Trust is a key pillar in any successful company. Building that trust among your employees will aid in creating a more productive workflow that will help your business achieve growth. For example, if your employees trust each other, they will be more likely to pick up extra slack to help out a colleague, helping avoid any gaps in the work process.

Whether you are holding a weekend-long company retreat or just an out-of-office excursion for the day, Frogbridge Events knows how beneficial outdoor trust-building activities can be for team members. The following activities can help build trust and relationships in your company.

Why Is Trust Important in the Workplace?

Data has shown that 89 percent of employees who feel they are a part of a great team with great leadership are more likely to stay at that job. Having good management comes from trust. Some ways trust can benefit the organization are:

  • Improve morale and motivation
  • Builds collaborative relationships amongst coworkers
  • Improve efficiency
  • Empower ethical decision making
  • Decrease stress and hostility in the working environment

While these are just a few examples of how trust can benefit the workplace, there are countless more ways that team building exercises can benefit your company.

Trust Building Outdoor Team Building Activities

Team building activities may be something that you roll your eyes at. Still, these unique outdoor trust-building activities are sure to bring some fun to your company retreat or event.

Blind Obstacle Course

Perfect for company retreats at a large outdoor setting like Frogbridge Events, this game is sure to be a company favorite. After setting up an obstacle course, blindfold your team members and give them a rope. They will use the rope and communication skills to guide each other over various obstacles throughout the course to make it to the end. To be successful, team members have to trust one another to help them clear each obstacle so they do not end up falling and having to start over again.

The Floor Is Lava

A play on a childhood classic, this trust-building exercise is fun and will get energy levels up as your team members navigate through this game. Place some mats on the ground of an open field space. They should be close enough so that the participants can jump between the mats, but not too close that they could sidestep. Designate one person as the team leader and place them at the end of the course. Blindfold the rest of your team members. The object of the game is for the blindfolded team members to jump from mat to mat while trusting the directions of the team leader at the end of the course.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a classic team-building activity that is perfect for increasing trust amongst the team. Break up employees into two or more teams and offer a fun prize to the winning team to increase urgency. This will force team members to trust and work together as they race to win the prize.


You will need a large open outdoor area for this game. Break your employees into teams of six, if possible. Choose a team leader for each team. The team leader has frostbite and cannot move but can see and speak. The rest of the team is blindfolded and has to pitch a tent relying on the team leader’s instructions.


Spread out your team in a large open area standing shoulder to shoulder. Each person will hold a halved pipeline. The goal is to roll marbles or small balls down the line, and as the ball passes each person, they should run to the end of the line to catch the ball in their pipeline before it falls off at the last person. See how long your team can keep the ball rolling!

Outdoor Event Space for Your Team Building Retreat

Trust is not something that can be built without effort. Sometimes, getting out of the office and back to nature is exactly what your team needs to build trust and appreciation for each other. Whether you are planning a company retreat or a simple day trip for your company, Frogbridge Events can accommodate whatever your team is looking for.

With activities, refreshments, and over 86 acres of open space, Frogbridge Events is the perfect setting for your next company event. Start planning your best company event yet by contacting us online or calling (609) 208-9475.