Ever since graduating college, Frogbridge Event Planner Michele Chu knew her future was headed toward event planning. “I just love working events”, Michele explains, “I crave the excitement of bringing all the people, materials and logistics together to complete the perfect corporate event!”

After graduating from Mount Holyoke College, Michele spent several years gaining valuable experience in many different areas of the hospitality industry and she brings that experience everyday to Frogbridge events, “So much of the fun in what I do everyday comes from the fact that its so multidisciplinary”, Michele says about her work, “I knew right away that Frogbridge event planning was a great fit for me, I love making all the pieces fit together into the perfect day for our clients.”

“Michele has an incredible work ethic”, says Scott Gersten lead event planner at Frogbridge, “she consistently produces happy clients and superior events, both in the planning and the execution stages. We’re proud to have her at Frogbridge.”

“We’re an amazing team here at Frogbridge”, Michele says, “I enjoy all the different challenges each event brings knowing I have such a great team behind me. It makes me even more confident when I talk to clients that their event will be flawless. My job is a lot of work but a ton of fun and never boring, every event is different, and the people I get to meet at the events are great.”

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

“That’s hard to say since I enjoy everything I do here at Frogbridge, but if I had to choose, I’d say seeing people enjoying themselves at our events, that makes it all worthwhile.”

Q: What are your favorite company picnic activities?

“Definitely the bumper cars, anyone can do it and it makes you feel like a kid again! I’m also a big fan of the caricature artists, they give the guests a piece of memorabilia they can take home and look back on.”

Q: What’s your favorite picnic food?

“Our head chef Will does an amazing job, all the food here at Frogbridge is such high quality, but for me personally its the vegetable burgers or the shrimp cocktails in the clam bake station. I’m also in love with the french fry bar… who doesn’t love fries and all the different toppings!”

Q: What’s your favorite picnic dessert?

“Cotton candy and the strawberry shortcake ice cream novelties.”

Q: What would you like to say to anyone considering booking an event at Frogbridge?

“That when you book an event at Frogbridge from the owner to myself and everyone here, we all take pride in making your event a perfect one, so they should have confidence that we’ll produce a flawless and fun event for them each and every time.”


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