To enhance your corporate success and create an event that your team will remember fondly, contact Frogbridge Events at (609) 208-9475 or reach out to us on our contact form. Let us assist you in organizing a corporate retreat that is as impactful as it is memorable.

The Perfect Itinerary: Planning a Fortune 500 Retreat

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, a well-planned retreat can be a game-changer for Fortune 500 companies. Such retreats not only provide a break from the office routine but also foster team spirit and innovation. If you’re in charge of organizing a retreat for your company, you’re tasked with not just planning an event, but creating an experience. At Frogbridge Events, we specialize in crafting retreats that combine relaxation, team building, and unique experiences, ensuring your event is remembered for all the right reasons.

With our expertise in hosting corporate events for numerous Fortune 500 companies, we understand the nuances of what makes a retreat successful. Our 86-acre resort in New Jersey offers a perfect mix of natural beauty and modern amenities, creating an ideal backdrop for your corporate retreat.

Identifying Key Objectives and Themes for Your Retreat

The first step in planning a retreat is to clarify its purpose. Is it for strategic planning, team building, or simply relaxation? The objectives set the tone for the entire event. At Frogbridge Events, we suggest defining clear goals – whether it’s to foster creativity, improve communication, or boost morale. Each activity and element of the retreat should align with these goals. Remember, a retreat with a clear purpose is much more likely to yield productive outcomes than one without direction.

Choosing the right theme can also significantly impact the success of your retreat. Themes like “Innovation and Creativity” or “Leadership and Growth” can provide a clear focus. At Frogbridge Events, we offer custom themes tailored to your company’s culture and objectives, making every retreat unique.

Selecting the Ideal Venue and Activities

The venue plays a crucial role in the success of a retreat. It needs to be conducive to your objectives while also providing a change of scenery. Our resort, located amidst the green countryside of New Jersey, offers an all-inclusive natural wonderland. With facilities like professional bumper cars, go-karts, rock walls, zip lines, and laser tag, we provide a blend of fun and relaxation.

Activities are the heart of any retreat. They should be planned to align with your objectives while being enjoyable for everyone. Team-building exercises, leadership workshops, and creative brainstorming sessions are great for fostering collaboration and innovation. Our team can customize activities to suit your group’s needs, ensuring that each event is both fun and meaningful.

Crafting a Memorable Culinary Experience

No retreat itinerary is complete without great food. Meals are not just about nourishment – they’re opportunities for team bonding and relaxation. At Frogbridge, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional culinary experiences. Our chef, William Towle, creates meals that are both delicious and tailored to your event’s theme and dietary preferences.

We offer various menu options, but for a more unique experience, we can work with you and your team’s needs. These meals not only satisfy the taste buds but also become a topic of conversation, further enhancing the bonding experience.

Why Choose Frogbridge Events For Your Fortune 500 Retreat?

Planning a corporate retreat can be a daunting task, but with Frogbridge Events, you’re in experienced hands. Our resort offers a perfect mix of relaxation and engaging activities, making it an ideal choice for your next corporate retreat. From our diverse range of activities to our exceptional culinary offerings, we ensure every aspect of your retreat is handled with the utmost care. 

By choosing us, you’re not just planning an event; you’re creating an opportunity for your team to grow and thrive. Ready to start planning your Fortune 500 retreat with Frogbridge Events? Our team is excited to assist you in making your event a memorable and impactful experience. To begin the journey towards an unforgettable retreat, contact us at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form. Let’s create a retreat that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

How a Corporate Retreat Can Ignite Ideas for Fortune 500 Companies

For Fortune 500 companies, the importance of fostering creativity and innovation cannot be overstated. As the landscape of business continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it is crucial for companies to come together and brainstorm new ideas that will keep them ahead of the competition. This is where a corporate retreat comes into play.

A corporate retreat offers your company the opportunity to break away from the day-to-day grind and immerse your team in a creative and inspiring environment. It allows your employees to step outside of their comfort zones, collaborate with colleagues they may not typically interact with, and gain new perspectives that can reignite their passion for innovation. The key is working with Frogbridge Events to plan a corporate retreat that is both enjoyable and productive.

How Do Corporate Retreats Work?

At a corporate retreat, the focus is on fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among your team members, which is essential for sparking creativity and innovation. By bringing your employees together in a relaxed and informal setting, you create the ideal environment for open and honest communication, leading to the free flow of ideas and the potential for groundbreaking innovation.

Companies should aim for their corporate retreats to be relatively close to home but also isolated from staff’s everyday experiences. That way, it feels like they are actually getting away from work rather than going to another big company meeting. This separation is part of what makes the experience special and can help staff members change their way of thinking about work-related problems that they have to solve. 

Likewise, getting away from everyday experiences means that your staff can also experience new things with different people. Work relationships are often defined by the connections between staff members needed to do their jobs. You want your staff to break free of these relationships and mingle with everyone else at the company. As they make new connections, their way of thinking about work can change as well, leading to innovation and breakthroughs. 

Do Other Companies Use Corporate Retreats For More Than Team-Building?

Corporate retreats have long been recognized as a valuable tool for team building and bonding. However, their potential to ignite new ideas and foster innovation is often overlooked. When you take your team out of the office and into a new environment, you encourage them to break free from traditional thinking and explore new perspectives. This can lead to the generation of fresh ideas and the identification of innovative solutions to complex challenges.

The change of scenery and break from routine that a corporate retreat provides also encourages your team to think differently and approach problem-solving in new ways. By engaging in team-building exercises and creative workshops, your employees will be inspired to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to the challenges your company faces.

How Do Corporate Events Promote Alternative Thinking in Fortune 500 Companies?

Corporate retreats provide a unique opportunity for cross-functional collaboration. When employees from different departments come together in a new environment, they are able to share insights and perspectives that they may not have otherwise considered. This collaboration can lead to the development of innovative ideas that can push your company forward in new and exciting ways.

It’s not just the change of scenery that sparks innovation during a corporate retreat. The structured nature of these events also allows for dedicated time and space for brainstorming, idea generation, and problem-solving. 

By creating an agenda that includes strategic thinking sessions, team-building exercises, and collaborative workshops, your company can ensure that the retreat is not just a fun getaway but a valuable opportunity to ignite new ideas and drive innovation within your organization.

Plan Your Corporate Retreat Now to See Major Improvement in the Next Quarter

A successful corporate retreat has the power to reignite the passion and drive of your team, inspire fresh ideas, and foster a culture of innovation within your company. It is a valuable investment in the future of your organization, demonstrating your commitment to pushing the boundaries and staying at the forefront of your industry.

There is no need to wait. Plan your next corporate retreat and watch as it sparks the innovation that will propel your company to new levels of success. Contact Frogbridge Events at (609) 208-9475 or through our contact form. We work with companies to plan and host corporate retreats that are about more than team-building. Let us help you find your company’s next big breakthrough.

The Top Recreational Activities for Fortune 500 Team Building

Team building activities are a crucial component of fostering a positive and productive work culture. As a Fortune 500 company, it’s essential to invest in recreational activities that promote teamwork and collaboration and provide employees with an opportunity to relax and unwind. 

Here are some of the top recreational activities that your company can consider for Fortune 500 team building, ranging from outdoor adventures to creative workshops, all designed to bring your team closer together and boost morale.

Some of the Top Recreational Activities For Fortune 500 Team Building

Some of the best ways you can foster team building in your Fortune 500 company include: 

Outdoor Adventure Retreats

One of the most popular team-building activities for Fortune 500 companies is outdoor adventure retreats. These retreats often include hiking, rock climbing, and navigating, all of which require teamwork and communication to complete successfully. Challenging your employees to work together in a natural setting can help build trust and camaraderie among team members, fostering a strong sense of unity and cooperation within your company.

Wine Tasting and Brewery Tours

Wine tastings have always been an upscale event that fits perfectly with Fortune 500 companies and their staff. However, brewery tours have also become popular with a lot of people. Knowing your staff, you can plan a wine-tasting or brewery tour as a team-building activity. It is a great way to get everyone together to talk about something that is not working. 

Creative Workshops or Classes

Another popular option for Fortune 500 team building is creative workshops, such as cooking classes or art therapy sessions. These activities provide a fun and relaxed environment for employees to bond and collaborate while learning new skills and fostering creativity. By engaging in these types of activities, your team can develop a deeper understanding of each other’s strengths and talents, leading to improved communication and collaboration in the workplace.

Fun Picnics

One of the biggest problems with planning team-building activities is finding time to do it that won’t hurt working hours and what to do with people’s families. Staff members with kids may not be able to leave them at home with a spouse if your team-building activities are after hours. One way to fix this is by hosting fun picnics. 

Picnics are great for team-building because you can include a wide range of activities. Plus, they are held outside, so there is plenty of space for everyone and their families. Staff members don’t have to worry about what to do with their families since they can come, and there is something to do for everyone. 

Picnics also provide the perfect opportunity to bring in food trucks or catering companies to keep everyone happy with a range of food options that they normally don’t have. The right food choice makes it a day that they will remember and look forward to doing again. 

Friendly Sports Competitions

For companies looking to incorporate a more competitive edge into their team-building activities, sports tournaments and competitions can be a great option. Whether it’s a friendly game of soccer or a company-wide obstacle course, these activities provide an opportunity for employees to come together and compete in a lighthearted and enjoyable setting. Not only do these events promote physical wellness and team spirit, but they also offer a chance for employees to let loose and have fun outside of the office environment.

Escape Room Challenges

If your company isn’t too big, you can also book escape room challenges. Escape rooms can be fun but also require a lot of teamwork. Everyone has to work together to solve puzzles, which mimics what they have to do at work but with a more enjoyable environment. 

Schedule a Team Building Event With Frogbridge Events

The secret to successful team building for Fortune 500 companies lies in choosing activities that cater to the unique needs and interests of your employees while promoting a sense of unity and collaboration. Whether it’s through outdoor adventures, creative workshops, sports competitions, or community service, investing in recreational activities can help your company build a stronger and more cohesive team, leading to increased productivity and employee satisfaction. 

If you are thinking about planning team-building events, contact Frogbridge Events at (609) 208-9475 or through our contact form. We help companies plan and host events for staff as well as customers. Let us help you make your next big team-building event one to remember.

The Benefits of Changing Your Company Culture to Attract Talent

Most job seekers want to work for a company that values and inspires them. If your business doesn’t meet that description, you might need a change in your company culture if you want to recruit top candidates. 

Learning how to create a positive and healthy company culture can help you attract and maintain talent. Here’s a review of how you can benefit from a corporate culture change to attract talent, and the role that a corporate event can play in making positive adjustments.

Why Company Culture Matters for Recruiting

For many companies, hiring is a significant struggle these days. The current U.S. unemployment rate is at a historically low level. In this environment, workers feel empowered to leave their jobs for greener pastures. According to a recent Gallup survey, half of all workers in the United States are open to leaving their current positions. The number one category of reasons they give for wanting to leave? Shortcomings in their current employer’s “engagement and culture” can include things like insufficient opportunities for development and advancement, unreasonable job expectations, and a lack of recognition for their contributions and achievements. 

Today’s employers cannot count on filling positions with qualified candidates simply by offering competitive wages and benefits, although that is still a prerequisite. To attract and retain talent, they need to ensure their businesses are desirable places to work. And for some, that means taking a hard look at their company culture and making positive changes.  

Steps Toward Positive Culture Change

It’s not realistic to expect a company’s culture to transform overnight. For most businesses, change is a process that includes listening, deliberating, and making tangible efforts to show a commitment to transforming company culture to attract and retain talent. A corporate event venue can facilitate those efforts, and some steps towards changing your company culture that can lead to benefits include:

Listening Sessions

Gathering employees in a safe, neutral setting where they can share their thoughts on company culture can be a productive step toward making a change. It’s easier for workers to air their criticisms when not surrounded by the trappings of workplace hierarchy. Holding a company meeting and listening session at a corporate event venue, away from the demands and structure of an office or job facility, can lower barriers and facilitate frank, honest conversations about what needs to change to attract talent and keep current employees on board.

Leadership Retreats

The same goes for meetings among company leaders to discuss which changes to implement and how to accomplish them. You’ll want to get your leadership team together to discuss which ideas from the listening sessions are worth pursuing and to devise workable action items for changing company culture for the better. Holding that gathering at an off-site venue gives executives and managers the chance to focus on those questions without distractions and to collaborate creatively on solutions.

Corporate Events

Holding an event for current or prospective employees can be an effective way to demonstrate your commitment to a more positive company culture. Get-togethers at purpose-built event venues offer a perfect environment for socializing, team-building, and collaboration. A top-quality venue can provide a range of amenities and activities accessible to your entire workforce. This generates meaningful opportunities for group and one-on-one interactions that reinforce and demonstrate your company’s high-quality culture as a place to work.

Partner With Frogbridge Events to Make Positive Changes to Your Company’s Culture

Corporate culture matters more than ever to your prospective and current employees. Attracting talent takes more than offering competitive pay and benefits. Recruiting the best candidates takes a commitment to building and maintaining a strong, supportive company culture. A premier corporate event venue can help you take proactive steps to hear what your workforce wants, plan effective strategies, and demonstrate meaningful change. 

Frogbridge Events in Millstone Township, New Jersey, is that kind of venue. Our 86-acre company event facility offers amenities perfect for holding any type of corporate gathering, from an all-hands listening session to a leadership retreat to a company-wide day off. Contact our experienced planners online or call (609) 208-9475 to start making positive changes in your company culture.

How to Choose a Corporate Event Theme

Giving your corporate event a theme can make it memorable. The trick is for it to be a memorable time for your employees and their families without making it feel too much like a work event.

Here are some tips for how to choose the right theme for the logistics, purpose, and goals of your next corporate event. Our team at Frogbridge Events can help you choose a corporate theme and host your event. 

How to Choose a Corporate Event Theme

Some of the best ways to begin to choose a corporate event theme include:

Figure Out Where, When, and Who

The first step in choosing a corporate event theme is to get on top of the logistics. It’s impractical to choose a theme if you don’t know the event’s venue, date, and who will be coming. Select an event venue that gives you the most options, theme-wise. It should have plenty of space, be easily accessible for your attendees, and offer a range of amenities that you could incorporate into a theme. 

Also, give some thought to the day of the week and the week in the month you prefer. The last thing you want is to choose a date that’s too inconvenient for most people to attend. Ask yourself: Is your company or industry one that can take a day off mid-week or is a weekend event your only option? This can help narrow down dates for the event. 

The theme of your corporate event will also depend on the mix of attendees and how many there will be. Some themes work best for a large group of employees and their families. Others tend to suit employee-only gatherings or get-togethers with company clients or customers.

Match the Theme to Your Event’s Purpose

Corporate get-togethers can have various purposes. Some are celebrations of a business milestone while others are annual traditions or special thank-yous for employees or customers. A corporate event can also have a business-driven aim, such as a team-building exercise. The possibilities range far and wide. 

It’s important to have a clear understanding of your event’s core purpose so that you can choose a theme to match. Aligning an event’s theme and purpose gives it a cohesive feel that generates positive buzz and goodwill. Themes that conflict with the purpose of an event, in contrast, often fall flat.

For example, fun-centered corporate summer picnics tend to work well with themes that evoke the season and its typical activities, like the Fourth of July, a Tropical Luau, or a Day at the Ballpark. 

Pick a Theme That Will Benefit Your Corporate Goals

The ideal corporate event leaves attendees feeling positive about their future working for or doing business with your company. What sort of theme would help you achieve that goal? To find the answer, take a cue from what your team or business partners may need and expect from the event. 

For instance, if your employees will have been working all out, a laid-back theme focused on relaxation and stress-free fun can communicate your appreciation of their efforts and their need for a restorative break. On the flip side, if your business will be ramping up a new project soon after the event, the right choice could be an activity-based theme that generates energy and camaraderie. Use your knowledge of your company’s personality and culture to select a theme that gives attendees a reason to feel confident in your leadership and inspired to continue working with you. 

Let Frogbridge Events Help You Choose the Theme for Your Next Corporate Event in New Jersey

The right theme for your corporate event can boost your employees’ morale, strengthen relationships with your clients and customers, and pay dividends for your business. Following the tips above can guide you to a theme suitable for your event’s logistics and purpose, and your corporate mission. 

Our purpose-built corporate event venue in Millstone Township, New Jersey, offers the ideal setting for your next company gathering. Our experienced event planners are ready to work with you to develop the perfect theme for it. Contact us online or call us at (609) 208-9475 today to get started.

How to Make Your Corporate Events More Sustainable

In-person meetings continue to be a staple of the corporate world. But with sustainability concerns on the rise, making your corporate events more sustainable has quickly become a core priority. Fortunately, when planned the right way, the process can be surprisingly straightforward.

The best events make an impact on everyone attending, as well as the company as a whole. But don’t assume that when it comes to the environment, that impact has to be negative. Instead, take the steps you need to make your next corporate event more sustainable. Consult with Frogbridge Events to ensure that your next corporate event is sustainable. 

First Things First: What Is a Sustainable Event?

Put simply, a sustainable event is an occasion that minimizes the carbon footprint you and all attendees generate. It typically focuses on eco-friendly practices that ensure the environmental impact is as small as possible. 

Every choice you make in your event planning process can contribute to that goal. Small choices, like whether or not to include recycling options at the venue, make as much of an impact as big choices, like choosing a venue with renewable energy sources or other green-first priorities. 

5 Tips to Make Your Corporate Events More Sustainable

There are many ways that you can make your corporate event more sustainable, such as: 

1. Book a Sustainable Venue

It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that your venue will likely be the single biggest sustainability variable for your event. It starts with a simple choice: will you hold your event indoors or outdoors? Outdoor events reduce the costs needed to heat, cool, and light any meeting rooms you might otherwise need.

But your venue can make an impact beyond that basic choice, as well. For example, LED lighting requires significantly less energy than its fluorescent alternatives, and recycling options can reduce the waste your event generates for the landfill. Ask any potential venues you’re considering about their sustainability choices early.

2. Minimize Your Paper Use

The average office worker wastes about two dozen sheets of paper per day. Imagine how much more it gets once you consider the agendas, worksheets, overviews, and other paper-based pieces that are such a common part of most corporate events.

Instead, consider going paperless. Project important documents rather than printing them out. Use technology like QR codes and tablets to reduce your printing needs and allow your attendees to leverage their technology for all important information.

3. Eliminate Plastic Where Possible

Similar to paper, plastic is one of the most common reasons your current event setup may not be sustainable. Fortunately, you can take a few steps to eliminate plastic from your corporate event, such as switching from offering one-use, plastic water bottles to refillable water bottles.

If you’re feeling ambitious, try aiming for a completely plastic-free event. It might not ultimately be possible, but even making an effort can go a long way toward creating a more sustainable corporate event.

4. Reduce Your Water Usage

Water is a large component of making your event more sustainable.

The above-mentioned plastic water bottle reduction can help in that regard. Simply serving water on demand can help you avoid gallons upon gallons getting wasted and increase the negative environmental impact of your event.

5. Work With Sustainable Vendors

Finally, don’t underestimate the impact the vendors you work with can make on making your event more sustainable. As you source potential partners for the event, ask pointed questions about their commitment to sustainability, and what eco-friendly options they might have.

Plan More Sustainable Corporate Events With Frogbridge Events

With sustainability an increasing organizational priority across industries, it’s time corporate events began to follow suit. The above tips can go a long way toward helping you minimize your event’s carbon footprint and negative environmental impact, helping your organization play its role in green and sustainable practices.

At Frogbridge Events in New Jersey, sustainability is a core part of what drives our corporate event venue. Reach out to us online or call us at (609) 208-9475 to get started in planning a more sustainable event.

Tips to Help You Plan the Catering for Your Next Corporate Event

Even the best-planned corporate events won’t succeed if you don’t get the details right. Naturally, that also includes making sure all attendees enjoy the food by choosing the right catering option. 

Planning your next corporate event may be a major undertaking, but food is often one of the most important parts. In fact, you could argue that your catering choices and planning play a massive role in determining the success or failure of your event. With these 5 tips, you can make sure that the food, and by extension your corporate event, will be a full-on success. Frogbridge Events can provide you with multiple catering options for your event as well.

5 Tips to Help You Plan the Catering For Your Corporate Event

Take the following tips into mind when you’re planning your next corporate event: 

1. Plan Your Venue With Catering in Mind

The type of venue where you’ll host your corporate event will have a massive impact on your catering choices. Some venues may require or encourage a formal sit-down meal, while others may be tailor-made for more casual hors d’oeuvres. 

Simply put, you won’t know all of these variables until you pick the venue. If you have a rough outline of what type of food and beverage service might make sense, you can use that to influence your venue choice.

2. Align Your Catering With Your Event Details

Once you’ve chosen a venue, it’s time to go more in-depth on the details. Your event will likely have a core theme or goal, whether that’s getting company leadership together for a retreat, team-building exercise, or a more formal planning session. Your catering will be best when aligned with that goal. Consider the options:

  • For a roll-up-the-sleeves planning session, you might be best served with a buffet of finger foods.
  • For a more formal presentation of company goals and vision to internal and/or external stakeholders, a more formal sit-down meal may make more sense.
  • For a team-building session that occurs outdoors, you might want to turn the meal into a more casual occasion before or after the occasion.

Of course, these are just a few of the many options you have. The more clearly you can define your event details and goals early on, the better you’ll be able to pick catering options that match up with those details and goals.

3. Consider the Timing of the Event

Naturally, the length of your event will drastically impact the planning process, so it should not come as a surprise that it impacts your catering choices, as well. Those choices begin as simple as picking between breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods. Likewise, coffee and tea make sense in the morning, while a bar could fit the theme of an evening event. 

4. Know Your Numbers Early On

When it comes to catering, two numbers matter more than anything else: your headcount and your budget. The first enables you to better understand the scope of the food and beverages required, while the second defines the range and type of service realistic for your event.

Talk to your caterer about your budget early in the process, which lets them suggest options that match that budget. With the total budget set, your caterer will suggest options based on the per-person count, which means they’ll need at least a rough head count. 

5. Keep Dietary Restrictions in Mind

Finally, you need to plan your corporate event catering with your guests in mind. Allergies, religious restrictions, and dietary needs may mean that this step can get complex quite quickly. The right caterer will be happy to work through your options, as long as they know what they can expect.

Plan Your Next Corporate Event With Frogbridge Events

Don’t underestimate the importance of catering for your next corporate event. From the early planning stages, you can integrate food and beverage considerations to ensure that you get this piece of the puzzle just right on your way to making the event a success.

That process, in turn, begins and ends with finding the right corporate event venue. And that’s where Frogbridge Events in New Jersey comes in. Our dedicated team of event planners will help you keep considerations like catering in mind and even suggest vendors that have worked well with us in the past. Ready to get started? Contact us online or call us at (609) 208-9475 to get started.

How to Run a Company Retreat for a Remote Team

Remote and hybrid work arrangements have become the new normal. More and more companies are taking full advantage of bringing talent from different locations together in a virtual setting.

While remote employees work great in the digital environment, team building can be an issue. Surveys show that the remote workforce is quickly becoming disengaged. That’s why arranging company retreats is no longer an option – it’s mandatory to keep employees happy and productive. Frogbridge Events can help you plan and run a company retreat for your remote team.

How to Run a Company Retreat For a Remote Team

Organizing a company retreat for a remote team means keeping multiple aspects to keep in mind, such as:

Choosing the Location

Just like in real estate, the location of your company retreat is a major factor, especially when it comes to bringing a remote team together. Since your employees may be working from different cities and states, you need a place they can all access easily.

Another thing to consider when choosing the perfect location is the variety of activities. The place you pick should offer an opportunity for your team to bond. Be it sports and swimming or picnicking and singing, the location should accommodate your wishes.

Making It Last

Chances are, with your team being remote, you don’t have an opportunity to bring these people together often. That’s why a corporate retreat shouldn’t be a one-day gathering. Consider arranging at least a two-day event so your team members can spend more time with each other. 

You can pack one day with various team-building activities, including sports games, karaoke, cooking, and picnicking. Leave the other day for unchaperoned interactions. The more free time you give your team in a relaxed setting, the more they can learn about each other.

Focusing on Event Goals

The way you run a company retreat for your remote workforce depends on the goals you set for this event. If you want the team members to get to know each other and enhance collaboration, you may want to focus on team-building activities.

If your goal is to drive inspiration and come up with some new ideas, you could consider arranging a conference setting.

Communicate your goals to your workforce. They should have a clear understanding of what to achieve during this event. However, don’t demand too much effort. One of the goals of any retreat is to encourage relaxation. While working during the outing is possible, it shouldn’t be the centerpiece of the event.

Arranging Ice-Breaking Activities

Remote team members may feel comfortable communicating online but could feel a little lost when meeting in person. To facilitate face-to-face communication, you may want to arrange ice-breaking activities.

Icebreakers are fun games that help people get to know each other and remove the tension that’s usually present at first in-person meetings. With time, these games turn into a team-building activity that you may take advantage of at the following retreats.

Controlling Your Expectations

Company retreats for remote team members often require plenty of time and financial investments. That’s why executives tend to expect too much from them. By controlling your expectations, you can reap all the benefits of a retreat while having fun and relaxing together with your team.

Not all company retreats end with excellent team-building results. It can take more than one outing to turn your department into a well-oiled machine. And that’s perfectly fine.

Start Planning Your Company Retreat in New Jersey with Frogbridge Events

Choosing the ideal locale for your company retreat is the foundation of its success. If you want everything to go smoothly, you need beautiful outdoors mixed with activities and sprinkled with top-notch entertainment. That’s where Frogbridge Events comes in.

No matter how long your remote employees haven’t seen each other, Frogbridge Events can bring them together. From fun swimming games and sports activities to picnicking and conferencing, we’ve got it all. To start planning, please fill out our contact form or call our team at (609) 208-9475 today.

Company Retreat Ideas to Unite and Inspire Your Team

Bringing your team together outside the formal work setting can go a long way. From strengthening communications to boosting productivity, you can achieve a wide variety of goals while keeping your employees happy.

Arranging a successful retreat starts with some serious brainstorming. Figuring out how to encourage team building isn’t always easy. By leveraging decades of corporate retreat experience, Frogbridge Events can share ideas to drive your event forward.

Company Retreat Ideas

Planning a company retreat can be difficult, but we are here to help. Some great retreat ideas to unite your team include:

A Technology-Free Day

No matter what industry you are in, your team is likely to be leveraging all kinds of tech for work and communication. Running around with a smartphone in your hand can be highly stressful. Thankfully, you can take this stress out of the picture by arranging a tech-free day.

An outdoor retreat with a variety of activities can take your team’s minds off work and encourage clarity of thinking. No-tech retreats can work amazingly well since the number of distractions is limited. Bring plenty of pens and paper. Outdoor no-tech meetings are bound to bring numerous fresh ideas to the table.

Winery Retreat

A visit to the winery can be a fun experience for the entire team. While they can learn something new about the history of wine and the way it’s made, your employees can relax and have fun without thinking about work. The beautiful scenery coupled with world-class wine can encourage communication and team bonding.

Also, when it comes to arranging alcohol-related events, make sure to check the way your employees feel about it in advance. Some people may not be happy with this choice for religious or health reasons. If that’s the case, you may want to choose another option.

A City Tour

The city or town you work in is bound to have some history your team doesn’t know anything about. To bring your employees closer together, you can take them on a day-long city tour with an experienced guide. During the tour, you can explore the local cuisine, visit museums, and learn more about the place’s history. Such explorations do wonders for bringing people closer together and inspiring new ideas.

If you can’t find a worthy tour in your area, consider taking a bus to the nearest city that can offer something fun and exciting.

Cooking Class

Learning to do something together is the pillar of team building. During a corporate retreat, you can consider arranging a cooking class. Being together in one kitchen and sharing responsibilities is a great way to foster trust and collaboration.

Besides having fun and developing new skills, a cooking class creates an opportunity for sharing a meal afterward. 

Play Team Sports

Team sports are as close to teamwork as you can get. Volleyball, basketball, or bowling are fun to play. Even if one of your team members has never played the game before, they can easily learn the rules and join the excitement.

When you arrange a team sports event, you don’t just encourage teamwork. You take care of your employees’ well-being. After the game is over, employees can discuss their achievements over a tasty meal.

A Picnic

If the weather allows, company picnics are always fun and relaxing. The opportunity to cook and share food can give your team members a chance to collaborate outside the traditional setting. Outdoor picnics aren’t just entertaining, they are great for your team’s health.

Research shows that spending just 20 minutes in the park can improve a person’s well-being. A well-planned picnic can reduce stress levels, boost relaxation, and drive inspiration.

A True Adventure

If your team members have an adventurous nature, you can get away with planning an unusual company retreat. From zip lining and bungee jumping to snorkeling and scavenger hunts, your team members will love the idea.

Excitement coupled with adrenaline can help your team members discover each other’s strong sides and learn how to make them work for the common cause.

Plan the Ideal Company Retreat with Frogbridge Events in New Jersey

The key to the ideal company retreat is the locale. Frogbridge Events offers the perfect location that puts excitement, activities, and relaxation into one package. Whether you are planning a basketball game, an anti-conference, a picnic, or a tech-free day, we can make it work.  Our team can help you bring even the boldest corporate event ideas to life. 

To learn more about this comprehensive retreat opportunity, please fill out a short contact form or call our team at (609) 208-9475.

How to Prepare Music for a Team-Building Event

When planning a team-building event, you want everything to be perfect. With the right approach, you can achieve even the boldest communication, innovation, and engagement goals.

Music is one of the most important elements that you need to get right. Achieving the delicate balance between ambient, unobtrusive, and entertaining is hard but possible. Let’s dive deeper into choosing the music that drives the success of your team-building event.

How to Prepare Music For Your Team-Building Event

Some aspects to keep in mind as you’re planning music for your event include:

Do Some Research

The music for your team-building event should match the audience’s tastes and expectations. To do that, you need to perform some research about your employees’ preferences. Usually, it has to do with the age range.

If you have a big team with different age ranges, you would need to mix timeless classics with modern popular music. If you are struggling to create a playlist, consider polling your employees. An email or social media survey can help you understand key expectations.

Differentiate Between Background and Activity Music

When preparing music for a corporate event, you need to make a list of songs that match each activity. For example, if you are thinking about karaoke, the music for this activity would be much different than the music you would choose for dinner and dancing. 

Remember, background music should accompany the majority of your event. This type of music should be quiet, smooth, and relaxing. When considering background music, you should also keep the locale in mind. Some music is great for outdoor and sports activities while another may be better for indoor dining.

Factor Music Into Team-Building Activities

Music has the power to bring people together. That’s why it can become the centerpiece of your team-building event. From singing karaoke songs to coming up with a team anthem together, you can turn your next team-building activity into a music extravaganza.

If you don’t want to go too far in the music department, you can still use music to streamline communication within your team. For example, you can arrange a brainstorming session to create a highly customized team playlist on the spot and play it for the rest of the event.

Don’t Forget About Children

If your team-building event involves inviting families, you need to think of entertainment options for the children. This includes preparing a playlist that kids will love. Consider asking your team members about the music their kids usually listen to.  

Consider Live Music

Besides creating a positive atmosphere, live musicians can make the event feel special and upscale. From bands to cocktail pianists, you can choose the best option for your particular group. If you are planning an outdoor corporate event, consider discussing the equipment and other elements the live band will need. Talk to the venue owners about accommodating a live band. They can give you excellent tips about outdoor music arrangements.

Enjoy Your Favorite Event Music with Frogbridge Events

The locale of your team-building event plays a major role in your choice of music. Frogbridge Events has decades of experience providing the perfect event space for corporate clients in New Jersey. If you need help with music preparations, our experts can provide valuable advice and make comprehensive arrangements. We will help you plan every aspect of your event.

If you’d like an ideal outdoor location for your team-building events, Frogbridge Events can help. Fill out our simple contact form or call us at (609) 208-9475 at any convenient time.

8 Corporate Retreat Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

At a corporate retreat, achieving the perfect balance between work and fun is never easy. Finding the ideal place that resonates with your team’s wishes while keeping focus on the agenda requires some serious planning.

When organizing a perfect retreat, you have to keep hundreds of things in mind. However, you don’t need to go through this planning process alone. Our team at Frogbridge Events is here to provide all the support you may need as you plan your corporate retreat.

Corporate Retreat Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are a multitude of things to keep in mind while planning your retreat. Some common mistakes – along with how to avoid them – include:

1. Ignoring the “Employee Persona”

While you and your employees are a strong team, you may have different retreat preferences. Since the goal of your corporate event isn’t just to focus on work but to create a relaxing atmosphere, ignoring these preferences is a mistake.

Consider taking the time to learn what your team wants to achieve during this retreat and how it prefers to relax. The easiest way to do this is to ask. A quick email survey can do the trick.

2. Forgetting About Schedule Conflicts

If your team members have to miss a Thanksgiving dinner because you are taking them away on a retreat to a different state, they are going to have some serious trouble focusing on work. Discussing the date and time with your team members is a great way to make sure that they are emotionally and mentally available for the event.

3. Staying in the Office

Many executives make the mistake of thinking that a corporate event in the office does wonders for the team’s focus. In reality, the reason why it’s called a “retreat” is because you are “retreating” from the traditional work setting.

The place for your retreat should be as different from the office scene as possible. Changing the scenery encourages relaxation and creativity. 

4. Focusing Solely on Work

The point of the corporate retreat is to create a relaxing atmosphere for your team. It means adding the entertainment element to the event. Whether it’s miniature golf and beach volleyball or horse riding and poker games, you need to make sure your team is having fun.

While brainstorming, searching for new solutions, and discussing the work agenda can be integral to a successful retreat, giving your mind a chance to relax can streamline the process tremendously.

5. Not Planning for Families

If you want to encourage some serious team building, you may want to consider inviting families and children to your corporate retreat. The goal is to make sure everyone feels comfortable. So, if you are ready to reap the benefits of employee family bonding, you need to make sure their families are part of the fun.

6. Sharing Rooms

If your retreat is more than one day long, you have to think about lodging. When booking rooms for the team, many companies try to save money and put two people in one hotel room. While it’s definitely a great way to save, this type of arrangement can lead to a disaster.

Working together and living together are two completely different things. Two people who hit it off perfectly in the office could hate each other’s sleeping or showering habits. Forcing them to share accommodations could ruin your team-building plans and cause burnout.  

7. Not Planning Enough Free Time

No matter how great of a planner you are, don’t overplan the retreat. Your team should have some free time to have fun, relax, and even get some sleep. By the way, scheduling early morning meetings during a retreat is a big no-no. If your employees have to get up at 6 a.m. to get ready for a meeting, you take the fun out of the entire day.

Instead, you can schedule a fun morning activity and move the meeting to the afternoon. Then, you can let your employees choose how they want to spend their evenings.

8. Expecting Too Much

The success of your corporate event depends on hundreds of factors, many of which aren’t under your control. Keep your expectations reasonable, and you can truly enjoy the process while reaping maximum benefits.  

Start Planning Your Perfect Corporate Retreat with Frogbridge Events Today

When it comes to making the most out of your corporate retreat, you need the perfect location. Frogbridge Events offers a highly versatile outdoor locale with everything you need to make your team happy. From sports activities and swimming to comfortable meeting spaces, we give you everything you need to reach your retreat goals.

If you are looking for a beautiful location, we are here to help. To explore our multiple options, please fill out a contact form or call us at (609) 208-9475.

Planning an Unforgettable Corporate Dinner

Corporate dinners are an excellent way to recognize staff, network with clients, promote teamwork, and celebrate the company’s success. However, planning the perfect corporate dinner party requires careful consideration. Everything from the menu to the table setting must be designed to fit the company’s mission.

Here at Frogbridge Events, we regularly organize corporate dinner parties in our corporate party venue in Central NJ of over 86 acres filled with fun activities. We can uniquely curate a plan that fits your coming corporate dinner. 

How to Plan an Unforgettable Corporate Dinner

Planning a corporate dinner doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some tips for how to get started:

1. Establish a Budget

A budget can determine how much money you can allocate to food, entertainment, and other expenses. Estimate the guest list and establish your overall spending to create a personalized experience for each guest. Your budget should also accommodate unforeseen problems and costs. Working with an event planner can help make a realistic and achievable corporate dinner.

2. Find the Perfect Venue

Whether you’re planning an intimate corporate dinner or a large dinner party, finding the right venue can make or break your event. You should choose a stunning venue with a unique private dining space to make the attendees’ experience smooth and enjoyable.

A top corporate dinner venue like Frogbridge Events ensures your guests dine in style as they relax, socialize, and enjoy top-of-the-line entertainment. You’ll have an easily customizable space to showcase your brand while creating a memorable experience.

3. Think About Catering

What else can make an unforgettable corporate dinner more memorable than great food? The type of food you serve at your corporate dinner can create a memorable culinary experience for employees and guests. To achieve this feat, work with caterers who can customize your event menu to match the theme of your event and brand. You should consider the dietary needs of each attendee and address the specific allergies that they may have as well.

4. Choose Your Dates

Select a date and time that will work for the employees, guests, and vendors. Your event should not conflict with holidays or other events to maximize attendance. After selecting your dates, you should:

  • Start planning early:  Early planning of your corporate dinner gives you extra time to ensure all aspects of the event are taken care of. 
  • Send invitations early: Invitations evoke excitement and anticipation for a corporate dinner by providing details about the event’s date, time, venue, and goals.

Planning a corporate dinner can be both rewarding and time-consuming. Therefore, select a convenient date and start planning early to keep things on track. This will help you ensure all your plans reflect the company’s mission, culture, and overall event theme.

5. Plan the Dinner Activities and Program

Planning an unforgettable corporate dinner may also require planning engaging activities and programs to keep guests entertained. Incorporate icebreakers that encourage conversations and dinner games to help maintain team spirit. You can also have someone greet the guests as they arrive and schedule some networking time and activities that stimulate conversations.

6. Arrange Entertainment

An unforgettable corporate dinner should be fun, interactive, and lively. Entertainment creates a welcoming atmosphere that puts everyone at ease. The dinner party could feature professional entertainers, from live musicians to a DJ. Incorporating entertainment at your dinner party will ensure your guests have a great time while providing a backdrop to any conversation.

7. Establish the Theme

The theme sets the atmosphere for your event. Create a theme that everyone will remember. You should establish the event’s main focus, set specific goals and objectives, and design an event that truly stands out. This involves being creative with the theme and incorporating ideas that enliven your guests. Your style influences other aspects of your event and sets it up for success.

Planning a Corporate Dinner? Come to Frogbridge Events

Corporate dinner parties allow corporations to make connections and promote their businesses in a customized setting. A well-organized corporate dinner can work wonders for your brand and business. However, that doesn’t take away the possibility of a delightful evening.

At Frogbridge Events, we can help you execute your vision and save you the headache of planning a one-of-a-kind corporate dinner. Our stunning corporate event spaces are equipped with all the top-notch recreational amenities, sophisticated dining rooms, and competent staff you need to have an engaging corporate dinner. Let us handle all the nitty-gritty details while you focus on enjoying the event with coworkers and visitors. Contact us online or call us today at (609) 208-9475 to reserve a dining space for your next corporate dinner.

Tips for Creating Icebreakers for Your Corporate Retreat

In organizing a team-building retreat, icebreakers can help people relax, develop trust, and encourage teamwork, communication, and innovation. As such, you must ensure you choose appealing, pertinent, and efficient icebreakers.

At Frogbridge Events, we have years of experience planning and hosting unforgettable corporate retreats. Therefore, icebreakers and team-building activities are our forte. Read on as our experienced event planners equip you with tips for creating icebreakers for your next corporate retreat.

Tips for Creating Icebreakers

Creating icebreakers for your team during a corporate retreat helps everyone get to know each other better. Some tips for making creative and fun icebreakers include:

1. Know Your Guests

Understanding your audience is crucial for creating effective business retreat icebreakers. Understanding their backgrounds, interests, personalities, and objectives allows you to customize your icebreakers to suit their needs and avoid dull or inappropriate topics. This creates a welcoming and courteous environment, ensuring everyone feels included.

2. Choose a Theme

Choose a company-related subject for corporate retreat icebreakers, focusing on culture, values, or objectives. Use articles to enhance relevance and employee engagement. For example, if your business focuses on innovation, create icebreakers like “Think Outside the Box” to encourage innovative solutions. Establish tone and expectations for the retreat to create cohesion and purpose among the team.

3. Mix Up the Groups

Icebreakers are activities designed to help people get to know each other and have a good time during business retreats. These activities involve dividing participants into groups and engaging them in various ways, either randomly or based on specific criteria. These activities can improve teamwork, communication, diversity, and employee innovation.

4. Keep It Relevant and Purposeful

Creating icebreakers for business retreats should be current and topical, relating to the business’s objectives and core values. Encourage attendees to share work-related success stories, struggles, or talents to foster camaraderie, trust, and involvement among team members. This helps set the tone for the retreat and fosters a sense of connection among team members.

5. Emphasize Collaboration and Teamwork

A corporate retreat aims to foster teamwork and employee trust through icebreakers emphasizing cooperation and problem-solving. Group activities like building towers, solving riddles, or creating skits can foster camaraderie, pleasant interactions, and mutual learning. These activities should promote collaboration, communication, and problem-solving rather than individual activities that may boost competitiveness or isolation.

6. Be Mindful of Time Constraints

Designing icebreakers for business retreats should be based on the schedule and length. Therefore, avoid lengthy or brief icebreaker activities. Long icebreakers may cause participants to lose interest, cause boredom, or skip introductory sessions, while short icebreakers may feel rushed or difficult to connect with. Instead, aim for interesting, enjoyable, and suitable activities that fit the provided time.

7. Have Fun

Having fun in corporate retreat icebreakers is crucial for unwinding, bonding, and forming ties. These activities help create a productive atmosphere, increase the chances of connecting with coworkers, and encourage innovation. Additionally, they ease tension, lift spirits, and promote a positive work environment. You can incorporate fun activities that encourage involvement, with elements of surprise and unexpected twists.

Looking to Plan a Corporate Retreat? Let Frogbridge Events Make It Memorable

A successful corporate retreat should involve well-planned icebreakers that foster relationships and teamwork. Matching activities with the retreat’s goals and considering participants’ preferences ensures memorable experiences that influence team dynamics and productivity. Balancing fun, engagement, and purpose ensures everyone has a good time and maximizes the business retreat’s impact.

Frogbridge Events offers a memorable corporate events venue with top-tier amenities. Our experienced company picnic venue in Central New Jersey will be there with you to ensure your corporate retreat is a blast. Call us today at (609) 208-9475 or contact us online for a fun-filled corporate retreat.

How to Plan an Immersive Hybrid Corporate Retreat

Corporate retreats are an excellent way for companies to foster collaboration, recharge, and engage employees. After COVID-19, hybrid systems of work became the new normal for most companies. Employee engagement becomes a significant hurdle, leading to low morale and stifled productivity. 

The need for corporate retreats that combine both in-person and virtual experiences has increased. With careful planning and help from Frogbridge Events, you can host a hybrid corporate retreat that engages participants and delivers meaningful outcomes for the company.

The Power of Hybrid Corporate Retreats

Hybrid events are not a digital supplement to in-person employee engagement. They offer the opportunity to increase attendance by accommodating those who cannot attend the event physically. Hybrid events also allow remote and geographically diverse presenters to interact seamlessly with virtual and in-person attendees.

Hybrid events also lead to low operational costs by reducing the number of in-person attendees and professionals. It opens the door to involve professionals who would have otherwise declined to attend the event due to travel and time constraints. Rather than setting aside a few days to travel and attend the event, they only need to spare a few hours.

Tips for Planning an Immersive Hybrid Corporate Retreat

The following tips will help you shake things up and plan an engaging hybrid event:

Leverage Collaborative Technology

Incorporate innovative technology platforms that offer live-streaming and virtual networking features. Conduct thorough research on the available video conferencing and communication options before settling on any platform. Ensure the platform provides the right tools for your event and at the right price for your budget.

Promote structured networking sessions for both in-person and virtual attendees as well. Virtual networking sessions and online discussion forums encourage participants to share ideas and build lasting professional relationships.

Include Feedback

Use polls and Q&A features during the event to gather feedback from both online and in-person participants. This makes your audience feel that their opinions are valued and appreciated. Surveys can be used to gather post-event insights to measure the event’s impact and success and gauge improvement areas.

Integrate Virtual Breakout Sessions

Engaging the virtual audience at every stage is crucial so that they don’t just feel like spectators. Virtual breakout sessions allow virtual attendees to be divided into smaller groups for discussions and other activities. 

Send Swag to Virtual Employees

As the in-person attendees are being treated to the indulgences of a corporate retreat, their virtual counterparts should not be left out. If lunch is catered for in-person attendees, consider reimbursing virtual attendees for their lunch or sending them meals and any gifts that in-person participants will receive.

Choose a Location

Many corporate retreats are hosted in remote areas, allowing attendees to take a break from their everyday environments. When choosing the venue to host a hybrid corporate retreat, consider venues that offer reliable internet and on-site audiovisual equipment.

For in-person attendees, ensure the venue is close to transportation and accommodation facilities for a seamless experience.

Additional Tips

Here are some bonus tips to make your corporate event enjoyable for both in-person and virtual participants:

  • When planning a hybrid event that involves geographically diverse employees, it is crucial to consider time zones and schedules.
  • You also need to consider the duration of the event. Virtual attendees will be less inclined to sit at their screens all day. Consider scheduling the event for an allocated amount of time.
  • Allow in-person attendees to settle down before starting the video conference. Similarly, make it clear when the retreat is over, so people know when it is time to leave.

You can create a memorable and immersive hybrid corporate retreat experience by strategically combining in-person and virtual elements. Remember to adjust the planning process according to your organization’s specific needs and dynamics.

How Can Frogbridge Events Help With Your Corporate Retreat Planning?

Planning an immersive hybrid corporate event is an intense, time-consuming activity. Frogbridge Events‘ team is here to take the pressure off. We have years of experience planning corporate events for companies of many sizes. We offer many options to customize your event to suit your organization and team.

We will coordinate all aspects of your company retreat, allowing you to enjoy and engage with your team. With proper planning and execution, a hybrid corporate event can drive positive change in your organization. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or complete our form online to start planning a stress-free, one-of-a-kind hybrid corporate retreat.

How Hybrid Corporate Retreats Help Connect Geographically Diverse Workforces

Corporate retreats are valuable opportunities that allow team members to collaborate, develop new skills, network, and take a break from their daily work environments. In today’s digital age, companies can hire talent from anywhere globally. Employee engagement has become a significant challenge as more companies adopt remote and hybrid workforces.

However, hybrid corporate retreats are gaining popularity among hybrid workforces. It combines in-person and virtual experiences to bridge the physical gap between team members in different locations.

Benefits of Hybrid Corporate Retreats for Geographically Diverse Workforces

There are numerous benefits of hybrid corporate retreats for geographically diverse teams. The following are some ways that mixed corporate retreats help to foster connections:

Inclusive Participation

Regional diversity among teams can lead to isolation and a lack of cohesive team spirit. Hybrid retreats allow employees from different locations and time zones to actively participate in team-building activities and networking. Remote employees can participate in the retreat and voice their opinions and perspectives.

Bridging the Gap

Working in geographically dispersed teams presents unique challenges in building relationships among colleagues. Hybrid retreats can allow employees to network and interact face-to-face, promoting unity and shared purpose. Employees get to know each other personally, leading to better communication and collaboration.

Increased Empathy and Understanding

When teams from different locations come together, they get a chance to understand each other’s work environments, challenges, and cultural perspectives. This sharing of experiences fosters empathy and breaks down biases and misunderstandings. 

Teams learn to leverage video conferencing and collaborative tools through hybrid retreats to communicate seamlessly across different locations. Hybrid retreats are vital in enhancing effective communication practices in a geographically diverse workforce.

Collaboration and Team Building

Hybrid retreats also create a conducive environment for collaboration and innovation. By bringing together diverse perspectives and skills, employees can engage in brainstorming sessions, problem-solving activities, and workshops that promote creative thinking to generate fresh ideas. 

Team building activities during hybrid retreats help strengthen teamwork. These activities encourage collaboration across locations, foster trust, and enhance cooperation among geographically dispersed teams.

Networking Opportunities and Relationship Building

During hybrid retreats, attendees can be put into virtual breakout sessions that divide them into smaller groups for discussions and group activities. This allows employees to connect with colleagues they may not have had a chance to meet otherwise. 

Breakout sessions are an excellent opportunity to connect in-person attendees with their virtual counterparts. Team-building activities and social events create networking and relationship-building avenues, which foster trust, cooperation, and a sense of camaraderie among team members.

Knowledge Sharing and Company Culture

Hybrid retreats encourage sharing knowledge, expertise, and best practices across different locations. Attendees can present their projects, share insights, and exchange ideas, leading to knowledge exchange and continuous learning within the organization.

These retreats cultivate a sense of belonging among geographically diverse workforces. Employees who feel connected and valued are more likely to be motivated and loyal to the organization. Hybrid retreats help create a shared company culture, reinforce organizational values, and strengthen employees’ overall sense of belonging.

Discover the Power of Hybrid Corporate Retreats at Frogbridge Events

Are you looking to connect your geographically diverse workforce, foster collaboration, and strengthen team dynamics? Explore the transformative potential of hybrid corporate retreats at Frogbridge Events! We have experience planning corporate events for numerous Fortune 500 companies. We provide many options to customize your event to fit the needs of your company and your team.

Organizations can reap the immersive benefits of a cohesive and inclusive workforce by strategically combining in-person and virtual elements. Contact us online or call us at (609) 208-9475 to start planning a one-of-a-kind hybrid corporate retreat. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your corporate retreats and drive organizational success.

Tips for Creating an Itinerary For a Company Retreat

There is a lot of planning that goes into creating your company retreat itinerary. Whether you’re looking to offer training in an unstructured atmosphere, improve company culture and boost morale with an offsite team building event, or simply get your whole team together after several months of being apart, a company retreat is definitely something to think about.

However, making the decision to invest in and take the plunge into a company getaway is the easy part. The challenging part is the planning. From sorting out logistics to choosing a destination, the entire process can be a bit overwhelming as well as time-consuming.  Below you’ll find some tips that will help you create your itinerary for your company retreat.

Tips to Create Your Company Retreat Itinerary

Here are some tips that you can follow that may help you create your company retreat itinerary with more organization and ease.

1. Company Retreat Purpose

It’s important that you determine what the purpose of your corporate retreat is early on to ensure that this purpose will be supported by your itinerary. For instance, will you require team-building exercises? Will work-related discussions need to occur? What goals are you looking to accomplish with the retreat? 

2. Company Retreat Goals

If team building is an important activity on your itinerary, it’s essential that you consider locations that will provide enough activities either in the hotel/resort or in the surrounding location. Some examples of activities may include:

  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Skiing
  • Boating
  • Water sports

If you’re looking to implement some morning teamwork and then enjoy a little afternoon downtime, it’s critical that you choose locations with work-friendly venues, such as suitable table space, fast internet, and more.

3. Company Retreat Duration

It’s essential that you carefully consider the duration of the event. Typically, it’s recommended that international trips last around a week to account for jet lag and travel time. For domestic trips, three or four days tends to work well.

If you’re planning a domestic trip but you have members of the team that are coming from overseas, it’s recommended that you fly them in one or two days early to give them more time to settle in. By doing this, you won’t have to increase the length of the trip for everyone (which will increase your expenses).

4. Company Retreat Location

The transportation to the retreat location is just as important to consider as the retreat itself. It may be in your best interest to find locations for your company retreat that are close to major airports and only require a short drive. This will help the members of your team feel more relaxed and excited that they’ll have more time to spend with their colleagues.

Keep in mind, if you have members of the team spread out all around the world, it’s a great idea to switch the locations up — this way, everyone will have the chance to take shorter flights.

5. Company Retreat Team-Building Activities and Recreation

Now, it’s time to plan out the fun retreat events and activities since you’ve gotten the difficult logistics out of the way. Plan out activities that you can do as a team. It’s best to book them in advance. Also, since this isn’t entirely a vacation but instead a company retreat, you can plan in team-building exercises and talks.

Some examples of retreat activities you might want to consider incorporating into your itinerary include:

  • Scavenger hunts where the members of your team will be broken down into smaller teams
  • Hiring an industry expert or motivational speaker to deliver a speech
  • Wine tastings or cooking classes with the option for individuals to opt out if they prefer not to be around alcohol
  • Hackathons where members of the team from various departments are put into a group to come up with a new product or business idea that they’ll present to the whole staff
  • Escape rooms where you’ll break your team members down into groups
  • Kickball, dodgeball, or paintball, where different departments will compete against others

If this is your first company retreat or you’re not sure where to start, you may want to look into services like Frogbridge Events. We can come in and help you plan out your dream company retreat itinerary while answering any other questions you may have.

Choose the Right Company Retreat Venue with Frogbridge Events

A big step towards a successful company retreat is planning out an itinerary that works with your and your team’s goals. It can be challenging to plan the perfect corporate retreat that will make everyone happy, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Let Frogbridge Events‘ highly-efficient team come in and handle the planning for you.

For your next company retreat to be a success, you’ll want to plan out a fun itinerary that will keep your employees engaged while fostering a sense of teamwork. Frogbridge Events specializes in planning out company events and retreats and can take the burden of your itinerary away from you. Call our team at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form on our website for more information on how we can help you plan out your next successful company retreat.

How Spending Time Outdoors Can Improve Productivity

Stereotypically places of poor lighting, cramped desks, and minimal privacy, today’s workplace is now shifting into a more creative and flexible environment. Workers are demanding better treatment, working conditions, and atmospheres that are conducive to productivity.

While spending time outside might seem counterproductive, doing so can be well worth the wellness and productivity boost that’s gained through outdoor activities. It can also assist with better employee-employer relationships. An “International Journal of Environmental Health Research” report shows that just 20 minutes in a park can result in huge well-being enhancements. Workers that spend their lunch hour outdoors, can easily achieve a short midday walk and still leave enough time to enjoy a nourishing lunch.

How Does Outdoor Time Improve Productivity?

According to Harvard Business Review, happier workplaces are more productive workplaces, and going outdoors offers the opportunity to create this happiness. There’s a strong association between time spent outdoors and productivity too — many studies have found being exposed to nature strengthens people’s memory and sharpens their attention.

Some ways that spending time outdoors can boost productivity include:

1. Provides Stress Relief

When teams have opportunities to get outdoors and connect in nature, it can be a strong antidote to the type of prolonged stress that’s seen more and more in the workplace. With company nature retreats, teams can unplug both literally and metaphorically from types of day-to-day routines that often encourage unsustainable behaviors and decrease productivity.

Teams will often return from these types of nature retreats feeling rejuvenated and invigorated both as a group and individually. They frequently report that their sense of cohesion, connection, and performance continued once they returned to the workplace. They also report feeling an expanded perspective and a greater sense of clarity, which are both invaluable during uncertain and complex times.

2. Provides Balance

Going outdoors can help you find balance and relief, particularly if you experience stress regularly that easily distracts you from your day-to-day tasks. In fact, research shows that exposure to sunlight strongly influences energy levels and mood, and both variables are frequently correlated with productivity. Similar to how food is the body’s molecular information, sunlight is energetic information that informs our cells and brains to function and be awake while also setting conditions for the body’s metabolism. 

3. Supports Creativity & Attention Span

When it comes to sports, it’s widely recognized that rotating intervals of high intensity with rest and recovery are important to sustain high performance. Now, while the workplace is hardly as physically demanding as the world of athletics, it can still be emotionally and mentally intense, particularly in the present operating environment. As reflected in the Great Resignation trends, high levels of burnout and exhaustion have consequences that continue to repeat worldwide. 

However, it’s not enough for people to only discipline themselves to take time off of work to rest and recover. What’s equally important is what they’re doing during these rest periods. Spending time in nature helps with things like:

This time spent outdoors shouldn’t be seen as a vacation from building essential skills like these, but rather as a foundational resource for the team and individual development.

Boost Productivity With These Company Outdoor Activities

Here are some fun ideas you can try to get the team outdoors and into nature.

1. Company Picnic

Company picnics can foster collaboration, improve morale, and show your team your appreciation. You may have certain individuals in a bigger office environment who have never spent a whole lot of time together. Therefore, inviting them to meet and engage in activities and games on a company picnic can help to foster more collaboration and productivity between departments.

2. Outdoor Company Retreat

Company retreats not only foster better collaboration but also help foster new ideas and innovation by immersing participants in a more relaxed, alternate atmosphere. You can decide on the activities to include in your company retreat and how long you’d like it to be. The goal here is to create effective, thoughtful getaways.

On your company retreat, you can schedule outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and perhaps something a bit more adventurous, like zip-lining. The exercise along with the fresh air will help your team members energize and make time for them to socialize with their colleagues.

Improve Team Productivity With Frogbridge Events in New Jersey

At Frogbridge Events, we specialize in organizing events and activities that encourage team morale and productivity. No matter what you require in a workplace event, we can likely help. We’ll handle all the nuts and bolts of company outdoor activity or event details no matter what size of team you have.

Whether you’re throwing a company picnic, a nature walk, or a full-blown company retreat, let Frogbridge Events help you. We help you bring the venue, activities, and catering together that you’ll need to make your outdoor company event truly memorable while promoting productivity. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our venue for group events, parties, company retreats, and other special events in the surrounding areas of New Jersey.

3 Reasons Why Accessibility Is Important During a Company Retreat

Not all concerns regarding accessibility are centered around ADA compliance and wheelchair ramps. There are many other forms of accessibility to consider as well. If you have members of your team that have special needs, it’s important that you ensure they’re already covered so they don’t have to approach you and ask. Also, certain members of your team may not be comfortable with things such as heights or noises. Learning these aspects ahead of time will make planning your retreat easier.

Your ultimate goal is likely to plan a company retreat that the members of your team want to actually attend. By asking for input from your team, it can help improve engagement and make your retreat more accessible. Today, accessibility is a topic of conversation that comes up often. Whether you’re hosting a retreat that will last for days or just an overnight event with a small meeting, you need to ensure your planning will provide all your attendees with an inclusive and positive experience. There are a number of reasons why accessibility is essential during a company retreat, which we delve into below. 

Three Reasons Why Accessibility Is Important

Everybody who attends a company event should be made to feel welcome so they can enjoy all aspects of the event completely. A vital part of planning out your company retreat is ensuring that any attendees with disabilities are able to participate fully. Not to mention, the law requires that all public events are accessible to everyone. 

Some reasons to ensure that your next company retreat is more accessible are:

1. It Will Address the Needs of Your Attendees

Your attendees will likely require something during the retreat that helps them enjoy the event more and have the ability to settle in. Each individual’s needs may vary, which is why it’s recommended that you ask them about any special requirements ahead of time and keep the lines of communication open for any concerns. This way, you can ensure they’re informed of what’s available or what may need to change.

2. It Will Help You Plan and Implement Inclusive Activities

Ensure competitions, breakout sessions, ice-breakers, and other event activities are also multi-sensory or accessible. Work with facilitators to make sure the mechanics and rules still enable people with disabilities to participate.

3. Enables You to Accommodate Individuals With Mobility Challenges

When considering mobility changes, you should think about more than just wheelchairs. Certain individuals with mobility challenges might use walkers, canes, or scooters. Others with mobility impairments might not need the help of assistive devices but may require extra space, time, support, or seating options.

Ramps don’t always solve all mobility challenges. For instance, an individual who needs to use a cane might find the stairs easier to navigate. Portable lifts might offer some individuals with better access. Also, those with chronic inflammation or arthritis might benefit from being allowed extra minutes between sessions since they might require a little time to rest as they walk.

Accessibility Is Imperative To Make Everyone Feel Included

From print materials, interpreter services, and seating to spaces for attendees to rest between each session, company retreat planning involves planning an event that’s accessible to all attendees.

It’s important that you keep all attendees in mind when planning truly inclusive events, regardless of the types of accommodation requests that you receive. You can reach out to disability organizations and groups for planning solutions and resources, and you should welcome any feedback from attendees (and act on it), as every event can be an opportunity to improve over your last event.

Make sure your attendees can put in requests for reasonable accommodations. These are adjustments to the environment that enable individuals with disabilities to fully participate. You’ll also want to reach out to your attendees and ask if they were able to participate fully and if they were comfortable. 

Accessibility in company events and retreats is a must these days. With 15% of the population in the world experiencing some type of disability, it’s important to ensure your company events and retreats are inclusive and accessible. As the event coordinator, planner, and decision-maker, you need to plan your events with accessibility in mind. 

Enlist the Help of Frogbridge Events to Create an Accessible Company Retreat

Planning a company retreat can be a challenging process when you’re attempting to make adjustments and incorporate new ideas for a broader audience. The good news is that you don’t have to do this challenging project all on your own. You can enlist the help of a team of experts who specialize in company retreats to help make sure your event is accessible.

At Frogbridge Events, we partner and work with organizations to help plan out their retreats and events while focusing on their primary goals to make every event accessible to their attendees. We can help you plan out an outstanding corporate retreat that’s ideal for all your attendees. Give us a call at (609) 208-9475 or use our contact form to talk with a professional for your next company event.

Most Loved Team Bonding Games for Company Retreats

When planning a company retreat, you should shoot for a blend of team bonding and fun, with each activity designed to add value to work relationships and create an experience that your employees will enjoy. Especially when members have been working remotely or working from different locations, it is important that they get to know each other, discover the personalities of their co-workers, and build on collaboration and trust which are essential to building a strong and productive team.

Company retreats can be held anywhere, but those that are held in beautiful, natural surroundings are the most relaxing and fun. Choosing an environment unlike the one where they work can let team members be at ease and lets their personalities shine through. Frogbridge Events offers a beautiful and natural backdrop for your event, where employees can relax, collaborate, and improve communication.

Most Loved Team Bonding Games for Company Retreats

When choosing activities, try to stay away from the old tried and true games, or try to put a new spin on some old favorites. Choose games that encourage communicating with others or those that require team members to work together to reach a goal. Be mindful of the age group, special needs, and other limiting factors so that all feel included. Some of our faves are:

Get Up and Moving!

Scavenger hunts are a great team bonding exercise. Design clues that will work well for teams, providing opportunities for collaboration with a sprinkling of competition. Have participants take pictures of their team with their phones as they find each item or location. Include not only things or locations to find, but things to do as well. Working as a team promotes goal-setting and problem-solving, all while having fun!

Trivia games are always fun, but making them more personal can be a bigger hit. Ask questions geared toward your company: history, products, executives, locations, etc. Not only does this become a learning experience, but it is also a fun way for teams to get to know each other. You can also add in an element where team members have to rush to hit a buzzer in order to answer. 

Problem-Solving Games

Who said problem-solving has to be boring? Turn solving problems into a fun, group activity with an escape room. Team members must work together to find the escape from a locked room by interpreting clues given to them. 

Murder mystery dinners are another way to promote problem-solving. While enjoying their meal, team members must try to solve a mystery presented by others and unravel the solution by using the clues they provide. Fun and tasty!

Take a Hike

Exploring nature can be a great way to spend a team-bonding day. Walking trails and other natural activities help team members escape from the stress of their jobs and make new friends. 

Frogbridge Events has acres of walking trails in addition to rock-climbing walls, bumper cars, and zip lines to provide fun activities for your team. Want to promote friendly competition?  Check out our laser tag options offering fun for all ages. You may be surprised at the ways a game of laser tag can promote collaboration and encourage critical thinking. 

Play Some Sports

Depending on the size and special needs of your group, sporting activities are always a fun way to bond and promote teamwork. From volleyball to horseshoes, working together can be fun and competitive. Instead of traditional activities such as softball or sack races, try activities such as egg tosses or keep away with water balloons. Always gauge your activities to be all-inclusive, so if you have participants who are unable to run, opt for more sedentary competition.

Let the Event Planners at Frogbridge Events Help Plan Your Next Company Retreat

Frogbridge Events offers 86 acres of amenities in the beautiful garden state of New Jersey. It does not matter if your company is small or large, our experienced event planners can help design an event customized to your needs. We can offer music, team leaders, and even provide medals for winners of your events. Our event planners are professionals that are experienced in offering team-building activities, games, and exercises of your choosing, all while making your event fun and memorable. 

Frogbridge Events also offers water amenities, sports fields, and other entertainment options as well as catering for your next company retreat. It is our goal to make this event easy and stress-free. Contact us online or call us at (609) 208-9475 today to get started.

How to Incorporate a Company Retreat Budget Into Your Company’s Yearly Budget

A memorable company retreat can be the ultimate difference between a dull, boring company and an interconnected, dynamic company culture. Company retreats are by far some of the best perks in the workplace available. 

Company retreats have been shown to increase productivity, boost morale, help workers renew their enthusiasm for the job they do, and bring people together. While this sounds good in theory, there’s typically one question that comes to mind during the planning of a company event – how can the company create a reasonable budget for the company retreat? Below are five tips to help you incorporate a company retreat budget into your annual budget.

5 Tips to Incorporate a Solid Budget for your Company Retreat 

The initial step in your attempt to run a fun, smooth, and productive company retreat is to look over your budget. Keep in mind, you don’t need a ton of money to create a memorable company retreat – you just need to do a little smart budgeting so you know precisely how much to allocate for each aspect of your event.

1. Set Goals and Requirements 

Your goals will detail what you’re looking to accomplish during your company retreat and can also focus on the “vibe” of the retreat. On the other hand, the requirements are your must-haves. These typically detail things like space limitations, transportation, or even food allergies. Some goals you may wish to consider include: 

  • Connecting new employees with colleagues in their own department
  • Creating an organic way for members of the team to bond outside the workplace
  • Announcing a new internal program launch
  • Bonding your remote team in-person

Factoring in certain goals and requirements can give you a good starting point.  

2. Location 

With location, this doesn’t necessarily mean the venue – it may also mean the town, city, province, or country where your offsite company retreat will take place. Depending on the location chosen, the costs of staying there, as well as the expense of getting there, will vary. 

3. Implement the Quarter Rule 

Regardless of how decisive you are on the amount you spend on your corporate retreat, it’s likely that you’ll fall into some confusion and doubt, particularly if you’re planning a retreat for the first time. To avoid this, you’ll want to split your retreat budget into several categories to ensure you’re accounting for all aspects of the event. These include transportation, accommodation, activities, and meals.

Once you put these components into place, it will be much easier for you to incorporate your retreat budget into your overall yearly company budget, and there won’t be any surprises later on. Strategically planning out your budget for your retreat will help you figure in expenses for things like daily meals and beverages, the length of the retreat, and costs of other activities. 

4. Factor Miscellaneous Costs into your Budget 

While it’s ideal to take all essentials into account that may constitute the company trip, you should also budget in any extra costs that could potentially arise down the road. You should allocate 5% of the company retreat funds into your budget plan as a substantial consideration. This will ensure you won’t need to dip into the finances you set aside for other aspects of the trip.

5. Compare All Your Options 

You may also want to compare all cost options when budgeting for your company retreat. Doing this can help you ask essential questions that can make deciding on the location for your retreat accessible and decrease the expense of your budget. To choose a location that fits into your budget, you’ll want to compare several different locations and take into consideration the cost of their activities, meals, and accommodations. 

Choosing the Right Retreat Venue 

There’s no doubt that everyone would love to go on an amazing corporate retreat — and the venue is the biggest and most important component of this. Whether you’re planning on hiring out a converted facility event area for the day or investing in an overnight retreat at a spa resort, the venue is likely going to be what your team remembers the most.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to do a small amount of benchmarking before you commit to any one venue to allow you to get the best price-quality ratio for precisely what you require. Some essential things to consider about the venue you choose include: 

  • The amenities available
  • The accommodation choices it offers
  • Will the venue be able to cater to all of your requirements?
  • Is it difficult to reach?
  • What types of catering options do they provide?

These are only some of the many questions individuals will need to ask themselves when planning a retreat and choosing a venue.

Let Frogbridge Events Help You Plan Your Next Company Retreat 

Planning and budgeting for a company retreat is challenging. Planning a corporate retreat on a budget can be particularly difficult. You need to secure a venue, arrange transportation, organize accommodations, and ensure you have everything you require to ensure your team has a good time. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all of these tasks by yourself. 

Hire the professional services of Frogbridge Events to come in and coordinate everything you require for a fun and successful company retreat. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form on our website to learn more about the variety of company event packages we offer, including planning out a company retreat on a budget.

Five Accessible Games for Your Next Company Retreat

The inclusion of the entire team is one of the most important aspects of team building. When planning your retreat, you want to be sure that the activities that you choose do not exclude anyone with mobility issues or other special needs from participating. The whole idea of team building is demonstrating to your team the positive effects of working (and playing) together. Carefully choosing games that are tailored to everyone on your team is essential.

In order for any company retreat to be successful, all the participants must feel comfortable in the location, events, and team-building exercises. Some employees may hesitate to participate if their necessary needs make it difficult for them. Frogbridge Events can help you figure out how to incorporate accessible games into your next company retreat.

What Accessible Games Can You Incorporate?

There are many types of games that you may work into your corporate retreat that make them accessible for all. Some examples include:

1. Starting With An Ice Breaker

Depending on the size of your group, a great icebreaker is the “Who Am I?” game. Each employee is given a name tag that is pinned to their back. The name on the tag is that of a famous person or character. That employee must ask other guests questions about the person on their tag until they can correctly guess the name. For example, on Sally’s back is the name of Donald Duck. She might ask others if she is a real person or a fictional person. Is she male or female? Old or young?  Limit the questions to one per person so everyone must speak to multiple employees. You can give prizes for the quickest guess, the most questions asked, or even the name who best represents the employee. 

2. Getting to Know You

This game is especially fun if your employees are a bit unfamiliar with each other. You can describe something about one of the employees and everyone must guess who you are describing. The more obscure the fact, the better. If you are bringing together salespeople from across the country who seldom get to interact with each other, it can be fun and very interesting to see what they would guess. An example would be, “This person has been to all fifty states.”  Each person would write down who they think that would be.  The one with the most guesses wins and can receive a prize.

3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Depending on the size of your group, split into teams of five or six people. You could play a company version of Pictionary, where the teams guess what one member is drawing. Get creative with words that have some connection with the company, such as the location, what they do, or something familiar to employees. You can also choose from movie titles, current events, or famous names or places. 

A variation of this for larger groups is charades, where one person acts out the clue and the others must guess the word or phrase.

4. Truth or Lies

Truth or Lies is a great game for everyone and is perfect for getting to know others on your team. Each member of the team writes down four statements about themselves. Three of the statements are false and one is true. The team members must guess which is the truth and which are lies. By making the truth obscure enough that others will not guess, the team members will then know a hidden fact about their teammates. This is especially fun when all the members are somewhat familiar with each other. 

You can also change this game up by giving participants four statements, with only one being true. They could center around their location, their company, or even their boss.

5. Learn Together

Classes are a great way to bond with others. Though not really a game, it can be fun and rewarding. Consider a painting class, for example. Instead of having everyone paint the same object or scene, have them paint different items that somehow fit together. This requires teams to create a storyline and work together to tell the story.

Other learning opportunities may include collecting and identifying plants or leaves and scrapbooking them, planning a menu and preparing the meal, setting up an ice cream or hot chocolate bar, and preparing food for other teams or any number of ideas that can be fun while learning something new.

The Expert Event Planners at Frogbridge Events Can Help Plan Your Company Retreat

At Frogbridge Events, our event planners can help plan your next company retreat and help you organize an event for all your attendees, regardless of their special needs. We can customize an event, designed just for you on our 86-acre resort, which highlights the beauty and natural wonder of all that the garden state has to offer.

Whether you are planning for a small group or for a larger crowd, our event planners can find the activities and settings chosen just for you. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or contact us to get started.

The Importance of Considering Accessibility When Planning a Corporate Retreat

One of the most overlooked problems in planning corporate retreats is considering accessibility. Businesses are required to take accessibility into account to accommodate employees with specific needs. However, they often forget to include those accommodations when planning events. Not only can this be a legal or ethical problem, but it can also undermine the goal of bringing everyone together at the corporate event. 

Fortunately, this is an easy problem to resolve. All you have to do is implement accessibility guidelines in the event based on your employees’ and company’s needs. Here is a deeper look at the importance of considering accessibility when planning a corporate retreat. 

What Does Accessibility for Events Mean?

Accessibility for events means that event planners should consider the needs of people with disabilities when planning an event. This includes creating a checklist to make sure that all different types of disabilities are taken into consideration and providing necessary accommodations. An accessible event is one in which people with disabilities can participate fully, meaning they have access to the same resources and services as everyone else. 

To create an accessible event, planners must be aware of different types of disabilities and use this knowledge to provide appropriate accommodation. Event planners should also make sure they are aware of any relevant laws or regulations regarding accessibility so they can ensure their event is compliant and everyone attending is safe and comfortable.

Why Is Providing Accessibility During Your Event Important?

Providing accessibility during an event is essential to ensure that individuals with disabilities can participate in the event. By addressing accessibility issues and meeting the accessibility needs of those with disabilities, organizers can create an inclusive environment that allows everyone to participate and be involved. Accessibility includes providing physical access to the event venue, offering information in accessible formats, providing sign language interpreters, and more. 

It is also important to provide trained staff who are knowledgeable about disability-related issues to ensure that individuals with disabilities feel welcomed and supported. Providing accessibility during events shows respect for all individuals, regardless of their ability level. It also helps create a safe space for everyone to connect, share ideas, and foster meaningful relationships.

What Kind of Accommodations Are Best for Corporate Retreats?

Providing accessibility during an event is essential because it ensures that individuals with disabilities are not excluded. Accessibility involves making sure all attendees have equal opportunity to enjoy the event and its services, regardless of any disability or accessibility issue they may have. Every individual should be given the chance to participate without having to worry about accessibility needs. This can include providing assistive technology, accessible seating, and proper signage. 

Moreover, it’s important to consider how individuals with disabilities may be impacted by loud noises, bright lights, and other factors that could affect their experience negatively. By providing accessibility during your event, you can ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience regardless of their individual abilities.

Accessible Event Planning Guidelines

Accessible event planning is essential in ensuring an inclusive and accommodating atmosphere for guests with disabilities. When planning an accessible event, event planners should provide access to all aspects of the event, including captioning, sign language interpreters, and accessible seating. It is also important to ask guests upfront if they have any special accommodation needs and provide them with information on how to request additional services that may be needed. 

Additionally, for those who are hard of hearing please contact a local sign language interpreter for assistance. By following these guidelines, event planners can ensure that their events are fully inclusive and accessible to all attendees. An inclusive event provides attendees with a sense of inclusion and belonging that can be beneficial to everyone involved.

Proactive Accessible Event Checklist

Creating an accessible event is a proactive process that involves creating a checklist of accessibility considerations. This checklist should include accommodation for individuals with disabilities, providing captioning, properly equipping the event venue, and ensuring the presenter is accessible. It is also important to ensure any larger events are physically accessible by providing ramps, elevators, and proper seating arrangements. 

An event checklist that incorporates these considerations can help ensure an accessible event for all participants. Furthermore, it is essential to put in place a system that allows individuals with disabilities to easily make requests or reservations for special accommodations. Ultimately, this will help ensure the success of an event by making sure individuals with disabilities have access to the same experiences as everyone else.

Avoid Event Planning Mistakes With Professional Help

There is a lot of forethought and coordination that goes into the planning of corporate events. The easiest way to avoid planning mistakes is to get professional help from a company like Frogbridge Events.

We work with companies to plan and execute corporate events that align with their goals and wow their attendees. Years of experience mean we know what the worst event planning mistakes are and how to easily avoid them. Work with Frogbridge Events by calling us at (609) 208-9475 to plan a more accessible corporate event that everyone can enjoy.

How to Host a Game Night for Your Company Event

Hosting a game night for your company event is an excellent way to get your employees engaged and have some fun. To start, you’ll need to plan out the type of games you would like to include as part of the corporate event. Depending on the size of your company, you may want to select a few team-based board games that can accommodate larger groups, or you can opt for a more intimate card or trivia game. 

For some ideas on how to host a game night for your next company event, here are some guidelines to get started.

Benefits of Hosting a Game Night for a Company Event

Hosting a game night for a company event can be a great way to boost morale and encourage teamwork. It’s also an effective way to increase engagement among employees and help them build relationships outside of the workplace. Games like trivia, charades, or even simple board games can provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere while helping employees get to know each other better.

When planning how to host a game night, it’s important to choose activities that are suitable for all ages and abilities. You may also want to consider providing refreshments and snacks as part of the event so that everyone can enjoy themselves without feeling too full or too hungry. Hosting a game night for your company event is sure to bring people together in a unique way, creating lasting memories and fostering collaboration among employees.

Choosing a Venue for Your Company’s Game Night

When it comes to hosting a game night for your company event, you may be wondering how to choose the right venue. It is important to consider the amount of space needed, budget, and what type of games will be played. If you are looking for a larger location, you should look at venues such as community centers or bars. These locations usually offer more room with varying levels of cost depending on the day and time.

If your game night is more intimate, then you could rent out a private room at a restaurant or cafe. This type of space will provide a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of space to play games without feeling cramped. Anywhere that has plenty of tables and seating options would be ideal for this kind of event. 

Selecting Games for a Company Game Night

There are many things you need to consider when selecting games for your company game night. First, think about the size of your group and the types of people that will be attending. This will help you determine what type of games you should select. Make sure to choose something that everyone will enjoy and find engaging.

Next, think about how long the event will last and what is the optimal length for each game so that it doesn’t drag on too long. Try to pick games that are simple enough to learn quickly but have enough depth to keep people entertained throughout the entire game night. One exciting option to consider is the american roulette online game. With its iconic spinning wheel and betting options, it adds a touch of glamour and suspense to any game night. Plus, with its straightforward rules, players can quickly grasp the basics and start enjoying the game.

Include Decorations and Refreshments

Decorations and refreshments can be an important part of the planning. Depending on your budget, decorations can range from simple streamers and balloons to themed tablecloths and custom centerpieces. Refreshments can be as simple as pre-made snacks and soft drinks, such as chips, pretzels, popcorn, and soda. For larger events, catering is always an option. Consider finger foods like mini quiches, sliders, sandwiches, and wraps that are easy to eat while socializing or playing games. 

Make Game Night a Hit With Help from Frogbridge Events

Game night can be a hit if you plan it right, but you may need help planning events. Making corporate events work the way that you want them to can be surprisingly tricky. Fortunately, you can get help from professionals so that your corporate events are perfect every time. 

At Frogbridge Events, we specialize in planning corporate events. We take your event ideas and goals and turn them into an event that your staff won’t forget. Before you start planning your next event, give us a call at (609) 208-9475 so we can help you get all of the details right.

A Guide to Making Your Next Company Retreat More Accessible

Company retreats are a great way to get people out of the office and into a creative and collaborative space. But if you’re planning a company retreat, it’s also important to make sure that it’s accessible to all members of your team.

With the right planning, you can ensure that your next company retreat is accessible to everyone and that every member of your team can enjoy the experience. Also, if you need further help planning an inclusive retreat, Frogbridge Events is here to assist or answer any questions you may have.

How to Make Your Company Retreat More Accessible

Here are some strategies for making your next company retreat more accessible so that all members of your team can benefit from the experience. 

Know Who You’re Inviting

As you start planning your next company retreat, keep in mind the people that you are inviting. Do you plan to invite the whole company or is it a retreat for just one department? This will dictate the venue size. Also, be mindful of the accommodations that the people you’re inviting need. For instance, if a team member uses a wheelchair, you will want to opt for inclusive activities instead.

You may find out that some staff members that do not need any accommodations at work may have other limitations for activities outside of their usual duties. When sending out emails about the upcoming retreat or invitations, you can also let attendees know who to contact if they need any special accommodations.

Ask for Team Member Input

You can also get team members involved in the planning of the retreat so they can express any concerns or preferences with you before you finalize the schedule. Perhaps you can decide on a group of possible activities and send out a poll to the group to see which ones they would like to participate in at the retreat. This way, you can create a retreat based on what attendees want to do. 

Not all accessibility concerns center around wheelchair ramps and ADA compliance. Some staff members might not be comfortable with loud noises or heights. Without finding this out in advance, you wouldn’t necessarily know this when planning your retreat. Ultimately, you want to plan a retreat team members want to attend. Involving them by soliciting input can improve engagement and make it more accessible.

Check for Accessible Hotels

If your retreat includes an overnight stay, be sure to ask hotels about their own accessibility accommodations. Most hotels will abide by and comply with ADA standards. However, it is always a smart idea to verify that ADA-compliant rooms will be available to your team, if needed, when you book the stay.

Make the Event More Accessible

Retreats often require temporary structures, such as gazebos and tents. Fortunately, there are ways to make temporary events more accessible. For example, if your company retreat will have staff members from around the globe attending, it is possible that there could be language barriers that could prohibit full participation. You could have an interpreter available at the event to facilitate communication and participation for all team members.

Also, if your event will have temporary structures, it’s important that there are accessibility ramps where needed, along with ample space between chairs, tables, and other items to allow ample room for a wheelchair to pass through. While permanent structures and buildings may have accessibility features such as an elevator and ramps, you may need to ensure that temporary structures do too.

Recruit a Team of Event Planning Experts at Frogbridge Events

Event planning can be a difficult process if you are trying to incorporate new ideas and make adjustments for a broader audience. Fortunately, you can get help from a team of event planning experts who have plenty of experience creating more accessible company retreats. 

At Frogbridge Events, we work with companies to plan their retreats while focusing on their main goals and making each event accessible to their audience. Let us work with you to plan a company retreat that is right for all of your participants. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or use our contact form to discuss your next event.

Remote Companies: How They Benefit From Corporate Retreats

Remote companies are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to create a more flexible and cost-effective work environment. However, remote companies face unique challenges that many traditional companies don’t have to worry about, such as communication, collaboration, and culture. Corporate retreats can help alleviate these challenges and provide a platform for remote companies to work together and build relationships. 

Corporate retreats can also help remote companies develop shared values, establish clear goals, and create better collaboration between team members. Frogbridge Events can help provide an excellent opportunity for remote companies to come together and create a cohesive team that is ready to tackle any challenge.

How Do Remote Companies Benefit from Corporate Retreats? 

There are multiple ways that remote companies can benefit from a retreat, such as:

Form Stronger Workplace Connections

Work retreats can be a great way to bring your remote employees together and help form a stronger workplace connection. Team retreats give members the opportunity to socialize and have some face time with each other, something that is often lost when working from home. By encouraging employees to come together in person, it can help create an environment for brainstorming ideas and team-building activities.

Build a Healthy Workplace Culture

A work retreat also allows for company culture to be further developed and nurtured. Especially now after the COVID-19 pandemic, where most of us are still stuck in our personal lives at home, retreats offer a much needed change of scenery and the chance to connect with colleagues without having to worry about the pressures of working from home. 

In addition, it’s a great way to reward employees for their hard work and dedication by giving them the chance to escape their day-to-day duties while still being able to stay connected with their teams. Retreats intend to provide employees with an opportunity to relax and recharge their batteries after the stresses of the workweek.

Host Fun Activities to Foster Camaraderie

Corporate retreats typically involve fun activities such as hikes, zip lines, scavenger hunts, and other creative initiatives that bring out everyone’s competitive spirit. The goal is to create a sense of camaraderie among team members as well as build trust with leaders so everyone can work more effectively when they return to their day-to-day roles. 

Encourage Innovation

Attending a company retreat can be a great way for employees to collaborate in person, build relationships, and explore creative solutions to workplace issues. By providing an opportunity for employees to come together and share their knowledge in an informal setting, companies can also benefit from increased innovation and new ideas that may not have been explored otherwise.

Working together in new environments often forces teams out of their comfort zones and encourages them to think outside of the box when it comes to solving problems or coming up with creative solutions. Some positive outcomes of corporate retreats include increased team morale, improved communication, increased productivity, and better problem-solving skills.

Help Remote and Dispersed Teams Bond

Face-to-face retreats are a great way for remote teams to come together and bond. A company retreat is an important first step in creating a strong team dynamic and company culture, especially for startups that are fully remote. By bringing the team together in one physical place, they can discuss their work face-to-face and really get to know each other. This can be especially helpful when working with people in different time zones, as it allows them to build relationships outside of their normal work schedule.

Get the Most Out of Your Corporate Retreats with Frogbridge Events

Going on a retreat to recover, recuperate, and regroup can be a highly effective way of improving relationships within your company. However, the retreat must be planned with patience and care. There are plenty of ways that you could run into issues if you plan the whole thing yourself. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all of your own event planning.

At Frogbridge Events, our goal is to plan events that attendees remember and that also directly align with your company’s goals. We have extensive experience planning a variety of events for corporations. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or use our online contact form to discuss how we can make it easy to plan your next corporate retreat.

6 Ways to Encourage Shy Employees to Participate in Company Activities

Corporate retreats help build your employees’ morale, improve collaboration, and increase productivity in your business. However, you’ll have to find ways to engage all your employees to achieve these benefits, as participation is a key part of the success of any company activity or task. 

Most company events are designed for an engaged workforce, which is fine for extroverts, but not for employees who may have a shy disposition. Unfortunately, shy employees may need help to actively participate in company activities. Frogbridge Events can help you engage all of your employees, along with assisting with any other questions you may have. 

6 Ways to Encourage Shy Employees to Participate in Company Activities

As a business owner or manager, it’s best to know how to get all your employees excited about your events and how to make them comfortable enough to participate. Here are six ways to encourage shy employees to participate in your company’s activities.

1. Host Events They Are Comfortable With

Shy employees are more likely to engage in activities they are familiar with and comfortable with. Therefore, when planning a corporate retreat, you should ask all your employees what they might want to do so that you can choose accessible activities that everyone can enjoy and excel in.

It’s also important to involve your shy employees in the planning process. Let them make crucial decisions like the event format, time, location, and catering. A person is more likely to participate in company activities they planned themselves. Additionally, you should take time to understand situations that make your shy employees feel threatened and provide better alternatives. The goal is to ensure company activities meet the needs of all employees, including shy ones.

2. Create a Safe Environment

Your company events should also have different ways for employees to be engaged. Rather than forcing employees to participate in things they are uncomfortable with, provide options so that all employees can contribute in a way that’s most comfortable for them. When shy employees feel more in control, they’ll overcome their fears and feel more confident when participating in an activity of their choice.

Giving them choices creates a safe environment for them to overcome their fears and have fun. The more opportunities shy employees have to engage, the more comfortable they will be participating in company activities.

3. Limit Group Members

Team-based activities are a great way of making your company retreats memorable and enjoyable. However, some shy employees may have difficulty participating in crowded environments. Therefore, when sorting your employees into teams, you’d want to limit the number of participants in them. This will encourage all the team members to participate in the given activities.

When creating teams, assign shy employees to colleagues they are most comfortable working with. Having familiar faces around them allows them to thrive, have fun, and enjoy the opportunity altogether. Alternatively, you can simply allow them to choose their team partners. Team building activities featuring smaller groups of people foster collaboration and allow the shyer members to break out of their shell.

4. Share the Plans in Advance

Quiet people don’t like surprises and usually feel intimidated when suddenly put into the spotlight. They need time and space to prepare and plan for things, rather than deal with surprises. Therefore, throwing new activities at them may significantly discourage them from participating. Share the agenda in advance of whatever company activities you plan on doing so that your shy employees can mentally prepare themselves for the big day.

You should keep them informed as much as possible and let them know in case of any changes. When the day comes, they will be well-prepared and ready to engage in the activities planned for the retreat.

5. Use Incentives

Incentives can help encourage almost every employee, including the shy ones, to participate and feel motivated. By incorporating incentives such as gift cards, movie tickets, free meals, and coffee mugs in your company event, you’ll not only bring them to the event, but also encourage them to engage.

You should ensure that the incentives align with what your employees care about. This ensures that you select an incentive that shy employees find truly motivating, which may involve some research and planning. 

6. Foster Cooperative Competition

Sometimes your shy employees need a little push to get out of their comfort zone. Therefore, your company retreat should include engaging and competitive activities to motivate and inspire your employees to achieve certain goals. This creates a healthy competition that allows your employees to encourage each other, achieve milestones and celebrate successes.

Many people enjoy activities that allow them to win and outdo others. Therefore, as positive peer pressure and polite competitiveness take over, your employees will be more motivated to participate in company activities.

Contact an Experienced Corporate Event Planner at Frogbridge Events

Participating in company activities can be a huge challenge for shy employees. They tend to feel more uncomfortable in various social circumstances and are mostly seen as actively disengaged employees. However, you can engage them by planning an introvert-friendly retreat. That’s why you should let corporate event planning experts at Frogbridge Events handle everything for you.

We have the facilities to help you create a welcoming experience for all your employees. Call us today at (609) 208-9475 or contact us online to talk with one of our event planning experts to learn how we can simplify your retreats and encourage employee participation.

How to Prevent Alienating Anyone During a Corporate Retreat

A corporate retreat can bring many benefits to an organization, from building a robust and cohesive culture to improving overall performance. However, one of the potential challenges to having an effective corporate retreat is alienation. Alienation happens when employees feel isolated from the activities at the retreat and their colleagues. This disconnection causes a feeling of meaninglessness and distances your employees from the objective of the retreat.

Alienation can significantly affect a corporate retreat, making it less effective. Therefore, employers must take various steps to prevent this from happening. Frogbridge Events can help you figure out ways you can avoid alienating anyone during a corporate retreat, along with anything else you need during the planning process.

How Can You Prevent Alienating Anyone During a Retreat? 

Employees often feel alienated when they are not free to approach their bosses. Rather than acting as if you’re above the workforce, approach your employees and engage in one-on-one conversations with them. You should maintain open communication, consider their feelings, and regularly check in with everybody. 

Remember also to find ways to address any concerns that might arise during the retreat. Building closer relationships with your employees will create an atmosphere of safety and trust. There are also many other ways to make sure you don’t alienate your employees at a retreat.

Involve Everyone in Making Decisions

Corporate retreats are opportunities to bring your employees together so that they can have a great time. Therefore, you should make them feel like they own the event. Keeping them in the dark and making decisions without their input creates alienation. Consider everyone’s suggestions when making crucial retreat decisions, which will help make your employees feel included.

Encourage Team-Building Activities

Without team-building activities during a corporate retreat, your employees may feel bored, disinterested, and isolated. Team bonding activities allow workers to interact with each other and foster good working relationships. Therefore, you should incorporate time for engaging activities such as team-building games.

You should also allow free time so your teams can converse naturally. Remember to keep introverts in mind when designing group activities to avoid alienating them. Prioritizing meaningful interactions ensures everyone participates in the company’s activities.

Respond to Each Employee’s Contributions

Employees feel isolated when their contributions are not acknowledged. Work retreats give the staff a chance to build confidence. Therefore, making them feel powerless could significantly affect them. They may have great ideas that could spice up the retreat, but since they cannot implement them, they may feel separate and not part of the team.

Appreciate every person’s contributions and encourage them to take on new responsibilities like planning part of the retreat’s activities. This will boost their self-esteem, crank up creativity, and make them feel part of this life-changing experience.

Respect Their Boundaries

Acknowledge that you have different employees with different personalities. Forcing your workers to do things they don’t want to during a retreat pushes them further away and creates a sense of fear. Refrain from making sarcastic statements, as they undermine trust. Respecting your employee’s boundaries will prevent them from feeling isolated and undermined.

People who are afraid are less likely to revel in the retreat experience, which undermines the purpose of the retreat. Encourage employees to respect and embrace each other so that everyone is comfortable and open to a new adventure.

Avoid Playing Favorites

Playing favorites with a section of your employees will make the others feel left out. Give all your employees equal opportunities, and avoid giving special attention or treatment to specific employees during a corporate retreat. Instead, appreciate and encourage everyone to have a good time.

Paying equal attention to all your members will encourage them to actively engage in company activities. Everyone will feel more comfortable around one another when none of their colleagues are treated much better.

Make Sure the Venue is Welcoming

Another critical factor in having an all-inclusive corporate retreat is choosing the right venue. You should select a venue with fun activities and amenities to cater to your varying employee needs. Frogbridge Events and our venue is welcoming to any and all companies wanting to have a retreat for their employees, and we can help with any planning questions you may have as well. 

Let Our Professional Event Planners at Frogbridge Events Help You Plan an Enjoyable Retreat

If not well-planned and managed, a corporate retreat may frustrate your employees and make them feel alienated. That’s why when planning your next retreat, it’s best to hire skilled event planners at Frogbridge Events who understand the ins and outs of running events.

With many years of experience, our corporate event planners can manage all aspects of your company outing. We can help you create a one-of-a-kind retreat with fun options for all your employees. Call us today at (609) 208-9475 or contact us online to learn how our experts can help you make your retreat an enjoyable one for everyone.

Budget-Friendly Retreat Ideas for Non-Profits

Your team has worked diligently to fulfill your mission all year, from doing weekly food drops to even participating in early morning car washes in order to fundraise. The majority of your non-profit’s budget is allotted to your programs, but you still want a day to celebrate the people who make your organization’s mission possible and keep up the morale for future successes. Your team needs to feel appreciated and have the opportunity to provide feedback so your organization may continue to grow. 

With a little time and effort, you can trade in your next quarterly meeting for an organization-wide retreat that focuses on your team and do so without breaking the bank. 

3 Fun Retreat Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

A retreat is a great way for a non-profit organization to relax, regroup, restrategize, and also plan their fundraising goals for the rest of their fiscal year. It does not have to be too expensive but can still be fun, celebratory, and productive! Here are some foolproof ways to host a budget-friendly retreat:

Company Picnic

As the saying goes, the way to people’s hearts is through their stomachs. Treat your own team to an outdoor company picnic. Enjoying a communal meal outside while discussing the non-profit’s goals and strategies is a relaxing and effective way to spend the day while still focusing on your company’s mission. 

If you are really tracking this year’s budget, make the picnic a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite side dish to share with others and enjoy! Additionally, many donors might be interested in sponsoring the lunch. 

Physical Activity 

Balancing all the responsibilities that come with a non-profit organization can be stressful, and sometimes you just need to shake it off. 

Planning a day outdoors with a game of volleyball or golf included can do wonders for your team’s mood and spirit. If a big game of two-hand touch football doesn’t quite fit the vibe of your organization, that’s fine! You can still get up and leave the desk behind for a day with less physically demanding events like a scavenger hunt or board games. Consider making the games specific to your organization, and personalize each event to optimize the bonding experience. After relieving some stress, the team will be energized to begin strategic planning!

Anything That Is Not The Office

At the end of the day, any activity or event dedicated to your team and their successes will make a difference. Your non-profit organization is composed of committed volunteers and people who have dedicated their lives to your mission. The growth of your organization and fulfillment of your goals is why they are there in the first place. Here are a few free or relatively-inexpensive places to hold a retreat that are not the office: 

  • Local park
  • Library
  • Coffee shop
  • Local restaurants
  • Church

The younger your organization, the less money you have allotted toward your team, and that’s okay. But making sure they feel appreciated and involved in the decision-making process is key, and you can do that from anywhere. 

Let New Jersey’s Frogbridge Events Do The Planning For You

Planning the perfect retreat for your organization can be tough, especially with a budget restraint. Take the stress away and let Frogbridge Events’ dedicated team worry about the details. We plan all of the activities and have an extensive menu to choose from, so all you and your team have to do is relax!

For information today on how to make the most of your retreat day, please call us at (609) 208-9475 or use our online contact form.

3 Creative Retreat Ideas for a Non-Profit Staff

If you’re hoping to foster relationships among your team, strengthen trust, and help generate fresh ideas for projects and initiatives, consider planning a creative retreat for your team. Not only does this provide an opportunity for members of your team to get away from their day-to-day work, but it also allows you and other team members to develop new ideas for projects and initiatives in the future. 

Volunteers, interns, and staff members have different needs when working in a non-profit organization. Because of this, it’s essential to find activities that cater to the interests of everyone in your office. With so many different creative retreat ideas, narrowing down which one will best suit your needs can be challenging. Check out these great ideas for creative retreats that could easily be adapted for your non-profit staff.

What Makes a Good Team Retreat?

A good team retreat for non-profit organizations should allow the team to brainstorm new ideas, escape the everyday grind, and experience something new together. Some great retreat ideas include ropes courses, escape rooms, and other fun activities that help build teamwork and communication skills. Good retreat planning includes ensuring enough time for the team to bond and relax and time to focus on work goals.

Plan a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Retreat

Consider planning a non-profit retreat that’s sustainable and eco-friendly—planning a non-profit staff retreat that is sustainable means incorporating best practices into the event from start to finish. This includes everything from how the event is marketed, to what type of food and drink is served, to how waste is managed.

Event planners should work with the non-profit leaders to determine the goals for the retreat and then use that as a guide for making decisions about all aspects of the event. For example, if the goal is to build team cohesion, then activities and programming should be designed with that in mind.

It’s also important to think about sustainability when it comes to budgeting for the event. Many non-profits have limited resources, so it’s important to consider how those resources are allocated. One way to do this is to seek sponsorships or partners who can help offset some of the costs associated with the retreat.

By being mindful of sustainability from start to finish, event planners can help create a retreat that is enjoyable for attendees and has a positive impact on the environment.

Plan for an Art Class

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to add some excitement to your next non-profit retreat, consider offering an art class. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and thinking outside the box. Plus, it’s a great way to support your local artists and businesses. All you need to do is plan and find a reputable instructor.

Invite Family and Play Family-Friendly Games

Planning a family-friendly game during your non-profit retreat can help engage staff members and invite families to participate. Including staff members’ families in the game can create a more fun and relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy.

Get Help Panning a Great Non-profit Retreat

A creative retreat can be a great way to improve performance in your company. The key is ensuring you have access to resources that make the stay enjoyable and productive for staff members. 

Suppose you want to ensure that your next creative retreat is perfect; partner with Frogbridge Events. We are focused on making it easier for companies to plan corporate events. Call  Frogbridge Events at (609) 316-5901 to schedule a consultation or contact us here.

How Long Should a Corporate Retreat Be?

A corporate retreat is a getaway that brings together people from different departments, locations, and backgrounds. The goal is to foster collaboration, innovation, and new ideas by immersing participants in an alternate, more relaxed environment. A corporate retreat can be anything from a few team-building activities over the lunch hour to an extended stay in a remote location with limited cell service, no internet access, and no distractions. 

This means it’s up to you to determine how long you want your retreat to be and what activities you include. Here are some general guidelines for planning and executing a corporate retreat and specific ways to adapt traditional concepts to your unique needs.

Determine What Your Goals are for the Retreat

When planning a company retreat, first think about your goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve as a team? What kind of environment do you want to create? Once you have a clear idea of your goals, you can start planning the retreat. Remember that a company retreat differs from a team retreat or a team member retreat. It should be more unstructured and allow for more employee bonding and connection.

Work or Recreation?

When planning a company retreat, deciding whether the focus will be on work or recreation is essential. Different amounts of time can be allocated depending on the company’s needs. However, both should be considered to create a well-rounded experience for employees.

Figure Out How Much Time You Need

First off, decide on the length of your company retreat. Will it be a day trip or an overnight stay? If you’re planning on having an unstructured retreat, consider making it a weekend so your entire team can get away and bond. If you’re worried about losing productivity, consider having your retreat during a slow season or for remote companies, plan it around a holiday. Prioritize getting everyone on the same page and use the time to brainstorm and plan for the future.

The length of the retreat will depend on several factors, including the size of your company and the amount of time you have available. Consider a retreat that lasts several days if you have a large company. If you have a smaller company, a one-day retreat may be sufficient.

Where Will You Have It?

Your retreat location may dictate how long your retreat needs to be. There are several factors to consider, such as whether the retreat will be held indoors or outdoors and whether it will be local or further away. Other considerations include the size of the group and the budget. Once the location is decided, start thinking about activities that will take place during the retreat.

Factor in Transportation Time and Costs

Company retreats are a fantastic way for teams to bond and get to know each other outside the office. However, one downside is that travel time can take away valuable bonding time. If your company retreat is in a remote location, consider booking transportation in advance so your team can relax and enjoy the ride together.

Contact Us for Help Planning Your Corporate Retreat

Planning a corporate retreat can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Getting the length right is just one part of the whole planning process. Fortunately, you can make it easier to plan corporate events by getting help from an event planner. 

Before you start working on your next corporate retreat, call Frogbridge Events at (609) 316-5901 or contact us here. We specialize in corporate event planning and can help you get everything for your next event right. 

Best Ways to Incorporate Your Employees’ Interests Into a Company Retreat

Corporate retreats are an effective way to build teams that are better at communicating and collaborating. However, the quality of corporate events hinges on buy-in from the participants. If your employees are not adequately engaged, they won’t want to participate in your event or get any benefit from it. The key to getting employee buy-in is to base the event on their interests. 

Get Your Employees Interested in Your Company Retreat

Here are a few of the best ways to incorporate your employees’ interests in a company retreat:

Ask Your Employees What They Would Like to Do

The most important part of planning your retreat is to find out what your employees want to do. Depending on how long the retreat is and how many employees you have, you can choose a few different methods to conduct this poll.

The best way to get every employee’s opinion is to conduct an online survey. You can also have an open forum meeting, with an anonymous voting system, or host a virtual town hall event.

Let Them Choose the Activities

Once you know what your employees want to do, you can start to plan the activities. You can choose a variety of activities that appeal to a wide range of interests. Keep the activities relevant to your field or business. 

You can use company-related activities as a way to build camaraderie between departments. When choosing activities, make sure they are appropriate for your audience. 

While it’s important to let your employees share what they want, you also need to manage expectations. If a significant number of employees want to go skydiving but that is not a safe activity for a team of employees, you may want to suggest something else.

Go Somewhere They’ll Enjoy

When choosing a destination for your corporate retreat, the most important thing to consider is the interests of your employees. You should also consider how far a wide range of employees can travel without breaking the bank. 

When deciding where to take your corporate retreat, you can choose a location that meets a wide range of interests. One example is taking your company to a sporting event. Sports events are a great way to foster a competitive spirit between departments, especially if you choose a game that has a mixed departmental team. 

Another option is taking your team to a music festival or artistic event. These types of events are perfect for employees who want to experience something new and see new things.

Base the Trip on Something You Can All Enjoy Together

One of the best ways to incorporate your employees’ interests into a company retreat is to base the trip around a shared passion or interest. You can choose to base your trip on a cause your company supports. Taking your employees to a cause that they feel strongly about is a great way to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among your team members. 

Another way to base the trip on a shared interest is to base the trip on a shared hobby. If you and your employees share a common hobby, you can use the trip as a way to collaborate and build stronger bonds between team members.

Find the Right Partner for Planning Company Retreats

If your employees are not adequately engaged, they won’t want to participate in your event or get any benefit from it. The key to getting employee buy-in is to base the event on their interests. Now that you know what you need to do to make your next company retreat a success, you can focus on having fun and fostering a sense of teamwork and camaraderie between your employees.

Make your next event a massive success by partnering with Frogbridge Events. We specialize in planning events for companies. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form to schedule a talk with our event planners. 

How a Corporate Retreat Can Help Overcome Communication Barriers

Every company thrives or fails based on how well teams work together, specifically how well they communicate. Proper communication is both critically important and also difficult to build naturally. Fortunately, there are ways to build corporate communication and break down the walls that keep team members from working well together. Take a deeper look at how a corporate retreat can help overcome communication barriers. 

Why Communication Is Important for Company Success

Communication is a vital piece of any successful business. When team members are able to work together, share their goals, and know how the company operates, they perform and feel better as employees. That leads to better customer service and happier clients and employees. 

Here are a few examples of how good communication can benefit your company: 

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved customer retention
  • Reduced turnover rates
  • Improved productivity
  • Better time management

With communication and collaboration as the central focus of team building, your corporate retreat needs to help your staff overcome any barriers that might exist. This is easier said than done, but the right corporate retreat can make a huge difference in how your company performs.

Corporate Retreats Help Establish Company Culture                                                                                                                                  

While communication is important for just about every business, it’s especially critical for startups. Establishing the right company culture from the beginning is important for the long-term success of any company. 

A company retreat is an opportunity for team members to get together away from their regular work environment to interact and build relationships with one another. Retreats bring team members together to learn more about each other and the company they work for. It’s a chance for team members to find out how others approach their work, share their goals, and help each other succeed. 

How a Retreat Helps Overcome Communication Barriers

Communication breakdowns can happen in any workplace, even in offices where team members work closely together. When things go wrong, it can be easy for team members to point fingers and feel like they’re not working toward the same goal. 

A company retreat provides an opportunity for team members to get to know each other better and share a positive experience. A company retreat can help overcome communication barriers in a few different ways: 

  • Better understanding of roles
  • Improved communication skills 
  • Shared experiences

Communication barriers can be the difference between a successful team and a dysfunctional team. Use your next corporate retreat to break down these barriers.

Tips for Running a Successful Corporate Retreat

A successful retreat relies on more than just booking a retreat location. Here are a few tips to make sure your retreat is a success: 

Choose an Appropriate Date 

Any date can work for a retreat, but it’s important to avoid major holidays and vacation times when employees won’t be able to attend. 

Set Clear Goals 

What are your goals for the retreat? What do you hope team members walk away with after the retreat? Those goals should guide all of your planning. 

Create a Budget

Retreats can cost thousands of dollars, but they don’t have to. Create a budget that works for your company size, and stick to it.

Choose the Right Venue 

You don’t have to rent an entire resort for your retreat. Depending on the size of your team, you can find smaller venues. 

Get Help Planning the Perfect Corporate Retreat

A corporate retreat is a great way to bring your team together and can help with everything from better communication to setting up company culture. It’s important to plan for a retreat and be prepared to make it a success. 

Get help planning the perfect corporate retreat with help from Frogbridge Events. We specialize in event planning for enterprise and corporate-size organizations. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form to schedule a call with someone on our team to discuss your next event. 

6 Tips for Staying Productive During a Corporate Retreat

When planning your company retreat, you might concern yourself with how to stay productive and on task. You may be so worried about getting caught up in all the fun of the trip that you lose sight of the goals you set for your group. 

Corporate retreats are a great time to share new ideas, get everyone involved in group activities, and feel refreshed. With all the excitement surrounding the trip, it can be easy to lose track of the original plan. Everyone involved should keep the retreat goals in mind to remain productive. With these tips, we can help you ensure you do that.

How to Have a Productive Company Retreat

We understand the importance of ensuring you and your team members have a productive corporate retreat, so we have curated the best and most effective ways to keep everyone focused. Tips to stay attentive during your trip include the following:

Make a Strategic Plan and Share It With Everyone

Having a well-crafted plan is essential when trying to ensure the most productive retreat possible. Your plan should spell out your specific goals and activities for the trip, and you should share these with everyone on your team so they can be aware of the purpose of the retreat at all times.

Leave Room for Employee Feedback

Once you have shared your ideas and goals for the retreat with your team, set aside some time to receive feedback on their ideas and thoughts about the retreat. This gets everyone more engaged and could increase productivity while on the trip because the team also contributed to the planning. You can do this in a meeting or offer an anonymous form for members to share their contributions.

Choose a Relaxing Environment

Selecting a calming location for your corporate retreat will help your team relax. This will set up the perfect backdrop for destressing, exploring new ideas, and getting creative. We suggest an outdoor, natural setting as it lends itself to tons of team-building activities. Nature also provides the ultimate refreshing experience. 

Silence Your Technology

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor location, silencing your phones, laptops, and tablets during meetings and activities is a great way to shut out distractions and remain on track. After all, retreats serve as a means to focus on the company and the goals you set out during planning.

Include Problem-Solving and Team Building Activities

During your retreat planning, be sure to schedule activities that encourage team building and problem-solving. This will bring everyone together and encourage them to participate in the activities, which will only be beneficial in meeting the goals for the trip. These activities also give your team space to have fun and think creatively.

Take Breaks 

Taking breaks is a crucial element of staying productive. Breaks allow your mind to rest and give you room to relax. Make sure you leave space for breaks to eat, drink, and just have fun. As important as the team-building activities are, the laid-back ones are productive, too.

Plan Your Productive Corporate Retreat at Our New Jersey Company Picnic Venue

Frogbridge Events has hosted many corporate retreats for Fortune 500 companies, and our 86-acre lakeside venue will ensure a productive trip for your team. We offer a customizable, seasonal menu, exciting team-building activities, and opportunities for everyone to have fun and relax. Our experienced event planners are here to help you every step of the way to plan your next corporate retreat and reach your goals.

We understand planning a company retreat can be intimidating, and figuring out where to start may be difficult. Book the best team-building event possible by filling out our contact form or giving us a call at (609) 208-9475.

How Long Should a Company Retreat Last?

If you are planning a corporate retreat for your employees, you may be wondering how long the retreat should last. You want to have enough time to get all your planned activities and exercises in, but you don’t want the retreat to be too long. 

Company retreats serve as an excellent way for your team to get to know each other. They can motivate everyone by providing a change of scenery and a place to have fun and be creative. Retreats are a great opportunity to meet everyone you work with, especially if some or all of your team works remotely. Because everyone has busy schedules in and out of the office, the timing of your retreat is important, and we are here to assist you in making those decisions that work best for you and your company.

What to Consider When Deciding the Length of Your Company Retreat

Planning a company retreat can be complicated, but our team at Frogbridge Events can help you make the process easier. When it comes to any company retreat, it’s essential to start planning in advance and consider how many people you will have by the time the retreat comes around, your budget, your goals for the retreat, activity structure, and other logistics. 

Deciding how long your retreat should be will also impact the trip’s productivity, so we have provided some suggestions to keep in mind when planning the length of your retreat. We understand every department and employee in your company works on different schedules, so here are some factors to remember when choosing how long your retreat should be:

Will Anyone Have to Travel? 

More and more companies now work remotely, so they have employees all over the country and other parts of the world. If this is the case for you and your team, you may want to include a day in your retreat dedicated to travel so you don’t lose a day of activities. This could extend your trip to a full 5-day workweek, leaving three full days for activities. If no one has to travel very far, a 4-day retreat may work better for you. 

What Is Your Budget?

Depending on your budget for the retreat, you may be able to have a longer or shorter trip with more or fewer amenities and activities. We can work with you and your budget to create the perfect plan for you that best suits your team and your goals for the retreat.

What Are Your Goals for the Retreat?

Every company retreat has different goals. Some want to give their employees the space to get to know each other, others want to focus on team building, or maybe you want to come up with new ideas for your business next year. Depending on your goals for the trip, you may decide to make a longer or shorter week out of it. 

What Activities Do You Plan on Doing?

When planning your company retreat, you may already have some activities in mind that you want to do. Frogbridge Events also has several activity options for you and your team, like kayaking, ziplining, and sports courts. Whatever activities you have planned, you will want to ensure you have enough time to do them all!

Plan Your Perfect Outdoor Company Retreat at Frogbridge Events in New Jersey

Our event planners have helped coordinate many successful corporate events for Fortune 500 companies. Our planners’ experience makes them adaptable and dedicated in their approach, and they are well-equipped to help organize and elevate your company retreat. 

At Frogbridge Events, we collaborate with you from the very beginning of the planning process to curate a timeline that will fit all your activities. Reach out to our team so we can handle the planning of your next corporate event and take the stress off of you. Start planning your event, and call us at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form.

3 Top Team Building Board Games for a Company Retreat

With working from home becoming more popular, it’s been more difficult to feel deeply and genuinely connected to your coworkers. However, as greater numbers of coworkers and employees have faced the negative aspects of being and feeling isolated from each other, there’s been more of a drive to get together again.

But if you’re planning on having a company retreat, you may be feeling out of practice. What should everyone be doing to build up a feeling of camaraderie again? What activities should you be putting together, even for a short stay, to get your employees or teammates feeling connected? Board games are fun and helpful, and if you need ideas for what to bring with you, we have some excellent suggestions!

Neben Brettspielen ist das Baccarat Online Spielen eine weitere spannende Aktivität, die den Kameradschaftsgeist fördern und ein Gefühl der Verbundenheit zwischen Mitarbeitern oder Teamkollegen schaffen kann. Baccarat ist ein beliebtes Kartenspiel, das Strategie und Glück kombiniert und somit eine ansprechende Option für die Gruppenunterhaltung darstellt.

A Board Game for Problem Solving: Pandemic

The appropriately named board game, “Pandemic,” is a lot of fun for helping small groups of people get better at problem-solving and working together. Pandemic is a strategy-based game by Z-Man Games, first published and released in the United States in 2008.

Pandemic is a race against the clock, forcing players to work together to keep a disease from spreading too far for containment. It also comes with the added challenge of requiring players to contain variations of the disease and preventing other outbreaks that could spread to other cities or countries across the map.

Much like real life, the board game gives each of the players a unique role, allowing them to use their individual skillsets and abilities to help each other solve problems, big and small.

A Game for Getting to Know Each Other: Two Truths and a Lie

If you haven’t heard of the popular party game, Two Truths and a Lie is commonly used to help strangers or friends of friends get to know each other better. You play by having each player come up with two truthful statements and one false statement about themselves. After everyone has come up with their facts, everyone guesses which one is false.

This game is perfect if you’re trying to build camaraderie between team members in a department. This is because it can make the work environment feel more comfortable and familiar. Additionally, coworkers can use this game to find things in common with each other without feeling like they’ve been put on the spot to talk about their hobbies.

What also makes Two Truths and a Lie great is that it’s free to play! You don’t need to purchase the game, and you can almost guarantee that every round will be different. You can keep it interesting, even if some players have known each other for a long time.

A Board Game to Build Healthy Competition: Codenames

Codenames is a board game that many people have heard of, but you’d be surprised how few people have gotten the chance to play. Czech Games Edition released this game in 2015, and it’s great for helping everyone build some healthy competition.

If you’ve been aiming to increase output and push everyone into getting more competitive in the workplace without getting too hostile, this is a fantastic place to start. Additionally, you may find teammates will naturally work together after this kind of experience, especially if they find some level of success as a team.

The game requires players to be split into two teams, with one player on each team becoming the “spymaster” and the others becoming “operatives” for their respective teams. It’s the spymaster’s job to give clues that help their operatives identify cards that represent agents they need to target, with each team having different target cards from the other.

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3 Out-Of-The-Box Team Building Activities

Team building can feel challenging for a company even at the best of times, and it’s gotten even more challenging ever since working from home and alternate work environments have become more popular. Fortunately, some coworkers are slowly reentering their regular office spaces and seeing each other in person again.

Now that some people are coming into the office for the first time in a while, it may feel surreal. Employees who’ve been working at a company for months or years are suddenly meeting each other for the first time in person, and building these new connections can feel daunting. How can you help your employees become a more cohesive team?

Encourage Social Events: Play Board Games

Planning social events, even casual ones, for your coworkers can be encouraging for those interested in making workplace friends. But these social events don’t have to be uncontrollable parties. They can be as simple and casual as playing board games together.

Many board games have team-building elements, allowing coworkers to work together. With board games and other social events, your employees can get to know each other better, work on new strategies, build a bit of healthy competition, and even become more flexible in their thought processes.

Facilitate Workplace Activities: Plan a Scavenger Hunt

You can also add in a few workplace activities. This can be as simple as ordering cake for monthly birthdays, having costume contests, or eating lunch together. If you’d like to get more whimsical, you can also plan more creatively-involved activities. When’s the last time you’ve had a scavenger hunt?

Scavenger hunts can be exciting for the entire workplace, especially because they encourage everyone to explore the office. Not only does it introduce a little fun, but it can allow everyone to get better acquainted with the office layout, signage, and where to go if they need help from a supervisor or across departments. It can also give team members a sense of accomplishment when they find a new clue or treasure.

If you only work with one department or team, this can also work for smaller groups. While you may not want to hide clues or treasures around the entire office, you can utilize the areas your team members are most likely to use for their regular tasks.

Create Teaching Opportunities: Host Lunch and Learns

Lunch and learn activities are extraordinarily flexible and fun, and they’re beneficial for those who are working in the office as well as those in a work-from-home or alternate work environment. This flexibility is a result of the many virtual opportunities that exist. Now, multiple people can video chat with each other for longer periods.

A lunch and learn allows one team member to teach others on the call about topics they find personally interesting. In addition to improving employee presentation abilities, team members will become increasingly comfortable with a few other skills. For example, they’ll get better at talking to each other about their interests, find commonalities, and even form friendships along the way.

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How to Dress for a Company Picnic

So you’ve been invited to a company picnic. The opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the company of your coworkers is enough to make any day of the week more enjoyable. What, though, are you supposed to wear to these events?

It can be difficult to know how to dress for a company picnic, particularly if you’ve never been to one before. Let’s break down your options together so you can feel comfortable but professional at your upcoming event.

Things to Consider When Dressing for a Company Picnic

There are several factors you need to consider as you’re dressing for a company picnic. The weather, location, and nature of your event can all contribute to what outfit you choose to wear out. 

The Company

What kind of dress code does your company enforce on a daily basis? If you work somewhere where business professional attire is the norm, a company picnic may give you the chance to break out your business casual attire. Alternatively, a business that has a more relaxed dress code may encourage you to wear graphic t-shirts and jeans to your upcoming picnic.

When in doubt, send an email to HR or the team putting together your event. These parties can help you better understand what dress code may be expected at your upcoming picnic.

The Weather

The last thing you want to do when attending a company picnic is to wear weather-inappropriate clothing. Dress sandals, for example, may be ideal for a sunny May day but can be a pain to wear after rain. Similarly, October weather can leave you shivering in a short sleeve shirt but overheating in a wool coat.

Do yourself a favor and check the weather in the morning before your picnic. Take your time away from writing papers and entrust them to the new AI essay writer, which will help you complete your task perfectly. So long as you have dress staples set aside in your wardrobe, you can vary your options until you find an appropriate mix for the company picnic.

The Location

Finally, consider how “picnic”-oriented your picnic actually is. Some companies prefer to go old-fashioned by setting blankets out on the ground and having guests bring a portion of their own food. In these cases, make sure you’re not wearing any clothing that may be ruined by a grass stain or slight dampness.

Alternatively, some companies prefer to “glamp” or enjoy carefully-cultivated picnics. These events may require you to dress more nicely, either due to the lack of dirt and/or the sense of elegance.

You can check in with HR to determine what kind of picnic it is your company is going to several days before the event itself. The more information you have about the picnic, the more appropriately dressed you’re set to be.

Best Clothing Options for a Company Picnic

When you take the weather, location, and your company into account, you can pull together staple clothing pieces that may suit your upcoming picnic event. Some of your best options may include:

  • A polo, professional khakis, and comfortable shoes
  • A light skirt, blouse, and short-heel sandals
  • Light dress pants, a professional short sleeve shirt

You can alternate these staples based on your picnic’s theme and your company’s general standard of dress.

Dress for Success at Your Next Company Picnic

It can be difficult to know what to wear to a company picnic. In most cases, it’s best to marry your personal style with your company’s expected professionalism. That said, you can also consider the weather and location when putting together your perfect picnic outfit.

Nothing brings a working community together like good food. If you’re looking for a way to spearhead company bonding or celebrate your business’s success, consider the benefits of a company picnic. Company picnics allow your employees to network while you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Contact Frogbridge Events at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form to start planning for your next company-wide event.

4 Tips for Throwing an Employee Appreciation Picnic

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, making deals, brainstorming products, and meeting your goals would be impossible. When it comes time to show your team your appreciation, you have a few options. That said, nothing says “thank you” to your hardworking team like an employee appreciation picnic.

It can take more effort than you expect to plan an employee picnic, though. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks you can keep in mind to make your event planning as straightforward as possible.

Involve Your Employees in Planning

Employee appreciation events are all about your team members. Why not consult your team when putting together an event, then? Reach out to your staff and get their opinions on different aspects of the coming event. Some of the best questions to ask include:

  • What does your availability for a large event look like?
  • What foods do you like, and do you have dietary restrictions?
  • Are there activities that you enjoy participating in with your team?
  • What beverages would you like at a picnic?

You can also include questions about preferred personal items or hobbies if you want to integrate those elements into your picnic. For example, you can host a silent auction at your employee appreciation picnic that includes the personal items that your team mentioned enjoying during your initial outreach.

Consider a Potluck

While catered events tend to be less stressful than self-managed ones, you can still get your team in on the fun. Consider asking your employees to bring tableware, small treats, or dishes that mean a lot to them. If you want a more structured food plan, ask your employees to bring snacks or desserts while your caterer handles the bulk of the work.

When you integrate your team’s favorite goods into your event, you can encourage community building. At the same time, you can celebrate the diverse tastes that bring your team together.

Bring Games and Activities

Food and drinks are some of the biggest draws at company appreciation picnics. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have games scattered throughout your event, though. Simple picnic games like cornhole or horseshoes can keep your team occupied as they wait for their teammates to get their food.

Alternatively, you can work with an event manager to arrange team-wide games after the eating’s finished. Icebreakers and trust games can celebrate your team’s success while also building up additional bonds between your staff. These games are particularly useful for cross-department bonding.

Watch the Weather

While you are handling the catering, the events, and the venue, make sure you keep an eye on the weather. While most picnics may take place outside, you can move your event indoors if it looks like the weather is going to take a turn.

Managing a picnic in the face of poor weather is easier when you have a team on hand to help you. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to reach out for help planning your company picnic. Our team can help with set-up, tear-down, and every element in between.

Let’s Plan Your Next Company Picnic

Company picnics can serve a variety of purposes. If you want to encourage your employees to get to know one another, picnics are informal events ideal for inter-department networking. You can also use a company picnic as a celebratory event, bringing a company together to reap the benefits of your hard work.

You don’t have to plan a company picnic on your own, though. Instead, you can contact Frogbridge Events. Our corporate event venues in Central Jersey specialize in helping you bring together the venue, catering, and activities they need to make a picnic truly memorable. You can contact us at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form for more information about our services.

Why Your Leadership Team Needs a Corporate Retreat

A company’s leadership is vital to the success of the company. Their direction helps everyone work together towards the company’s goals. A company’s leadership that isn’t on the same page means that the rest of the company isn’t on the same page. This disconnection can cause problems. It’s important to make sure the leadership team is strong to help keep the company strong. However, the bigger the company and the more departments there are, the more likely everyone will stick to their own corners and rarely communicate with the other team members. A corporate retreat for the leadership team allows them to reconnect and find common ground to continue working together as a team for the company’s success.

3 Benefits of Hosting a Corporate Retreat for your Leadership Team

Corporate retreats for your leadership team can positively impact your team and the growth of the business. Getting away from the office environment can help increase productivity and creativity within your leadership team. There are many benefits to hosting a corporate retreat for your leadership team, including:

Improving Relationships

When leaders are busy handling their part of the workload and rushing to stay on top of deadlines, they may neglect or be unable to form connections with one another. Their interactions may be purely transactional. Leaders who take the time to build more trust and relationships with one another work more effectively and can solve problems more quickly and effectively.

Allow the Team to Recharge

Corporate retreats are a place to approach conversations about work, such as discussing new project ideas and deliberating over issues that need addressing, but more importantly, this should be a rest stop for the team. Your team needs to rest and recharge to recalibrate and let the new ideas flow. Leaders who feel worn out or overworked may be unable to address issues with clear minds. A corporate retreat is a time for rest and reflection. 

Assess Progress

It can be easy to become focused on the day-to-day work rather than the direction the work is going. Retreats allow teams to examine the work they’ve been doing and determine if it’s in the right direction. During these discussions, critical questions can be pondered and addressed. If there needs to be a course correction, a leadership team retreat gives them the opportunity to approach problems with a new fresh perspective. 

Work With Frogbridge Events to Plan Your Next Leadership Retreat 

A leadership retreat is important to the success and growth of a company. Frogbridge Events understands the importance of corporate retreats and is dedicated to helping a company’s event be a hit for its staff. Our planners have extensive experience helping companies plan their retreats by guiding them through every step, from catering to security. We take care of every detail to ensure the success of the retreat and that everyone is able to get the most out of their experience. 

Frogbridge Events would be thrilled to help your leadership find the rest and refreshment they need. You can contact us at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form.

The Best Company Picnic Games for Large Groups

Company picnics are about generating community bonding and creating a space where the whole staff feels involved. However, it can be challenging to get everyone mingling if no set activities are laid out. Planning out games for large groups encourages people to participate. Getting the entire company involved in a game is a great icebreaker and may motivate everyone to mingle. A good company picnic feels like appreciation for everyone’s hard work and helps everyone feel more connected as a team.

Top 11 Company Picnic Games for Large Groups

A lot of thought goes into planning and organizing a company picnic. Much of the focus lies in the food, location, date, and time, so activities can sometimes be forgotten or loosely planned. Games and activities are important to company picnics; they motivate the team and entertain them. Here are some games to consider including in your next company picnic.

  • Soccer game
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Wiffleball
  • Kickball
  • Potato sack race
  • Four-legged race
  • Tug-of-war
  • Capture the flag
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Charades
  • Giant Twister
  • Giant Jenga
  • Yahtzee
  • Freeze tag
  • Red light, green light
  • Musical chairs
  • Trivia games

Regardless of the game you play, what’s important is that they’re activities your employees will enjoy. If your employees are not fond of sports, charades or scavenger hunts may be more enjoyable for your company. It may be a good idea to include your staff in planning out the games for the picnic. The last thing you want is to have games set for the day, but no one wants to participate because it’s not something they enjoy. 

Company picnics are to thank everyone in the company for their hard work and dedication; the whole event should be centered around them. An excellent way to gauge what your staff wants for the picnic is to send out a survey or appoint a team to take charge of the picnic. What’s important is that everyone feels appreciated and has a chance to feel connected with everyone else in the company, especially if they are from different departments. 

Plan Your Next Company Event at Frogbridge Events in New Jersey 

At Frogbridge Events, you and your employees can have a fun company picnic that is a truly unique experience. Our event planners have the necessary experience to plan corporate events for numerous companies of all sizes. We are here to make your event a hit with all your employees. Our venue offers a variety of entertainment options, including music, inflatable amusement, and a variety of performers. Our goal is to help you host an unforgettable event that demonstrates your gratitude to your employees. Frogbridge will provide you with an expert planning guide dedicated to helping you plan the perfect event. Our planner will take care of every detail, from catering to security, making sure your company event is easy to plan and stress-free.

You can call us at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form for more information and start your company event planning today. Let Frogbridge Events help you plan the perfect company picnic for your hardworking staff.

Guide to Planning a Successful Company Retreat on a Budget

Companies work better when team members are familiar with each other. When colleagues get to know each other, they have an easier time communicating and collaborating. Overall, they make a more effective team. One of the most significant contributors to a quality team dynamic is a company retreat. Company retreats are a worthwhile investment for any company. 

Spending time together as a team is a great way to treat your employees and help them build bonds with you and each other. Fortunately, company retreats don’t always have to be big-budget, luxury outings. It is possible to plan a successful company retreat even if you have a low budget.

Confirm Key Details and Goals for the Retreat

When planning an event, setting goals and confirming details early contributes to the event’s success. When companies have a complete vision for what they want to achieve, it’s easier to follow through without wasting money on things that don’t serve their ultimate goal. 

Confirming details as soon as possible also helps finalize retreat details early, which can save money, too. You should have information such as the number of attendees, the duration of the retreat, and travel distance.

Choose a Venue Based on Distance and Amenities

If you’re on a budget, then it’s best to consider reasonably priced local venue options. A cost-effective strategy for choosing a venue will be finding one near your office or where most of your employees live to save on travel costs. When you’re researching venues, consider which amenities are included. Venues that can assist you in creating an all-inclusive retreat experience for your company are likely to be the most cost-effective.

Also, plan your stay for earlier in the week to save money. Event spaces and hotels typically have lower prices Monday through Wednesday since those are the least popular trip days. You may even be able to negotiate rates, event space, and amenities with the venue.

Be Strategic With Your Transportation Options

If your venue is close to your office, you could ask your employees to utilize their regular form of transportation. Otherwise, you can save money by organizing carpools through ride-share apps. Once at the venue, try to organize meetings and activities around what is available there or consider going on outings within walking distance of the venue.

Incorporate Free Team Building Activities and Games

You and your team can do many team-building activities and group games for free or with minimal supplies. You can do ice breakers to get to know each other, research fun questions for trivia, organize a small scavenger hunt, or play popular party games like charades or Pictionary. In this area, you can get creative and think about what best suits your team and what you can accomplish with the materials you have on hand.

Take Advantage of the Experienced Retreat Planners at Frogbridge Events

Planning a retreat is hard work. Planning a retreat on a budget is especially difficult. Securing a venue, organizing room and board, arranging transportation, and ensuring you have everything you need to have a good time is a lot on your plate. Luckily, you don’t have to bear this burden yourself.
Frogbridge Events offers skilled event planners who can help companies coordinate everything they need to have a successful corporate retreat. If you host your retreat at Frogbridge, your employees will be able to bond in a fun, energetic environment. You will have access to a variety of sporting fields and amenities, a pool complex, a lakefront area, quality meals and refreshments, and much more as a guest. To start planning your team’s cost-effective retreat, contact us online through our contact form or call us at (609) 208-9475.

How to Host a Corporate Retreat during COVID

During the COVID pandemic, people have discovered numerous ways to stay connected while keeping themselves and each other safe and healthy. Corporate retreats are typically offsite getaways where everyone is in close contact so they can get to know each other and bond. While COVID has complicated the way we socialize, it is still possible to have valuable quality time with your colleagues. There are numerous creative ways to host a corporate retreat while still following COVID guidelines.

Host a Virtual Retreat That Your Employees Can Join From Home

The pandemic has made the world aware of how easy it is to host virtual events. Using some user-friendly and accessible tools, you can host a corporate retreat online. Online events are the most effective way to hold an event while social distancing. Since employees can attend from wherever they are and don’t need to be in person, there is no risk of spreading illness to each other.

While meeting on a platform like a Zoom or Google Hangouts, you can host your retreat online while incorporating various other activities to keep it engaging and promote team-building, such as:

  • Wellness workshops with nutrition classes, yoga, and exercise they can do at home
  • Mindfulness exercises that help employees reduce their stress and anxiety
  • Trivia competitions where employees can work together to win a prize
  • Team-building games that allow employees to get to know each other while having fun
  • Arts and crafts that are simple and employees can follow along with guided tutorials

While planning out these activities, consider testing them to ensure they work well in a video-conferencing setting. During the retreat, encourage your team members to turn on their cameras, take pictures of themselves participating, and share them. 

Host an Outdoor Retreat With COVID Safe Activities

Hosting outdoor events is a great way to spend time with people safely. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, outdoor activities that leave lots of space between participants pose a lower risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Even without a mask, you’re less likely to be exposed to COVID-19 while you’re outside. 

The fresh air continuously moves around and scatters everyone’s respiratory droplets, so participants are less likely to inhale enough virus-containing respiratory droplets to get sick. There are numerous great activities that you can incorporate into your outdoor corporate retreat, including biking, rock climbing, skiing, and hiking.

Encourage Employees to Get Vaccinated, Tested, or Wear Masks

Health screening, vaccination, and COVID testing can keep employees safe when arranging an in-person corporate retreat during COVID. While symptoms and transmission are greatly diminished for the vaccinated, it’s still possible to spread the virus, so screenings and testing are still valuable prevention methods. 

You can screen employees by asking them to complete a health questionnaire that asks about their exposure to the virus and the presence of symptoms. In some areas, you may be able to have a rapid testing service on-site. Also, providing employees with good-quality masks can effectively reduce the spread of Coronavirus. Masks reduce the respiratory droplets that enter the air, so encouraging employees to wear masks when they meet in person is a useful preventative measure.

Discuss COVID Safety Options With the Event Experts at Frogbridge

The pandemic has made people aware of the importance of practices that keep us all safe and healthy. As we all work together to overcome the pandemic, working with experienced people you can trust is essential. Frogbridge Events can provide you with expert event planners who work with you to coordinate a safe event during COVID.

Frogbridge has ample space for outdoor activities, and guests have access to sporting fields and facilities, a pool complex, a lakefront area, and much more. Frogbridge Events provides an opportunity for your team to bond in a fun, active setting. Contact us via our contact form or by phone at (609) 208-9475 to begin planning your team’s corporate retreat.

Tips for Creating a Carbon Neutral Corporate Event

Over time, companies have realized that they could be doing more to help the environment. Many initiatives have cropped up to serve this purpose in many forms. One area that is often overlooked is the reality of corporate events. Like any other event, corporate events produce much waste and require significant carbon emissions.

As the state of the environment worsens, it’s understandable that you may be looking for ways for your business to put on their event while still being mindful of the environmental costs to do so. You should know that holding a carbon-neutral corporate event is possible by changing a few practices. A carbon-neutral event is when the amount of carbon emissions produced equals the amount eliminated. Creating such an event could be overwhelming without the help of the experienced event planners at Frogbridge Events.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle What You Plan to Use at Your Event

One of the first principles people learn for protecting the environment is encompassed in the simple mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle”. As you’re planning your event, there are likely items you frequently purchase that you may realize aren’t essential to the success of your event. Instead of relying on creating all new products, think of ways to use what you already have.

Additionally, provide alternatives to single-use items. Think about where you can swap single-use items with ones that could be reused or given new life after the event is over. Finally, look for opportunities to use items that can be easily recycled and make recycling easy for your guests by ensuring there are plenty of accessible receptacles. 

Use Sustainably Sourced Materials at Your Event

Going the extra mile to use sustainably sourced materials for your event will significantly reduce its carbon emissions. Look for ways to use natural materials and work with vendors where you can know the whole supply chain is delivering on best practices. Look for FSC-certified products and materials, meaning they were made from natural, recycled, or reclaimed materials. 

You can also let it be known to your suppliers that you are placing restrictions on the types of products and materials you’re allowing in your event.

Make a Plan to Offset Your Event’s Remaining Carbon Emissions

Beyond the products you use, there must also be a consideration for the energy you use. Energy and fuel are required to transport products and attendees to the event. You can reduce your carbon footprint from transportation through carpooling, consolidating cargo, and scheduling flights strategically, but much of those emissions will remain and need to be offset somehow. 

While planning your event, find a reliable way to measure the carbon emissions your event will produce and use that to calculate how much you need to offset and make the necessary changes to do so. To reduce your energy consumption, replace what you can with renewable energy sources. For your menu, choose produce that is plant-based, local, and in season. You could also think of fun activities to offset your carbon emissions, like working together to plant trees or fund other conservation efforts.

Plan Your Ideal Corporate Event at Frogbridge

Our event planners have helped plan many successful corporate events or Fortune 500 companies, so they are well-equipped to help you organize your carbon-neutral event. They are adaptable and persistent in their approach, and their experience is evident in all their work.

At Frogbridge Events, we will collaborate with you from the very beginning to design a timeline and prepare every aspect of your event. Reach out to our team, so we can handle the planning of your next corporate event for you. To start planning your event, call us at (609) 208-9475 or submit our contact form.

4 Benefits of Outdoor Team Building

Team building exercises are a well-known tool to strengthen coworkers’ teamwork skills. When people think of team-building exercises, they often imagine their team being forced together inside a stuffy conference room performing trust falls. Plenty of companies make great use of indoor spaces and have valuable indoor team-building activities. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of outdoor team building. 

Engaging your team members in an outdoor setting can have many benefits that positively impact your team. If you’re interested in planning an outdoor corporate team-building event, consider working with the experienced event planners at Frogbridge Events.

Doing Activities Outside Will Energize Your Team

Indoors can feel stifling. The lack of walls and the presence of fresh air will give your team the energy boost they need to participate and collaborate actively. Outdoors, you typically have more space to move around and fresh air to breathe. A change of scenery can be galvanizing as a nice change of pace invigorates your team. 

Outdoors also allows people to interact actively as the environment creates a fun dynamic among team members. We spend much of the workday indoors, so getting out for a change is likely to be refreshing. A conference room is no longer a constraint for you and your team, which can be liberating.

The Outdoors Are a Quiet and Relaxing Environment

While exciting, cities are also stressful. There’s always something happening and people around, which is not the best environment to be in when you’re trying to rest and recoup the energy you lost from your regular day-to-day activities. 

The outdoors are significantly quieter than the city or even suburban areas. The only noise present is the background noise of nature: birdsongs, crickets, the rustle of leaves as squirrels scurry around. The quiet and relative stillness of the outdoors is calming and peaceful.

Outdoor Activities Are Great for Building Bonds

The outdoors suits more active and relaxed team-building activities, so leadership has more options regarding what types of activities to plan. Mainly, many outdoor activities are suitable for collaboration and teamwork, encouraging your team members to rely on each other and become more familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Being Active Outside Can Improve Your Health

Spending time outside, and enjoying outdoor activities, especially athletic ones, are fun ways to improve your health while also spending time with your team members. Enjoying outdoor activities together as a team is a fun way to get exercise while building bonds. We spend much of our work time seated while indoors for extended periods, so bonding in the fresh air and being active is a good alternative.

Plan the Perfect Outdoor Company Retreat at Frogbridge Events

Frogbridge Events allows visitors to bond in a fun, active environment. By planning your corporate retreat with us, you allow your employees to truly connect through fun activities while enjoying the ambiance of New Jersey’s outdoors. As guests, you will have access to sporting fields and facilities, a pool complex, a lakefront area, and much more. To start planning your team’s outdoor team building escape, contact us online through our contact form or by calling us at (609) 208-9475.

Tips for Creating a Memorable Outdoor Company Retreat in 2022

In addition to being a source of fun and stress relief, well-organized company retreats can easily become an unforgettable experience that makes your team feel closer than ever. The question is, how can you make that happen? 

If you’re planning on organizing an outdoor company retreat in 2022, you may be wondering how to maintain the safety of your team while still ensuring that everyone has a great time and becomes closer and more trusting with one another. This is no easy task, but there are a few ways that you can ensure your company retreat will be a success. Here are some tips to create a memorable outdoor gathering for your team that they’ll be talking about for years to come.

Set a Goal for the Company Retreat

When planning to take a retreat with your fellow team members, one of the most important aspects is goal setting. It can be easy to think that the goal would be work-related or pure relaxation, but any good manager will tell you that the two can be one and the same. 

Your team may have an upcoming project that the retreat is centered around, or you may be looking to focus entirely on team building and collaboration. Interactive brainstorming sessions and discussions are also great goals for anyone looking to bridge the gap between business and fun. Whatever your intention for the retreat, ensure that you’re allowing room for your team members to get creative with their thinking.

Encourage Outdoor Team-Building Activities

As part of the organizational process of any outdoor retreat, there is a critical element that can either serve as a draw for your team or alienate them completely: activity selection. Ultimately, the activities you choose to engage your team in at an outdoor retreat will set the tone for the entirety of the trip and re-invigorate their confidence in the company itself. 

One great way to encourage cooperation is to schedule activities that employees must complete together. There are a variety of popular activities that can be completed as a team, including:

  • Trail hiking
  • Volleyball
  • Relays and races
  • Treasure hunts
  • Large puzzles
  • Go-kart racing 
  • Laser tag
  • Tug-of-war

In addition to allowing for more modern safety accommodations, outdoor activities like those listed above create an opportunity for communication between team members who may not get a chance to do so while at work. Try creating small groups of employees that have never met or don’t know one another well, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly a team-building exercise allows them to become fast friends.

Benefits of Outdoor Team Building Retreats

One of the most surprising benefits of a company outdoor retreat is how close the team becomes after the trip. These events can be a great way for new employees to open up to the rest of the company, as well as allowing everyone to mingle with one another and learn more about the people that they work with every day. 

In addition to the collective benefits, retreats allow employees to feel refreshed and recharged when they return to work. Being able to relax and enjoy the company of your team in an environment that isn’t stressful can help employees reset with a well-earned break. Retreats also remind team members that their company appreciates and respects them.

Book Your Perfect Outdoor Company Retreat in New Jersey

Depending on the size of your company and the number of people joining you on the trip, you will want to ensure that the location you select for your team has enough room to accommodate everyone. Luckily, when you book your outdoor company retreat in New Jersey at Frogbridge Events, you will have access to sporting fields and facilities, a pool complex, a lakefront area, and much more. Don’t plan a dull outdoor retreat for your hardworking employees. Book the team-building trip of your dreams with Frogbridge Events by reaching out to us online or giving us a call today at (609) 208-9475.  

The Best Icebreaker Questions to Ask at an Outdoor Company Retreat

Many of us spend our time at work so focused on the task at hand that we become wrapped up in our own world. It can be easy to isolate yourself from your coworkers when there is a lot on your plate, but there are well-established benefits to being friends with your fellow team members.

With new social distancing restrictions, creating relationships with other employees can be a challenge. However, outdoor corporate retreats are a perfect opportunity for coworkers to mingle and get to know each other in a safe and engaging environment. Gathering outside the office is a great way to boost morale, and these icebreaker questions are a surefire way to encourage conversation and team building at your next company retreat.

Teambuilding Icebreakers

Given the chance, most folks love to talk about themselves. Using icebreaker questions can help get the ball rolling. Whether you are looking to strike up a general conversation or attempting to learn more about the people you work with every day, these questions can provide an opportunity to connect with your team members on a more personal level.

“What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?”

Company retreats help you get to know your fellow employees, and they are also a great opportunity to learn. Asking this question will invite unique insights from other team members, especially if they come from other employment backgrounds. Learning about advice that has inspired others is a chance to get a fresh perspective.

“What is the worst excuse you’ve ever heard?”

This is a lighthearted question that can provoke some hilarious responses. From anecdotal stories about your coworkers’ children to little white lies told to friends, there is a dose of humor in this question that is a great way to break the ice.

“Is there something you wish people knew about you?”

Asking your team members this question gives them an opportunity to share a side of themselves that others might not be aware of, especially if they are a newer employee. Giving people the chance to talk about a side of themselves that others don’t often see makes them feel more comfortable.

“If you could instantly learn one new skill, what would it be?”

Theoretical questions make great icebreakers because they force you to think outside the box. Some may answer this particular question with a business-focused response, but others may try to approach it with a little more levity. This is a particularly good choice for a topic of conversation while on an outdoor retreat, especially after participating in a group activity such as puzzles or physical challenges where employee skill level can vary across the team. Regardless of the setting in which you pitch the inquiry, you are sure to get some great answers to this question.

“If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?”

Similar to the question above, asking your team about their ideal superpower is a chance to uncover more about who they are as individuals. Asking “why” opens up room in the conversation for varying justifications. Your social media manager may want the power to stop time so they can get more work done, but your HR representative might want the same power so that they can catch up on sleep!

“Where would you travel if you knew that money was no object?”

Travel questions are always a hit, especially during a time when we are discouraged from doing so. You might find that some team members dream of visiting exotic locations in far-off, beautiful countries, while others would love to conduct a multi-city road trip to visit all of the baseball stadiums in the United States. You might even get a few ideas for your next vacation.

“Is there something you would like to try next year for the first time?”

This is a much different question than simply asking what someone’s goals are for the next year. By asking someone what they would like to explore for the first time, you open the floor to a conversation about ambitions and aspirations instead of the well-trodden list of yearly resolutions. You might also discover a side of them that you never knew existed. Is the quiet accountant actually a thrill-seeking mountain climber, or is the office comedian learning how to meditate? You won’t know until you ask.

Plan Your Perfect Outdoor Company Retreat in Central NJ

Looking to book a safe and satisfying corporate retreat for your team? Frogbridge Events is here to help. With 86 acres of picturesque views and a variety of engaging amenities including kayaks, tennis courts, ziplines, bumper cars, and more, we guarantee your team has never experienced a company event quite like this.

Social distancing doesn’t have to prevent us from being social. Our corporate company picnic in Central New Jersey can help you plan a stress-free and safety-compliant outing for your whole office that they will never forget. If you’re interested in learning more about our unique outdoor retreat, call (609) 208-9475 or contact us online. We can’t wait to help you plan the corporate event of your dreams.

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