At a corporate retreat, achieving the perfect balance between work and fun is never easy. Finding the ideal place that resonates with your team’s wishes while keeping focus on the agenda requires some serious planning.

When organizing a perfect retreat, you have to keep hundreds of things in mind. However, you don’t need to go through this planning process alone. Our team at Frogbridge Events is here to provide all the support you may need as you plan your corporate retreat.

Corporate Retreat Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are a multitude of things to keep in mind while planning your retreat. Some common mistakes – along with how to avoid them – include:

1. Ignoring the “Employee Persona”

While you and your employees are a strong team, you may have different retreat preferences. Since the goal of your corporate event isn’t just to focus on work but to create a relaxing atmosphere, ignoring these preferences is a mistake.

Consider taking the time to learn what your team wants to achieve during this retreat and how it prefers to relax. The easiest way to do this is to ask. A quick email survey can do the trick.

2. Forgetting About Schedule Conflicts

If your team members have to miss a Thanksgiving dinner because you are taking them away on a retreat to a different state, they are going to have some serious trouble focusing on work. Discussing the date and time with your team members is a great way to make sure that they are emotionally and mentally available for the event.

3. Staying in the Office

Many executives make the mistake of thinking that a corporate event in the office does wonders for the team’s focus. In reality, the reason why it’s called a “retreat” is because you are “retreating” from the traditional work setting.

The place for your retreat should be as different from the office scene as possible. Changing the scenery encourages relaxation and creativity. 

4. Focusing Solely on Work

The point of the corporate retreat is to create a relaxing atmosphere for your team. It means adding the entertainment element to the event. Whether it’s miniature golf and beach volleyball or horse riding and poker games, you need to make sure your team is having fun.

While brainstorming, searching for new solutions, and discussing the work agenda can be integral to a successful retreat, giving your mind a chance to relax can streamline the process tremendously.

5. Not Planning for Families

If you want to encourage some serious team building, you may want to consider inviting families and children to your corporate retreat. The goal is to make sure everyone feels comfortable. So, if you are ready to reap the benefits of employee family bonding, you need to make sure their families are part of the fun.

6. Sharing Rooms

If your retreat is more than one day long, you have to think about lodging. When booking rooms for the team, many companies try to save money and put two people in one hotel room. While it’s definitely a great way to save, this type of arrangement can lead to a disaster.

Working together and living together are two completely different things. Two people who hit it off perfectly in the office could hate each other’s sleeping or showering habits. Forcing them to share accommodations could ruin your team-building plans and cause burnout.  

7. Not Planning Enough Free Time

No matter how great of a planner you are, don’t overplan the retreat. Your team should have some free time to have fun, relax, and even get some sleep. By the way, scheduling early morning meetings during a retreat is a big no-no. If your employees have to get up at 6 a.m. to get ready for a meeting, you take the fun out of the entire day.

Instead, you can schedule a fun morning activity and move the meeting to the afternoon. Then, you can let your employees choose how they want to spend their evenings.

8. Expecting Too Much

The success of your corporate event depends on hundreds of factors, many of which aren’t under your control. Keep your expectations reasonable, and you can truly enjoy the process while reaping maximum benefits.  

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