Gaga Courts

Gaga is similar to dodgeball but is played on a court without holding the ball. To ensure the safety of our guests, the ball used is a soft foam ball. This is one of our most popular amenities for our younger guests. Each game lasts a couple of minutes.

How To Play:

  1. All players will have one hand touching the wall of the pit. The referee will throw the ball into the center of the court.
  2. The ball will bounce three times. Players will scream “GA” on the first two bounces, “GO” on the third. The ball will be in play after the ball’s third bounce.
  3. Any player can run towards the ball. The player who gets the ball should aim below the knees to try and get the opponent out.
  4. Players can jump with assistance from the wall. Players may not sit on ledges or hold the ball.
  5. Get hit or touch the ball below the knee? You’re out!
  6. Catch a ball? The person who threw it is out!
  7. Last person standing wins!
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