Lake Area

Lake Area

Being outside surrounded by fresh air, scenic water views, and oak trees have a way of easily relaxing anyone who’s around. Frogbridge is home to three beautiful freshwater lakes amidst 86-acres of a natural landscape stocked full of activities designed perfectly for school picnics and corporate events. Whether your guests crave a peaceful and relaxing day of fishing or an exhilarating and competitive day of excitement – there’s something for all guests, young and old, to do on Frogbridge’s lake area.

Our lake area is home to some of our most popular aquatic activities. Each activity has certified lifeguards on hand, and life vests must always be worn to ensure the safety of all guests. We are happy to provide paddles and all the equipment needed to enjoy our water sports. All you have to do is bring yourself!

Activities at our lake area include:

  • Fishing – We stock our Frogbridge lakes with plenty of freshwater fish for our guests to catch. Some of the fish that are found include sunnys, bass, perch, and even catfish! Guests only need to bring their fishing equipment, rod and tackle to enjoy a serene day on the water.
  • Kayaking – Team up with a friend for faster speeds on our double kayaks or venture out solo on our single kayaks! The best way to handle double kayaks is the person in the back takes charge of steering, while the person in the front controls the speed. Our lake area can accommodate up to 20 guests on our kayaks at once. 
  • Pedal boats – Build a sandcastle or toss a frisbee on our very own private beach! That’s an especially good option for those with a craving for serious R&R.
  • Private beach – An excellent activity for adults and children, pedal boats are a cool and relaxing way to enjoy our lake area. Steer the boats by applying more pressure on one side or the other; keep the boat moving straight by continuing equal amounts of pressure on the pedals.

Lake area activities are the ideal complement to any company or school picnic event. As an added enhancement, adult size bumper boats are an additional way to add competitive fun to your picnic or special event. We ensure that guests’ safety is priority number one. Second, that our guests have a memorable, fun day on the water during their picnic at Frogbridge that creates memories for years to come.

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Excellent place for events of any kind.
– Xavier V.