Build Employee Confidence & Communication With Team Building

As the temperatures warm up, your employees may be looking outside the window looking at the beautiful weather. This time of year can also be great to let employees know others who they may not communicate with everyday. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, team building is proven to improve communication within offices, and boost morale. Below are some of the best activities you can try at your office this spring.

Trivia Baseball

Trivia Baseball

Ideal For 10 to 12 people

This is a great “on deck” activity for a day filled with team building! Create two different teams, each with around five or six people. This game is played similar to actual baseball, where after three incorrect guesses, the other team gets to play.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 4 sheets of paper per person
  • 1 pen per person

How to Play:

  1. Four sheets of paper will be passed to each player. He or she will write the following letters on each sheet:
    • S – Single
    • D – Double
    • T – Triple
    • HR – Home Run
  2. Each team member writes down a fact about him or herself on each sheet of paper, single being an obvious fact while home run is the toughest.
  3. Once everyone has written down their facts, place the sheets in a shape of a baseball diamond, with singles at first base, doubles at second base, triples at third base, and a home run at home plate.
  4. A coin toss will decide which team goes first.
  5. One person from that team will decide whether they want to answer a single, double, triple or home run hint.
  6. The person will then grab a fact from that section, read it out loud, and guess the person behind the fact.
    • If the guess is correct: The person gets on base.
    • If the guess is incorrect: The team gets out. After three outs, the other team guesses.

The team that gets the highest score wins!

Ships in the Mist

Ships in the Mist

Ideal for seven to 10 people.

According to the Harvard Business Review, people will only tend to listen to about 25 percent of the information given to them. This activity is great for improving listening skills. It’s one way to enjoy a great spring day, as this activity will require some space.

How it Works

  1. One person from a group will volunteer to be the ship and one will be the commander.
  2. The rest of the players will act as obstacles.
  3. The player who is the ship will be blindfolded and will take directions from the commander on where he or she should move.
  4. If the ship runs into an obstacle, both are out and a new set of players try to reach the finish line. Once the new players are chosen, go back to step one.

Create an Office Garden

Office Garden

Ideal for four or more people.

Team building activities don’t always have to involve games. In fact, The Guardian suggests that office gardens allows for interaction between departments, and shows that your business it committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. If possible, your garden can be a great escape for employees during their lunch break.

How it Works

  1. Gauge interest with the rest of your employees to see if they’d be interested in maintaining the garden.
  2. Create a weekly schedule with who maintains the garden each day of the week.
  3. Once your garden area is created, hold events in and around the garden.

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