Bring Team Building Activities to Your Office

Team building activities are a centerpiece of any corporate event. According to a study from ClearCompany, 86 percent of employees site a lack of communication as a cause for workplace failures. Working together with others to achieve a common goal is one way you can build trust within your office and in turn, have happier employees. Here are a few ways to promote teamwork within your office year-round, based off of some of the activities you can do here at Frogbridge.


Create great cuisine for everyone to enjoy in your office during colder months.

With cold weather and employee morale low after the holidays, team building activities work well to bring everyone in the office together during January and February. This is the perfect time for your staff to participate in a culinary challenge (and offer your employees a delicious potluck lunch) based around a theme. You could also send members of your team out on a scavenger hunt to earn a prize, and pair employees from separate departments to encourage cross-collaboration.

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Hands together for team building activities over grass.

During the first half of spring, indoor activities might be a better option as weather can still be unpredictable. Consider focusing on a creative problem solving activity, like getting through a hypothetical disaster. This will be a great activity to test how your employees handle stress, and how they can work together to solve a hypothetical problem, like making sure everyone else is ok.

As the weather warms up, you can bring your team building activities outdoors. You can consider games such as “don’t break the chain”, or go for more unique activities.

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A view of the scenic lake at Frogbridge.

This is the optimal time to plan a company picnic and put an emphasis on team building within your workplace. Consider taking a day to do some kayaking or tubing down a river. Enjoy the great outdoors during this time of year through water activities, or maybe even a ropes course.

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Leaves on a tree during the fall.

Since fall tends to be a diverse season weather wise, you can pretty much do any type of activity. In September, you’ll still be able to enjoy some summer-like activities. As you get closer to the holidays, think about the ways you can give back to others in the community. Consider giving a day to your employees to volunteer to organizations they truly care about.

Looking for somewhere where you can enjoy team building without assembling the day’s activities? Leave it up to us to create an unforgettable team building experience, accompanied by a corporate picnic.

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