Little FenwayOur wiffle ball Stadium, which we call Little Fenway Park, is absolutely one of a kind. It is our tribute to one of the greatest ballparks in America, Boston’s Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

Fenway Park recently celebrated their 100th anniversary, making it the oldest baseball stadium in America. As a tribute, we built our own version the same year. It is an exact to-scale replica of the original Fenway. Our version is exactly one third the height of the real Green Monster in Boston.

You can also see most of Fenway’s advertising logos found at the original stadium, but, of course, we had to personalize them with our own unique Frogbridge flair…

Our stadium is one of the most popular activities for company picnics and corporate special event groups. After all, who wouldn’t want to hit a homerun at Fenway Park?

If you are looking for that group activity for your employee appreciation event or company picnic catering, you have found it. Not only is our wiffle ball stadium a tribute to America’s oldest and most storied baseball stadium, but it’s also an absolute thrill to hit a home run at the Green Monster right here in Millstone, New Jersey!

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