Why is Frogbridge the perfect choice to cater your company or corporate holiday party?

Our Frogbridge Events staff will gladly travel to create a memorable event at your home, office, or almost anywhere you wish. Each of our catering services are customized to fit your wants and needs while keeping your budget in mind. We can accommodate any office picnic and cover elegant brunches, in-home events, and much more.

Frogbridge Events Dish

There is always something delicious cooking at Frogbridge Events. With an array of menu items to choose from, Chef William Towle is incredibly talented and specialized to provide enjoyable and delicious items for all to enjoy. No matter the occasion, we offer several unique menu packages to spice up the scene and add a special theme to your event. From grilled specialties to homemade favorites, Chef Towle can accommodate vegetarian and ethnic requests to enhance your catering experience.

Our catering services are equipped with more than just delicious dining. Throughout your event, you will be provided with entertainment, decorations, party favors, and customized activities supporting your event.

Frogbridge Events Table Setup

Although our selection of amenities are not accessible with off-premise catering, do not worry, we can guarantee you that you will still have a memorable experience.

There is still time to book your 2015 holiday party with Frogbridge Events! Contact us today to get started.