At Frogbridge Events, we do our best to provide anything you need to make for an entertaining and satisfying time for you and your guests. When you think of your favorite amusement park ride, a Ferris wheel or roller coaster may come to mind. Over the years, bumper cars have become overlooked as guests craved a more exhilarating rush. Fortunately enough, a high-tech version of this classic ride emerged allowing guests to restore their love. In addition to our selection of amenities, every guest who visits Frogbridge has access to the Spin Zone Bumper Cars for a guaranteed fun time.

As a 2013 “Best New Ride” Award Winner, voted by the International Association of Amusement and Attractions, the Spin Zone Bumper Arena provides safe fun for all ages. As you try to bump targets on the other cars, it will activate the “Spin Zone”. This will send you into an exhilarating three-second ride. Set in a multi-colored black-lighted room and guarded by a soft inner tube, the Spin Zone offers minimal impact when bumping into other cars and easy to see features.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars are the most advanced version of this classic pastime, allowing your guests to go head to head and leaving them wanting to come back for more. This exhilarating amenity will have you and your guests leaving happy, and with our personal photographer, your party will be able to look back at all their favorite moments.

With so much to explore on-site at our 86-acre venue, we look forward to providing you and your guests a time they won’t forget. Discover all the endless possibilities during your time with us. Give your family the picnic package with the amenities they will love.

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