Planning a Family-Friendly Corporate Event

Corporate events are great at boosting morale among your workers. One of the biggest challenges associated with planning a corporate event is finding a way to make it appealing to people of all ages. Keeping kids entertained at an event is important, because those kids could share good impressions of your company. If you are planning a company event, the following activities are guaranteed to entertain your guests, regardless of age.

Inflatable Attractions

Inflatable Attractions at Frogbridge

If you are looking for an easy way to entertain your guests, you should consider setting up some inflatable attractions. Inflatables are great at keeping kids entertained, and can even entertain those young at heart! The best part about inflatable attractions is that there are plenty of different ones to choose between.

Bouncing castles are great for kids, and giant inflatable slides are a lot of fun for children and adults. There are also inflatable obstacle courses, which are good for the kids who are pretty competitive.

Carnival Booths

Carnival game prizes

Lots of people love carnival games, because they can make any event a lot more fun for everyone attending. Games like ring toss, hoop shot and darts will give everyone something fun to do at your event. You can give away prizes to the people who win, which will convince people to keep playing.

Dunk tanks are also a lot of fun, because everyone has a good laugh when someone falls into the tank of water (especially the boss.) Carnival games are good sources of entertainment, and work quite well at corporate events.

Bumper Boats & Paddle Boat Rides

Bumper boats

Water battles are a great way to keep everyone entertained when the weather heats up in the summer. Each person gets their own boat, which is equipped with a water cannon that is used to shoot water at everyone else. Kids and adults alike will have a great amount of fun blasting each other with water.

If you want something more easygoing, paddle boat rides also work very well. These allow guests to ride out on the lake, allowing them to get a good view of the surrounding area. Both of these activities will help your guests cool off, and that is something they will appreciate if you hold your event on a particularly hot day.

Petting Zoos

Pony rides

Children love animals, so if you give them a chance to pet some at your event you will make them very happy. Many kids learn about different kinds of animals at school, but they never get the chance to see them in person. Petting zoos allow kids to check out animals that are hard to come by in suburban areas, including sheep, horses and cows.

Professional animal trainers will take care of the animals, so everything will be kept under control. If there are any newborn animals in the group you can have the trainers teach the kids how to feed them.

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