What Makes Frogbridge Central NJ’s Ultimate Picnic Venue?

When searching for a company picnic venue in Central New Jersey, there are a lot of considerations to be made. In addition to planning the perfect menu, you might also consider the amenities and facilities offered. With 86 acres of recreational amenities, many Fortune 500 companies, schools, and other groups have come to us for their annual picnic or event. Here are a just a few of the amenities that allow Frogbridge to stand out.

Frogarita’s Tropical Island Oasis

Slushies at Frogbridge

Frogarita’s features a variety of non-alcoholic slushies, with different flavors available each day. Some flavors include lime, strawberry daiquiri, pina colada, and margarita. Take a break from the action and enjoy a refreshing cold drink on a hot day.

Ribbit’s Ice Cream Parlor & Arcade

Woman Preparing Ice Cream at Ribbits

Our 1950’s style ice cream shop and arcade offers many varieties of ice cream, hard or soft serve, with all of the toppings. Games with friends at our 1950’s style booths and counter stools, video arcade classics and even Karaoke are all just part of Ribbit’s Ice Cream Arcade, making this the coolest place for picnic guests of all ages.

Little Fenway Wiffle Ball Stadium

Little Fenway Dugout Frogbridge

We have a replica version of one of America’s oldest and most storied baseball stadiums – Fenway Park. Included in every picnic package, you’ll get the chance to see if you can hit a home run over our own Green Monster.

Trackless Trains

Trackless Train at Frogbridge

Frogbridge offers trackless trains to help navigate guests throughout the resort. Our train features four cars, ensuring that all of your guests can easily go from our catering hall to other amenities.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Split Zone Bumper Cars at Frogbridge

Our very own bumper car arena is easy for anyone to operate, and is especially popular at family-friendly events. Each car features a soft inner-tube design, so impact is minimal but you can spin around. Any bumper car can go spinning at any second, leaving an element of surprise for those looking to get the most “spin” for their time on the bumper cars.

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