Planning an event can be tricky. There are a lot of little things to take into consideration. This is where we come into play. At Frogbridge, we have many people calling and asking similar questions. With help from one of our corporate event planners, we have broken down some of the most commonly asked questions and concerns and provided all of the answers.

1. What do you offer for kids?

Offer For Kids

All our activities are kid friendly. Paddle boats, bumper cars, and bumper boats, you name it, they are great for all children.

2. How do you handle allergies/food sensitivities?

Executive Chef William personally makes the food for those who have allergies or food sensitivities. We make an announcement at the beginning of any picnic to come see a catering staff member if someone has a specific request.

3. What do you offer for the water activities?

At every water activity, we offer Red Cross certified lifeguards as well as towels.

4. What should I bring to an event?

Frogbridge will provide you with sports equipment, free parking, towels and the pool area, and the food and beverage service that your company has chosen. There are only two things you need to bring: a pair of sneakers (for sporting activities) and yourself!

5. Is there a store?

No, we do not have a store on property.

6. Is their abundant parking? Is there handicap parking?

Yes, we have a lot of space for parking. We have special parking for anyone needing assistance, as well as golf carts driven by staff to help those with special needs.

7. What makes you different from other properties?

We individually design custom flyers for all of our clients. Each flyer will have the event information, any faqs, and directions. We also create private custom RSVP websites (or event info websites) for our clients with their logo and information. We provide them with the RSVP information that is collected so that they do not have to internally do it.

8. Is smoking permitted inside the resort?

Smoking is not preferred, but is allowed.

9. What happens if it rains?

If it Rains

If it rains, the day will go on as planned. Your food and beverage area is tented, and we do have a 6,000 square foot indoor gym.

10. Can we bring our own alcohol?

No, guests are not permitted to bring any liquor into the park.

11. Are pets allowed inside?

Due to the Board of Health, no pets are allowed.

For any other questions or more information, please contact us.