Miniature Golf Course

Miniature Golf Course in New Jersey

Frogbridge’s miniature golf course offers 18 challenging holes for guests of all ages and skill levels to enjoy! Miniature golfing provides the perfect recreational activity with the ideal dose of competition. Our challenging course curves around windmills, castles, and other hurdles to test your focus and level of putting skill. You’re sure to enjoy the fresh air and competitive fun!

Consider adding miniature golf as part of your Team Building Package for an extra layer of excitement at your company picnic or corporate event at Frogbridge. Team-building activities motivate your team, inspire enthusiasm, and create energy between teammates. When team building is organized well, you’ll notice higher levels of communication and efficiency that tends to last long after you’ve returned to the workplace. At your request, Frogbridge event planners give out trophies, medals, and awards for winners of the game to show off and keep.

We provide all guests at Frogbridge with the golfing amenities required to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in New Jersey.

What’s Included:

  • Clubs
  • Golf balls
  • Attendant


There are many ways that mini golf can improve a sense of camaraderie in your team, including by adding a willingness to work together and problem-solve in a group. There are even a few ways you can further encourage teamwork while you play mini-golf together.

Put Everyone on Teams

Put each individual in your party to get onto even teams, ideally in a random way. This could be a fun way to encourage inter-department communication, speeding up processes and increasing productivity in the workplace. 

Creating several teams also allows each team member to communicate with each other with different strategies and problem-solving ideas. This can also present an opportunity to establish a healthy sense of competition between each team you create.

Problem-Solving in a Group

While mini-golf is often perceived as competitive between each individual, you can also use this activity to encourage exercising problem-solving skills in a group setting. Group members might be inclined to help each other strategize new ways to decrease the overall number of strokes, avoid obstacles, and boost confidence among their teammates.

Relaxing and Opportunities for Conversation

Mini-golfing is a fun activity that reduces stress and creates lots of opportunities to feel relaxed and have friendly conversations with each other. This reduces pressure to focus exclusively on performing well within the activity, establishing a built-in time to talk freely about hobbies and interests while staying occupied and entertained. Get ready to watch new friendships bloom while everyone plays on the golf course!


Corporate events and school picnics are all about coming together, breaking away from the routine, and having fun. Team-building cements trust between coworkers and students, and encourages communication and collaboration, making for a more effective group. Bring your guests together to have a memorable time for an experience that will be remembered long after the event is through at Frogbridge’s most popular 18-hole miniature golf stadium!

Team-building activities on our miniature golf course in New Jersey are ideal for any group size or budget. If your group has an interest in recreational golf, contact one of our professional event planners at Frogbridge Picnics & Events to learn all about our outdoor amenities sure to delight at your next company or school event.

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