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12 Delicious and Easy Foods to Have for Your Company’s Picnic

It is always nice to take advantage of a warm, sunny day. A company picnic is a wonderful way for the staff of your company to spend time together away from the office. Of course, you cannot have a picnic without good food. Good food and enjoying a wonderful day outside are at the core of a perfect picnic.

Food brings people together. Even though different cultures prefer their own types of cuisine, everyone enjoys food. Some of the best memories people have are connected to food. If you host a company picnic at our venue and serve delicious food, you can help your staff bond and form unforgettable memories.

12 Easy Foods to Have at Your Company Picnic

When thinking about what to serve at your company picnic, you should take different dietary restrictions into consideration. You will want to have an ample amount of food for everyone to eat until they are satisfied. The food also must be easy to transport, preserve, and serve. Below are twelve food recommendations that we think will be perfect for your company picnic, including vegan options:

Easy Salads and Sandwiches to Make

When it comes to easily transportable food, salads and sandwiches take the cake. Salads and sandwiches are easy to make ahead of time, easily packageable, and easy to serve to crowds of people.

The following list consists of six salads to serve at your company picnic:

Salads are both healthy and easy to make. You should consider serving one of the above salads at your company picnic.

The following list consists of six sandwiches to serve at your company picnic:

These dishes are easy to serve on paper plates and transfer from one place to another. If you prepare more than one or two of these salads or sandwiches, your staff will have a variety from which to choose. This will ensure that everyone has their fill.

Plan Your Next Company Picnic with Frogbridge Picnics & Events

Team building events are an integral part of a company’s growth. Company bonding events are investments in your business to prompt growth and build trust among your employees. Your next corporate event can be a fun and beneficial experience. Frogbridge Picnics & Events has the perfect packages to boost team building and motivation within your company. We offer outdoor retreats and interactive activities that are sure to keep your staff engaged and proactive.

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When Is the Best Time of Year to Plan a Company Retreat?

Organizing a good retreat requires careful attention to many different details, from location to food and beverage options. One factor that needs consideration is the time of year the retreat will take place. It can be challenging to find a time slot in which everyone in the company can attend. Everyone has busy lives, and some have tight schedules; therefore, planning the dates in advance is crucial for attendance purposes.

Organizing and hosting a company retreat may be stressful, but it also can be rewarding. A company retreat gives you the chance to solidify company goals, employee roles and expectations, and your company’s culture, while offering a team bonding experience outside the office. Retreats are a fantastic way to improve morale and motivate your employees. Looking in Central NJ for corporate event venues? Plan your retreat at our New Jersey company picnic venue for a variety of entertainment options, music, and much more.

The Best Time to Host a Company Retreat

Some of the most popular seasons for hosting retreats include spring and autumn. These two seasons tend to be popular because they do not interfere with holidays or vacation time. Summer is potentially the worst time to plan a retreat. During the summer, many employees have already planned vacations or other trips that take priority. For the company, summer can be a costly time to pay for travel and hotels. Regardless of where you host your retreat, it is highly likely to be crowded in the summer. Here are some additional tips for selecting when to host a company retreat:

Plan Your Retreat during Your Company’s Slow Season

When selecting dates for the retreat, you should take into consideration travel costs, your employees’ schedules, and your company’s schedule. A good thing to keep in mind when deciding on dates is what time of year your company’s slow season takes place. By planning your retreat during your slow period, you will be able to focus on strengthening the bonds with your staff without worrying about falling behind.

The Best Months to Plan a Company Retreat

May, June, September, and October qualify as some of the best months to host a retreat. May and June are in the summer, but they are not during the spike of travel season. September and October are usually less busy for people because these months occur just before the holidays. Specifically, September and October are often transitioning periods or the slow seasons for some people. Also, taking advantage of your employees’ slow seasons is just as important as taking advantage of your company’s slow season.

Begin the New Year with a Company Retreat

January and February are excellent months to plan a retreat. At the beginning of the year, your staff likely feels motivated by the opportunity to grow in the new year. You can take advantage of this mindset to set goals and cultivate a passion for meeting them as a company. January and February also tend to be slow for people who are winding down after big holiday celebrations in December. Your staff most likely will have the time and energy to focus on the company and improve their efforts at the start of a new year.

Plan Your Company Retreat with Frogbridge Picnics & Events

Once you have selected the dates for your retreat, you can pick a location. For an exceptional venue and dedicated staff, look no further than Frogbridge Picnics & Events. Our entire staff can take care of planning every detail of a corporate retreat. To ensure that you host the perfect company retreat, our skilled event planners will work with you and listen to any requests and concerns you have. Frogbridge Picnics & Events is the perfect place for your employees to bond and for you to present company goals to advance your business. Our facility sits on eighty-six acres of gorgeous scenery, complete with all the features you need to make your company event unique and unforgettable.

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Fun Prizes and Awards to Give Out at Your Corporate Retreat

Corporate retreats typically include team-building activities, opportunities for socializing, and a forum for leadership to communicate the company’s vision. Retreats also provide staff members with a chance to unwind and have some fun, which is why coming up with prizes and awards to give out during the festivities is essential. These incentives not only encourage employees to participate but also reinforce their value to the company.

Prizes and awards doled out during all-staff events honor employee contributions in front of the entire team. Here are some options to up the fun factor at your next corporate retreat.

Prize Ideas to Incentivize Staff Participation during a Corporate Retreat

Eliciting staff participation during the most active of corporate retreats can be a challenge. Prizes help to motivate the team to get involved, but only if they’re something to generate enthusiasm.

Vacation Time

Vacation time is corporate gold, which means employees are highly likely to participate in retreat activities to score a few bonus days off. Figure out how much time the company can realistically extend and offer it across multiple prize categories, if possible.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are ideal because they ultimately allow recipients to choose their prizes. If you want to be creative, mix it up and offer gift cards for experiences, such movie tickets or a group adventure to an escape room.

Subscription Packages

Subscription packages are fantastic prizes because they may align with an existing hobby or pique an employee’s interest in something new. There are so many options available, from grocery delivery services to movie/TV streaming packages to clothing subscriptions.


Sometimes, there’s no better prize than cold, hard cash. This allows employees to spend their prize money as they see fit, and will likely entice everyone to get out there and have some fun.

Award Options That Show Staff They Are Valued

Awards handed out during corporate retreats underscore the various ways employees contribute to company goals. While this is sometimes exemplified in annual performance reviews, the corporate retreat offers a chance to expound on the employee’s virtues in a more public forum. Ideas for honoring staff members with awards include:

Employee of the Year

The “Employee of the Year” award typically goes to the staff member who has performed beyond expectations, from job performance and attendance to attitude and leadership. When announcing this award, detail the reasons for this employee choice. It will give other staff members something to strive for ahead of the next corporate retreat.

Pinnacle Performer

The “Pinnacle Performer” award goes to the person who has financially benefited the company the most. If the company engages in sales of any kind, this would be the person that consistently hit their sales goals – and even surpassed them. It might also go to someone who has engaged in cost-savings measures, or introduced a top-notch new client to the firm.

Best Attitude

The “Best Attitude” award goes to that person in the office: the one who remembers birthdays, uplifts other co-workers when they’re having a rough day and just generally adds positivity to the work environment. Recognizing this individual will show everyone else that the company values everyone’s accomplishments.

Let Frogbridge Events Make Your Next Corporate Retreat a Success

Fun prizes and awards are just part of the process of making a corporate retreat successful. Frogbridge Events can assist with other pertinent details, including activity planning, logistics, and execution.

Situated on a picturesque landscape in the heart of New Jersey horse country with plenty of options for outdoor fun, our team of event professionals provides the expertise necessary to make your next corporate retreat a success. If your company is planning a corporate retreat, reach out to us at (609) 208-9475 or contact us online to learn how we can help.

6 Reasons Team Building Events Really Work

Just as your company may invest in new products, a new location, or onboarding, investing in team building with your employees can benefit your company in more ways than one. When most people are told they will be partaking in team building activities, it causes them to roll their eyes thinking about all the trust falls they will surely be doing. However, the truth is that team building is crucial to the growth and strength of your employees. Frogbridge Events offers the perfect venue for corporate events like team building or company retreats to take place, offering a spacious location for you and your team to grow and learn about one another.

What Are the Benefits of Team Building Events?

Team building events do not have to be like the awkward events you have seen carried out on television shows like The Office or Parks and Recreation. Team building is not only beneficial to getting closer with your employees, but it can also be a fun chance to get to know them on a deeper level than just talking about weekend plans or the weather. The following reasons are why you should look into booking a day at Frogbridge Events to host a team building event of your own.

Get to Know Each Other

Team building events offer a unique opportunity for employees to mingle outside of the office walls. Without the pressure of meeting the day’s deadlines, it is a perfect setting for networking and mingling that can help strengthen the team. When there are deeper relationships formed within a team, coworkers are more likely to work better together, which helps with the overall workflow.

Boost Team Performance

Partaking in team building activities helps a company learn new techniques to tackle projects together in the workplace. While it may seem like getting through an obstacle course while blindfolded does not have much to do with your daily work, it may surprise you that the skills you learn in these team building sessions can carry over into the office.


Be honest, when there is a prize involved, you are far more likely to put in the effort. When thinking of activity ideas for your next team building event, consider a competition aspect with a prize to be won. Adding this component will increase productivity during the event and in the workplace.

Team Spirit

Employees who are excited and celebrate the company they work for are more likely to stick around and work harder. Team building events provide the opportunity for fun and excitement and for your employees to build admiration for the company and its mission statement.

Fostering Creativity

When a group of intelligent and hard-working individuals gather, new ideas are bound to hatch. Having an out-of-office opportunity for your employees to talk and share ideas and discoveries they have made provides for the chance to develop new strategies or projects at work.


Communication is vital in any team. Team building events plant the roots for that communication that may not have been there before. Many employees can get stuck in their own world, sitting at their desks all day. Still, with a team building event, they are forced out of their bubble and into conversations with coworkers they may have never spoken to otherwise.

Host Your Team Building Event at New Jersey Outdoor Resort

Team building events are integral to your company’s growth and are something you should invest in to grow and build trust among your employees. At Frogbridge Events, your next corporate event can be beneficial and fun.

Frogbridge Events is the perfect place to provide an exciting and unforgettable experience to your employees with all-inclusive resort access to different activities and refreshments. To book your next team building event with us, contact us here or call (609) 208-9475.

Accessible Outdoor Corporate Events for Wheelchair Users

When you’re planning a corporate event, you’ll want to make sure that all your employees can have fun and socialize, and part of this process is ensuring that everyone can participate. For instance, some events do not provide accessible alternatives for team members who have disabilities and use wheelchairs. For wheelchair users or individuals who use other mobility devices, not participating in these corporate events is isolating and creates a rift in their relationship with the business.

We want to make sure that everyone has a great time, so scheduling events that are accessible for those with disabilities is essential. Holding a company event where all your employees can meet new people and strengthen current bonds is beneficial for your company and its environment.

5 Outdoor Corporate Activities Accessible for Wheelchair Users

You may not be aware of all the exciting and engaging activities that make accommodations for people with disabilities. With accessibility and inclusion a more widespread concern, many parks and outdoor recreation centers are prioritizing creating areas of accessibility. Here are some of our favorite inclusive outdoor activities that are perfect for your corporate event.

Wheelchair Accessible Hiking

Many parks are creating accessible trails for wheelchair users. These are great for an enjoyable outdoor adventure, but make sure you discuss this with your team members in case other contributing factors might make the event uncomfortable for them.

Paddle Boarding or Kayaking

Whether you have a lake, river, or ocean, paddle boarding and kayaking offer great independent opportunities for everyone to have fun. Some of the equipment offers wheelchair users the ability to strap in and feel comfortable and safe on the water.


An excellent opportunity for bonding and exploring nature is boat tours. There’s something for everyone on a boat tour, from searching for dolphins out at sea to spotting alligators in the swamps. Not only will all your employees feel safe, but they find something they’ve never experienced before.


Roasting marshmallows by the fire and reminiscing old memories is a surreal experience. Not only will it bring your employees closer together, but it will also allow for everyone to create a lasting memory. Many campgrounds offer accessible trails and walkways for wheelchair users.

Local Park Games

One of the classic accessible outdoor activities is planning team games at a local park. There’s so much you can do with an open field and a few items. Try creating a scavenger hunt with exciting prizes for the winning team.

Corporate events are social parties that provide you with the opportunity to show your workers how much they mean to you and the business. Making sure your employees with disabilities are comfortable and included is what makes a strong leader and a great company.

Contact Frogbridge Events for Accessible Outdoor Corporate Events

If you’re looking for an incredible outdoor company event accessible for wheelchair users and other mobility devices, look to Frogbridge Events. Located in Millstone Township, NJ, we offer various outdoor activities accessible to all individuals. With natural lakeside picnic areas and water sports, our team works to make sure your corporate event is unforgettable.

If your organization is interested in a memorable and inclusive event, call (609) 208-9475 or fill out our online contact form.

How to Hold a Company Retreat for a Remote Team

Suppose your company is run entirely remote or has specific departments that are remote. In that case, you may be missing some of the camaraderie that comes from in-person interactions with your colleagues. Whether you have always been a remote team or the switch to working from home has been more recent, getting everyone in one place without proper planning can be challenging. Holding a company retreat for your remote team can be game-changing, so keep reading for the steps you should take to help make a productive retreat a possibility for you and your coworkers!

Frogbridge Events is an all-inclusive natural resort set on 86 acres of land in New Jersey. Their mission is to help you and your company escape from day-to-day life for a few days as you indulge in all nature has to offer, all while reconnecting and recentering company goals!

How to Plan a Company Retreat When Everyone Works Remote

Planning a retreat is hard when you have everyone in one building. Now add in the fact that most remote teams can be pretty spread out throughout a state or even a country; this is no simple task. While it may not be easy, it is certainly not out of the question. With some advanced planning a month or so ahead, these steps should help you and your team plan so as many people can join in on the fun as possible!

  • Choose three dates and then send out a survey for which works best for your team members. Whatever date the majority choose is the date you should stick with!
  • Plan out the retreat. Now that you have a date on the calendar, sit down with a few colleagues and plan out what will happen each day of the retreat.
  • Set tangible goals. Figure what exactly you and your team need to accomplish on the retreat so that you can enter into it with intentions!
  • Send out a schedule. Once the date is set, the retreat is planned, and the goals are set, send an agenda to your team so they can plan accordingly and get excited for the fun in store!

Planning is key to an event going off without a hitch, and a company retreat is no different. When planning this particular retreat, remember to do your best to remain flexible with your employees when planning their schedules around the retreat.

Is It Expensive to Run a Company Retreat?

The cost of a company retreat will vary depending on variables like trip duration, how many people will attend, and where the retreat will be held. While cost should be a point of consideration when planning, also remember that remote companies do save a lot of money when it comes to other overhead costs like an office building. While the retreat itself will not be cheap, if budgeted correctly, it should be worth the investment for your company.

What Activities Should You Do on a Company Retreat?

For a company retreat to be successful, there has to be a healthy balance between work and fun. Of course, the goal is to be productive and accomplish the things set with intention by your team, but a retreat should not be another regular workweek in a different location.

Since this is a rare opportunity for you and your remote team to spend some time together in person, use the retreat as an opportunity to grow closer and learn more about one another. After all, work relationships will help strengthen your team and allow for better collaboration overall. While there should be time scheduled to sit and work alongside one another, the following list contains some ideas for non-work-related activities to help strengthen your team’s bond!

  • Go for a hike
  • Kayaking
  • Split into teams and play basketball or volleyball
  • Go on a food tour
  • Participate in a bar hop
  • Outdoor laser tag
  • Go rock climbing
  • Have a bonfire
  • Cook a meal together
  • Visit a theme park

Combine some of these fun activities with some team-building exercises, goal sharing, and work hours, and you will leave your company retreat with a new sense of connectivity and belonging within your team!

Plan Your Remote Company Retreat at a New Jersey Resort

As a remote company, you and your team probably spend a lot of time indoors and behind a screen. Get back to your roots and connect with nature at the adventure-filled Frogbridge natural resort! With the Newark International Airport a short distance away, Frogbridge is easy to get to for your team members that may be coming in domestically or even internationally! Start planning your company’s next adventure by clicking here or calling (609) 208-9475.

Fun Outdoor Team Building Games Your Employees Will Love

Team building games and activities are supposed to be educational and enjoyable. They help employees learn more about their colleagues and how to work better in a team environment. Whether you want to use these games for new hire orientation or bring your team closer together, there are fun and innovative ways to do this. At Frogbridge Events, we know that not everyone will be excited about team-building activities, so we compiled a list of fun outdoor team-building games your employees will love!

Scavenger Hunt

Break the group into two or more teams, and make a list of tasks for the teams to complete. Tasks can include taking a picture with a stranger, climbing a tree, or finding a specific plant. Whichever team completes the most tasks wins. You can even create your point systems according to task difficulty. It’s an excellent way for employees to bond and work together. 

The Human Knot

Have everyone stand in a circle facing each other, shoulder to shoulder. Then, employees will put their hands out and grab the hand from someone across the circle. The group then has to untangle themselves without releasing their hands. If the group is too large, consider breaking it into smaller circles and have both teams compete. It is a great exercise to show the power of teamwork.

The Perfect Square

All you need to do the perfect square activity is a long piece of rope and blindfolds for each person. Have your coworkers stand in a circle, each holding a piece of the rope. Instruct your employees to put on their blindfolds and set the rope on the ground. Everyone will walk a short distance away from the rope. They then have to walk back, find the rope, and form a square out of it. To make it more challenging, have some team members stay silent. This activity is great to build upon communication and leadership skills.

The Mine Field

Find an open space and place objects like cones, balls, or bottles sporadically across the field. Have people pair up or split the group into teams of two. One person wears a blindfold and can’t speak, while the other leads them through the maze using only verbal instructions, such as right, left, straight, or back.

The Egg Drop

Split everyone into groups of three to five people and give each team an uncooked egg. Have a pile of supplies and give them 20 minutes to build a contraption around the egg that will keep it from breaking when dropped. Some suggestions for supplies are tape, pencils, packing material, newspapers, and rubber bands. The egg drop game is a way for team members who do not get to work together often put their heads together to solve a problem.

Book Your Perfect Outdoor Company Event at Frogbridge Events

Bring your employees and guests together for a fun outdoor company picnic at Frogbridge Events! We can help you customize your event to ensure your guests have a fantastic experience while engaging in team-building exercises and activities.

Our expansive resort sits in Central New Jersey on 86 acres of picturesque views and various amenities, including tennis courts, kayaks, pools, and more. We guarantee that your team has never experienced a company event quite like this. To learn more about our outdoor retreat, call (609) 316-5901 or complete our contact form. We can’t wait to see you at Frogbridge Events!

Health and Safety Considerations When Planning a Corporate Event

There are several health and safety precautions event planners must consider when creating a corporate event. As an event organizer, you have a duty of care to keep your guests safe and take reasonable steps to prevent your guests from being harmed. When you’re planning a corporate event, consider Frogbridge Events. Our expert team will help take the ease off of planning while ensuring your guests remain safe.

Assess Your Event Venue

Start your planning by detailing the scope of your event. Include all the activities you may offer, how many people will attend, and their demographics. With this information in mind, visit the event venue to assess whether it can accommodate everything you need. Some factors to consider are the venue’s capacity, access, potential hazards, and facilities.

Once you confirm that the venue can sustain your event, create a site plan detailing where the structures, facilities, entrances, and exits will be. Share that plan with your contractors, suppliers, staff, and guests.

Create an Emergency Plan

While we hope they don’t happen, you must plan for emergencies. Remember, an emergency is not just an injury. It can also be a fire, stage collapsing, or inclement weather. When creating an emergency plan, keep the following in mind:

  • How will you communicate an emergency with staff and guests?
  • Who will be your point of contact in case of an emergency?
  • How will you move people away from immediate danger?
  • How will emergency vehicles get to your location?
  • Will there be ambulances on-site?
  • Is there a first aid kit on-site?
  • Do you need security?

Before your event begins, walk through the venue to ensure all your emergency plans are in place.

Food Safety at Corporate Events

Food safety includes all aspects of preparing and serving food, such as avoiding allergic reactions, sensitivities and intolerances, managing choking risks, and ensuring food is not contaminated. When you send out event invitations, request both dietary requirements and food allergies/anaphylaxis from guests. Then notify the caterers of foods to avoid. Ensure the staff correctly labels foods containing allergens so guests know what they can and cannot have.

Coronavirus Health and Safety Measures

Health and safety have always been an essential part of event planning, but it is even more crucial now because of the coronavirus. You should have multiple hand sanitizer and hand wash stations around the venue. Additionally, you may want to require all attendees to wear a face mask at all times to reduce the risk of infection.

Having guests maintain social distancing may also help reduce infections. Play distance markers on the ground and encourage guests to follow them. If you are feeding attendees, spread tables six feet apart and have only one party per table.

Plan Your Perfect Corporate Event in Central New Jersey

When you’re looking for a safe place to plan your next company event, choose Frogbridge Events. Located in Central New Jersey, our venue has plenty of open space for your guests to spread out and stay safe. Across 86 acres of breathtaking views, mouthwatering foods, and exciting team-building activities, Frogbridge Events is the perfect place for events.

It’s understandable to feel worried about planning a corporate event during a pandemic, but we follow all CDC and state-recommended guidelines for social distancing, cleaning, and disinfecting. One of our staff members can work with you one-on-one to develop an extensive safety plan, as well.

Call (609) 316-5901 or complete our contact form today to learn more about our various corporate event packages!

6 Ideas to Make Your Corporate Picnic a Summer Tradition

Company retreats are a great way to keep your team fresh, happy, and vitalized as they get a chance to build chemistry and blow off steam. While everyone loves R&R, there are a few key points that ensure summer events become a hit with your people and a memorable staple in your corporate culture.

Cook Up Crowd Pleasers

It wouldn’t be a picnic without a great spread for everyone to enjoy. While many will be looking for summer favorites like burgers or hot dogs on the grill, it’s important to account for different diets and preferences on your team. Ensure that kosher, halal, vegetarian, vegan, allergy-conscious, and gluten-free options are provided to make everyone feel welcome in the fun. An inclusive environment is perhaps the most important thing to consider when planning events.

If you’re looking to switch things up a little, throw a themed twist on the menu. With options like barbeque, clam bakes, taco bars, specialty desserts, and more, Frogbridge has the variety to keep your team satisfied and coming back for seconds all day long.

Poolside Fun to Beat the Heat

It’s always good to get out in the sun, and having open water nearby is perfect for those hot summer days. Being able to dive in and cool off keeps people refreshed and relaxed.

Being near the water opens up all kinds of other activities, from taking kayaks and pedal boats out to fishing. If your event is for the whole family, pools and lakes are surefire ways to make sure the kids are entertained too.

Classic Games Add Team-Building to Any Event

While traditional team-building exercises are proven methods of nurturing camaraderie on your team, setting up sports events gets your people working together with ease. Whether it’s a laid-back game or the competitive juices get flowing, a day of sun, food, and sport can bring everyone closer together.

Games like volleyball, basketball, soccer, or wiffleball bring people closer by putting them in a fun, collaborative environment where they work together to achieve a mutual goal. It’s also a good way to blow off steam as a group and work off some calories.

Throwback Activities to Bring Out the Kid in Everyone

There’s nothing like good old-fashioned nostalgia to put smiles on faces. Games people may have completely forgotten about like dodgeball were gym-class and birthday-party favorites back in the day. They’re quality entertainment for the whole family or just the grownups.

Either way, activities like this are sure to evoke childlike joy and can be great ice-breakers so that your team can really get to know each other on a personal level outside the workplace.

Recreational Games for Laid-Back Fun

To balance out some of the more active games, have activities that require a little less energy, with all the same benefits. This is also a good way to make sure everyone is included and can find their good times throughout the day. Think about how much your people could enjoy lawn games like bocce ball, horseshoe, and minigolf.

Fun for the Whole Family

If you are leaning toward inviting families along, find things to keep their children and loved ones entertained. While kids can partake in most any of the fun listed above, sometimes it’s a good idea to give the little ones a space and activities of their own.

Dedicated playgrounds give them a good venue to burn off some energy and keep them entertained for hours. Letting the kids play in a safe environment is sure to make it a favorite with families and keep everyone looking forward to your picnics.

Book the Perfect Venue at Frogbridge Picnics and Special Events

Whatever direction you want to take your summer events in, Frogbridge has a wealth of options and just about anything you could imagine can become a reality here. With 86 acres to spread out over, a pool complex, lakefront beaches, sports venues, and more, everything you need to create the perfect event and reward your team with a truly special day is at your disposal.

Book the team-building trip of your dreams with Frogbridge Events by reaching out to us online or giving us a call today at (609) 208-9475.

Should You Invite Families and Kids to your Company Outing?

One of the best parts of a company outing is being able to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the office. Spending time with your coworkers in a new environment is a great way to bond and learn more about the people you work with every day. However, depending on the nature of your company retreat, there is a possibility that team members will want to bring their families with them. This brings up the question: should families and children be invited to company events?

While it might seem like an easy answer, there is a great deal of consideration that should go into this decision. Take a look below as we explore the different aspects, limitations, and advantages of extending an invitation to the families of employees for a company retreat.

Benefits of Inviting Families to a Work Retreat

One of the most important advantages of allowing employees to bring their children and loved ones to a company outing is that it shows your team that your company cares about them outside of their work efforts. This helps them feel like they are not just a number, but a respected member of the team. Including a family dynamic in the event can also give it an air of informality and relieve tension for newer employees by making them feel more comfortable.

The location for company outings and the nature of the retreat itself are important to consider when inviting family members. Certain places are going to be a great environment for team building and fun, while others might be a little more goal-oriented and focused. Some of the best company retreats to invite families to include:

  • Large-scale events with activities
  • Picnics or outdoor games
  • Holiday parties

If you are planning a work-related outing for your team and would like to encourage employees to include their families in the event, be sure to offer a range of activities that attendees of all ages can enjoy. One easy way to do this is to find a location that offers a variety of activities for team members and their families to choose from.

Family-Friendly Company Outing Activities

Many work retreats encourage team-building exercises as part of their itinerary. These help generate a stronger sense of comradery and cooperation. If you’re struggling to find ways to include your employees and their family members in group activities, look no further than the following:

  • Tug-of-war
  • Relays and races
  • Treasure or scavenger hunts
  • Go-karting or bumper cars
  • Trail hiking

The most important aspect of selecting group activities is that you plan for individuals who may not want to participate. Certain events may be too rigorous or physically demanding for guests like expectant mothers or anyone with a small child, so be sure to incorporate some more low-impact activities such as trivia, board games, or puzzles.

When Not to Invite Family to a Company Retreat

It can be a great deal of fun to have your coworkers interacting with and getting to know your family in a relaxed and engaging environment. However, certain situations may not be improved by the presence of spouses, relatives, or children.

When a company outing is strategically designed to include activities like brainstorming sessions, project planning, and work-related seminars, family members should not be included. These types of retreats are geared toward education and development—things that can be hindered by the presence of family members, especially young children. Not only will it be difficult for an employee to focus if they are at an event with their family, but the attendee’s family also may not be as interested in your quarterly sales as the rest of the group. It’s a negative experience all around, and one that can easily be avoided by refraining from inviting family members to work-centered company retreats.

If you are attempting to stay on a budget for the event, it may also be a good idea to avoid extending invitations to more than the necessary number of attendees. Including family members in an event can be costly, regardless of the activity. Companies looking to shave a few dollars off of their event budget should consider only inviting team members, supervisors, and managers.

Plan a Family-Friendly Work Retreat at Frogbridge Events

Company outings can be stressful to plan, especially if you are including a large group of people that includes team members and their families. Here at Frogbridge Events, we make it easy for you to plan a safe and memorable retreat for attendees of all ages with our menu of exciting activities and 86-acres of natural beauty in Central New Jersey. If you’re ready to take your work outing to the next level, contact Frogbridge Events and start planning your next amazing company retreat today. You can reach us at (609) 208-9475 or contact us online for more information about our grounds, activities, and facilities.

Taking on the challenge of planning the ultimate team-building company picnic is exciting. However, if you have no clue where to start, this task may feel daunting. When it comes to planning a company event outdoors, it is your job to ensure everything is taken care of and runs smoothly while managing your other job responsibilities. Feeling anxious and stressed about how your event will turn out is common, but don’t be discouraged. The following information will provide you with insightful information on how to organize a successful and eventful company picnic. 

Steps for Planning a Fun Outdoor Company Picnic  

If you’re looking for advice on how to plan a lively company picnic, you’re in luck. Depending on the type of picnic or event your hosting, there may be different details you’ll need to think about and prepare. However, with any type of team-building company event, there are four steps you must take to ensure it’s productive and consistent with your expectations. Read on to discover the best next steps to achieve just that!  

Consider Your Goals

The main question to ask yourself when planning your company picnic is, “What’s the purpose of the event?” Before jumping into little tasks like searching for vendors, sending out invitations, and securing a venue, focus on identifying your vision and goals for the event.

If your goal is to produce a thoughtful and powerful getaway that encourages collaboration, boosts morale, and builds connections through engaging and friendly competition, then you’re already one step closer to organizing the perfect company picnic.

Set the Tone

After you conceptualize your company picnic, get your crew pumped up for a fun-filled weekend. When most people hear the word “team building,” they think of awkward and boring ice breakers. If people on your team go into the picnic with a negative outlook, others will start to feel the same.

Before you leave for the picnic, call for a company meeting. This is where you can set the tone, state your goals for the picnic, and show your team that this picnic will be memorable. Some things you can mention in the meeting to spur up excitement include:

After all their hard work, this is an opportunity for your team to take part in a transformational and inspiring event– one that is sure to have them feeling like kids again.

Let Your Team Have Some Free-Time

Once your company arrives at the picnic, don’t try to rush it. Give your team the ability to adjust to life outside the office and take in the smell of fresh air. After all, this is an event for them– therefore, let them roam around, relax, mingle, and of course, get pepped-up once they see how much effort you put into making this picnic unique.

It is critical that members on your team have the time to engage in personal conversations face to face, especially if most of their work is independent or remote. Meeting in person, without the worries of work tasks, is now largely about connecting and bonding intimately, and less about focusing on work talk.

Incorporate Friendly Competitions

The most important thing you can do to make your company picnic one worth remembering is to incorporate friendly competitions to inspire employee engagement. There are several different types of enticing team-building activities and games that you can include in your company picnic that will spark up and challenge your team. Here is a list of company picnic game ideas and activities to help inspire employee engagement:

  • Cornhole tournament
  • Karaoke
  • Treasure hunt
  • Board game tournament
  • Sporting events
  • Water activities
  • Giant scrabble
  • Giant Jenga
  • Carnival like games
  • Putting greens
  • Company Trivia

The list goes on, but the main point is to include games that require your employees to get up, think hard, and collaborate with their peers. To make the thrill of winning even more attractive, include game winner prizes and incentives. Not only does a little competition never hurt anyone, but it can help your team build self-confidence and learn something new about themselves and their coworkers.

Still Not Sure Where to Start? Contact Frogbridge Picnics & Events for Support

An outdoor company picnic is the perfect opportunity for everyone at the office to take a break and feel appreciated for all that they do. Planning this by yourself might seem overwhelming, which is why the team at Frogbridge Picnic & Events is here to alleviate any of the troubles you have. 

When you choose to host your outdoor corporate event or company picnic at Frogbridge Events, our devoted event planners will help with the details to make your event an exceptional one. From building the ideal menu to creating a personalized website, our comprehensive planning process provides an incomparable and care-free experience for your corporate event or company picnic. To start planning your company picnic at Frogbridge, please complete our contact form or call our office today at (609) 208-9475.

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