With working from home becoming more popular, it’s been more difficult to feel deeply and genuinely connected to your coworkers. However, as greater numbers of coworkers and employees have faced the negative aspects of being and feeling isolated from each other, there’s been more of a drive to get together again.

But if you’re planning on having a company retreat, you may be feeling out of practice. What should everyone be doing to build up a feeling of camaraderie again? What activities should you be putting together, even for a short stay, to get your employees or teammates feeling connected? Board games are fun and helpful, and if you need ideas for what to bring with you, we have some excellent suggestions!

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A Board Game for Problem Solving: Pandemic

The appropriately named board game, “Pandemic,” is a lot of fun for helping small groups of people get better at problem-solving and working together. Pandemic is a strategy-based game by Z-Man Games, first published and released in the United States in 2008.

Pandemic is a race against the clock, forcing players to work together to keep a disease from spreading too far for containment. It also comes with the added challenge of requiring players to contain variations of the disease and preventing other outbreaks that could spread to other cities or countries across the map.

Much like real life, the board game gives each of the players a unique role, allowing them to use their individual skillsets and abilities to help each other solve problems, big and small.

A Game for Getting to Know Each Other: Two Truths and a Lie

If you haven’t heard of the popular party game, Two Truths and a Lie is commonly used to help strangers or friends of friends get to know each other better. You play by having each player come up with two truthful statements and one false statement about themselves. After everyone has come up with their facts, everyone guesses which one is false.

This game is perfect if you’re trying to build camaraderie between team members in a department. This is because it can make the work environment feel more comfortable and familiar. Additionally, coworkers can use this game to find things in common with each other without feeling like they’ve been put on the spot to talk about their hobbies.

What also makes Two Truths and a Lie great is that it’s free to play! You don’t need to purchase the game, and you can almost guarantee that every round will be different. You can keep it interesting, even if some players have known each other for a long time.

A Board Game to Build Healthy Competition: Codenames

Codenames is a board game that many people have heard of, but you’d be surprised how few people have gotten the chance to play. Czech Games Edition released this game in 2015, and it’s great for helping everyone build some healthy competition.

If you’ve been aiming to increase output and push everyone into getting more competitive in the workplace without getting too hostile, this is a fantastic place to start. Additionally, you may find teammates will naturally work together after this kind of experience, especially if they find some level of success as a team.

The game requires players to be split into two teams, with one player on each team becoming the “spymaster” and the others becoming “operatives” for their respective teams. It’s the spymaster’s job to give clues that help their operatives identify cards that represent agents they need to target, with each team having different target cards from the other.

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