Pool Complex

Pool Complex

The aquatic area Frogbridge features four heated pools for your enjoyment at your company or school picnic. For a day of relaxation, unwind in one of our comfortable poolside lounge chairs and soak up the sun’s rays. For those who can’t wait to be in the water, jump in, cool off, and make a splash sailing down our fun water slides! Our pool complex is conveniently located near changing rooms and restrooms so guests can quickly bounce between the pool, the lake, and the dining area. The 2,000 square foot patio area surrounding our four pools has plenty of tables and umbrellas, so lack of space is never an issue!

The use of our pools is included in every picnic package.

  • Four heated swimming poolsAll four of our swimming pools reside within our expansive pool complex area. Our most recent addition is a 40-foot x 90-foot swimming pool with a depth range of three to five feet that opened in the summer of 2016. With plenty of lounge chairs both in the shaded and sunny side of our complex, guests can comfortably spend as much time at the pool as they wish. 
  • Poolside towel serviceNo towel? No problem! All guests need to bring with them to enjoy our pool complex during their company or school picnic is their swimsuits and their smiles. We provide a fresh, clean, and fluffy towel for anyone who wants to take a dip poolside.
  • Certified lifeguardsOne thing we take very seriously at Frogbridge is the safety and security of our guests. That’s why all lifeguards are Red Cross certified and are adept at handling any emergency swimming situations.

Taking a splash in the swimming pool is always a favorite activity for any company or school picnic! Our pool complex is not only fun and relaxing, but the views are magnificent, overlooking our freshwater lake and fountain. There are multiple exits throughout the pool area so your guests can feel free to come and go as throughout your company or school picnic as much as their heart desires. Our pool complex officially opens on Memorial Day and closes after Labor Day. Because the pools are heated, even the days that are windy and overcast are perfect for a pool day. No matter their taste, there’s something fun for everyone to do at Frogbridge Picnics and Special Events!

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Excellent place for events of any kind.
– Xavier V.