Not all concerns regarding accessibility are centered around ADA compliance and wheelchair ramps. There are many other forms of accessibility to consider as well. If you have members of your team that have special needs, it’s important that you ensure they’re already covered so they don’t have to approach you and ask. Also, certain members of your team may not be comfortable with things such as heights or noises. Learning these aspects ahead of time will make planning your retreat easier.

Your ultimate goal is likely to plan a company retreat that the members of your team want to actually attend. By asking for input from your team, it can help improve engagement and make your retreat more accessible. Today, accessibility is a topic of conversation that comes up often. Whether you’re hosting a retreat that will last for days or just an overnight event with a small meeting, you need to ensure your planning will provide all your attendees with an inclusive and positive experience. There are a number of reasons why accessibility is essential during a company retreat, which we delve into below. 

Three Reasons Why Accessibility Is Important

Everybody who attends a company event should be made to feel welcome so they can enjoy all aspects of the event completely. A vital part of planning out your company retreat is ensuring that any attendees with disabilities are able to participate fully. Not to mention, the law requires that all public events are accessible to everyone. 

Some reasons to ensure that your next company retreat is more accessible are:

1. It Will Address the Needs of Your Attendees

Your attendees will likely require something during the retreat that helps them enjoy the event more and have the ability to settle in. Each individual’s needs may vary, which is why it’s recommended that you ask them about any special requirements ahead of time and keep the lines of communication open for any concerns. This way, you can ensure they’re informed of what’s available or what may need to change.

2. It Will Help You Plan and Implement Inclusive Activities

Ensure competitions, breakout sessions, ice-breakers, and other event activities are also multi-sensory or accessible. Work with facilitators to make sure the mechanics and rules still enable people with disabilities to participate.

3. Enables You to Accommodate Individuals With Mobility Challenges

When considering mobility changes, you should think about more than just wheelchairs. Certain individuals with mobility challenges might use walkers, canes, or scooters. Others with mobility impairments might not need the help of assistive devices but may require extra space, time, support, or seating options.

Ramps don’t always solve all mobility challenges. For instance, an individual who needs to use a cane might find the stairs easier to navigate. Portable lifts might offer some individuals with better access. Also, those with chronic inflammation or arthritis might benefit from being allowed extra minutes between sessions since they might require a little time to rest as they walk.

Accessibility Is Imperative To Make Everyone Feel Included

From print materials, interpreter services, and seating to spaces for attendees to rest between each session, company retreat planning involves planning an event that’s accessible to all attendees.

It’s important that you keep all attendees in mind when planning truly inclusive events, regardless of the types of accommodation requests that you receive. You can reach out to disability organizations and groups for planning solutions and resources, and you should welcome any feedback from attendees (and act on it), as every event can be an opportunity to improve over your last event.

Make sure your attendees can put in requests for reasonable accommodations. These are adjustments to the environment that enable individuals with disabilities to fully participate. You’ll also want to reach out to your attendees and ask if they were able to participate fully and if they were comfortable. 

Accessibility in company events and retreats is a must these days. With 15% of the population in the world experiencing some type of disability, it’s important to ensure your company events and retreats are inclusive and accessible. As the event coordinator, planner, and decision-maker, you need to plan your events with accessibility in mind. 

Enlist the Help of Frogbridge Events to Create an Accessible Company Retreat

Planning a company retreat can be a challenging process when you’re attempting to make adjustments and incorporate new ideas for a broader audience. The good news is that you don’t have to do this challenging project all on your own. You can enlist the help of a team of experts who specialize in company retreats to help make sure your event is accessible.

At Frogbridge Events, we partner and work with organizations to help plan out their retreats and events while focusing on their primary goals to make every event accessible to their attendees. We can help you plan out an outstanding corporate retreat that’s ideal for all your attendees. Give us a call at (609) 208-9475 or use our contact form to talk with a professional for your next company event.