There’s nothing more vital to the health of a company’s culture than having strong teamwork and partnership values. Managers have the responsibility of keeping team members in sync, on the same page and working toward the same goals. Sometimes, it may be a challenge to create a tight-knit work culture if team members don’t understand each other or see eye to eye. One way to overcome this workplace obstacle is by organizing fun team-building activities.  Starting at an early age, we all learned how to play and share with others. When it comes to working and collaborating with others in a corporate environment, however, there’s little information on the best ways of promoting a collaborative working environment.  One method that we know first-hand to be useful for a positive work culture is through team-building activities. These can be done in the middle of the workday to invigorate the office after lunch or it could be a full day of fun! Start planning your perfect day team-building activities by considering some of the favorites here at Frogbridge. 

Team-Building Activities that Emphasize Communication 

The goal of team-building activities is to build synergy between team members. One of the best ways to start is through activities that emphasize communication. The more team members understand each other, the more productive they’ll be while working together.

Office Trivia

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned game of trivia to liven up the workday! Stick to workplace categories about the company culture, around the office, and well-known “inside jokes.” Or you can switch to other categories, like history or pop culture, to keep everyone engaged.

Scavenger Hunt

A team-building activity that can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like is a scavenger hunt. Team members get moving and collaborate to find the hidden objects that open the door for fun and easy-going conversation. Organize a smaller hunt indoors or one of epic proportions outside.

Pair Up

Help new team members break the ice and bond with this fun pairing game. Start by writing the names of famous duos on separate pieces of paper (e.g., Tom and Jerry, salt and pepper, Batman and Robin). Take the sheets of paper behind employees’ backs and have them walk around asking clues from others to learn their identity and find their missing pair.

Problem-Solving Activities for Team Building

Get your team thinking about ways to come up with creative solutions to various challenges with these team-building activities:

Business Simulations

Simulate a real-life problem that might occur in the workplace and challenge team members to develop solutions. For instance, academics at Buyessayfriend writing company prefer to create hypothetical workplace problem that reflects real-life problems, encouraging team members to collaborate and develop innovative solutions through critical thinking. To start, come up with a problem in a business task or project, gather team members into a room, and split everyone into teams. Explain the details of the business problem, rules, goals, and the deadline. Then see who can create the best solution.

Office Style Escape Room

Escape rooms are an excellent activity for solving problems as a team while under pressure. Because not every company can expense a local escape room, try creating your own within the office or meeting room. Position clues and small activities throughout the room and let team members collaborate to find the way out.

Team-Building Activities That Boost Creativity

Get the creative juices flowing with these team-building activities that can spark innovation between team members:

The Dinner Party

Get to know members on your team better through this fun Dinner Party game. Each member of the team shares which three people they would like to have dinner with and why. The dinner guest can be anyone past or present.

Office Pictionary

A classic game for groups, Pictionary boosts creativity and provides a healthy dose of competition. Split the entire team into two or three groups. A person from each team selects a card and, without saying a word, draws the object on a whiteboard for their team to guess. Each round usually lasts for one minute, and the team with the most correct answers wins. 

Jeopardy at Work

Jeopardy is always a favorite for team members, young and old! This is an excellent tool for learning new concepts and team-building. Create five questions for six categories that are related to your business. Break the group up in teams with one moderator to play the role of Alex Trebek!

Other Icebreakers & Activities for Team-Building

Consider these activities as icebreakers for new team members or fun ways to promote a tight-knit work culture. 

Go Kart Racing

Go-kart racing is exhilarating fun that can incite a bit of friendly rivalry. Get the adrenaline pumping on a professional go-kart track, like our figure-eight course at Frogbridge Events.

Office Potluck

An office potluck is the perfect combination of food and camaraderie. Team members can show off their cooking skills or favorite store-bought treats. Schedule this as a quarterly event, so your employees always have something to look forward to!

Water Balloon Toss

Cool off on a hot day in the summer by filling a bunch of water balloons and splitting employees into pairs. Each pair tosses their balloons back and forth while taking a step back each time. The team that’s the driest at the end wins. 

Community Service

Talk to your team and choose a cause to serve for a day that resonates with everyone. When time allows for it, giving back to the community builds bonds between team members as they do good in the world.

Discover Team Building Activities at Frogbridge Events in Millstone, NJ 

Investing in team-building activities can reap extraordinary benefits in creating a tight-knit work culture. These activities are proven to improve productivity and communication, while team members get to learn how to work with each other more effectively. Frogbridge Events is the perfect location for corporate team building activities. Our Central NJ company picnic venue sits on 86 acres of countryside and freshwater lakes, complete with all the amenities to make a fun-filled day of camaraderie your team won’t soon forget! To learn more about team building packages at Frogbridge Events, complete an online contact form or call our office at (609) 208-9475.

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