More and more studies are showing that fostering an environment of gratitude has even more benefits than expected.1 This can be as true in the workplace as it is in our own personal lives.

No where are we more in need of showing gratitude than at work, considering that according to a recent study, 35% of people never thank their boss and 29% never thank a co-worker.2

Grateful individuals report higher levels of life satisfaction, optimism, energy and connections with other people4. When effectively applied, gratitude in the workplace can lead to increased social networking behavior, goal achievement, decision making and productivity.


What Benefits can Company Picnics Have?

By giving you the kind of picnic or team building event that fosters the following:

Food, Fun and Relaxation!

Frogbridge brings the fun with dozens of on-site activities. Whether its a structured team-building exercise or just an impromptu game of softball, getting your employees together to relax and have fun as a team will bring good memories back into the office on Monday. Besides fostering gratitude to each other and the company for providing all the food and fun, it gives you a chance to thank your employees in a tangible way.

Encourage Teamwork

Group activities and shared experiences at a Frogbridge company event allow your employees to get to know each other better, often making it easier to ask each other for help, feel confident about asking questions and about giving advice.

Provide Social Networking & Family Interaction

Gratitude in the office is not always about work only, by allowing employees to socialize and get to know each other outside the office and get to know each others families, it can make understanding of home related emergencies or vacation time more congenial.

Boost Employee Morale & Stress Employee Value

The fun, casual and exciting yet relaxed Frogbridge atmosphere is perfect for motivating and rejuvenating employees with a much needed break. Frogbridge company picnics are unparallelled and will by extension show your employees their value to you.

Show Company Appreciation & Give the Employees Something To Look Forward To

Not only is a Frogbridge company picnic a tangible expression of gratitude to your employees, knowing that the employees will be sharing the experience again each year gives them a shared anticipation. By showing company gratitude to the employees on a regular basis, it encourages employees to have reciprocal feelings to the company as well.

Say Thank You Personally To A Large Number of Employees At Once

Where else can managers and owners stand before their employees in such a convivial atmosphere and express their gratitude directly to them and their families. Nothing else comes close to creating a strong bond between company and employees.

At Frogbridge Events…

We find solutions not problems. Our event planners and team builders provide you with a turnkey, stress free experience while bringing your guests together to have the time of their lives for an experience that will be remembered long after the event is over.

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