Why You Should Plan Your Next Corporate Event This Fall

Picture your next company event or company picnic surrounded by foliage. While most people think of the spring or summer for their office party or corporate gathering the fall is also a great time to have an event with your fellow co-workers. You might already be thinking about planning an event around the holidays, but don’t discount fall as it’s the perfect time of year weather wise to hold your event. Here are a couple reasons to consider having your corporate event with us this fall.

Everyone is Usually in the Office

Employees in meeting

A recent survey from Gallup shows that vacation time within most companies shrinks from 35 percent to 10 percent in September. With the fall comes the start of the new school year. This means that most employees will usually be back from their summer vacations and in the office. This makes scheduling a company event easier on you, as you don’t have to worry about everyone’s vacation schedules like you would during the summer.

Cooler & More Comfortable Weather

Frogbridge Lake With Catering Venue in background

The heat and humidity of summer turn into crisp mornings and warm afternoons during the fall. For groups that have numerous people that don’t do well in hazy, hot, and humid conditions, fall may be the best time of year to plan your event. While it may not be warm enough to enjoy some activities on the water and swim in our pools, it’s still a great time to play a game of wiffleball at Little Fenway or enjoy other amenities.

Special Activities

Pumpkin Patch

Along with what’s normally included in picnic packages, Frogbridge offers special experiences only available during the fall. This includes our very own pumpkin patches and hayride. If you plan on inviting your co-workers families too, you can add pony rides, face painting, and game booths for everyone to join in the fun. These are also popular with school picnics. Of course, there are other amenities that can be enjoyed like spin-zone bumper cars and numerous sports fields.

Ready to plan your next fall corporate event?

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