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Employees wearing casual outfits at a company picnic. How you should dress for a company event.

How to Dress for a Company Picnic

So you’ve been invited to a company picnic. The opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the company of your coworkers is enough to make any day of the week…
Employees enjoying an outdoor picnic. Things to consider when planning an employee appreciation picnic.

4 Tips for Throwing an Employee Appreciation Picnic

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, making deals, brainstorming products, and meeting your goals would be impossible. When it comes time to show your team your…
Why Your Leadership Team Needs a Corporate Retreat

Why Your Leadership Team Needs a Corporate Retreat

A company’s leadership is vital to the success of the company. Their direction helps everyone work together towards the company’s goals. A company’s leadership that isn’t on the same page…
The Best Company Picnic Games for Large Groups

The Best Company Picnic Games for Large Groups

Company picnics are about generating community bonding and creating a space where the whole staff feels involved. However, it can be challenging to get everyone mingling if no set activities…
Cautious covid coworkers

How to Host a Corporate Retreat during COVID

During the COVID pandemic, people have discovered numerous ways to stay connected while keeping themselves and each other safe and healthy. Corporate retreats are typically offsite getaways where everyone is…
carbon neutral corporate events

Tips for Creating a Carbon Neutral Corporate Event

Over time, companies have realized that they could be doing more to help the environment. Many initiatives have cropped up to serve this purpose in many forms. One area that…
Outdoor team building with employees

4 Benefits of Outdoor Team Building

Team building exercises are a well-known tool to strengthen coworkers’ teamwork skills. When people think of team-building exercises, they often imagine their team being forced together inside a stuffy conference…

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