Planning a big corporate event can be tricky. With so many moving parts to keep track of and so many individual needs from your guests, finding a place that caters at as many as possible, if not all, can be a challenge in of itself. As professional event planners, we’ve seen it all, so fear not! We’ve got you covered.

If you’re curious about Frogbridge and what we have to offer check out this FAQ! In our experience, the answer you’re looking for can be found here.

1. What Does Frogbridge Offer For Kids?

Girl Hitting Pinata

Frogbridge is 100% kid friendly! All of our activities are safe for kids and still exciting fun for adults. Many companies opt to make their company picnics at Frogbridge family-friendly so everyone can enjoy the adventures at our facility.

2. How Does Frogbridge Handle Food Allergies And Food Sensitivities?

Chef Grilling Meat Outdoors

At the beginning of each event an announcement is made requesting that those with food restrictions notify Executive Chef Will. Chef Will then personally makes the meals for the individuals, meeting every specification.

3. What Does Frogbridge Offer For The Water Activities?

Lifeguard Sitting Near Pool

It gets hot in the dog days of summer. We make sure that our guests stay cool with our many aquatic activities that are always under professional lifeguard supervision:

4. What Should I Bring To A Corporate Event At Frogbridge?

Two Men Playing Basketball

There are only two things you need to bring: a pair of sneakers (for sporting activities) and yourself!

Frogbridge will provide you with all sports equipment, free parking, towels and the pool area, and the food and beverage service that your company has chosen with our event planners.

5. Is Parking Available At The Frogbridge Facility?

Man with Arms Raised

Frogbridge has a great amount of parking so all guests attending an event of any size can come and find a space smoothly. Handicap parking is also available for those who require it.

6. Is The Frogbridge Facility Handicap Accessible?

Riding on Train

Aside from our parking availability, our many buildings are wheelchair accessible and golf carts driven by our staff can help anyone get around our grassy campus.

7. What Makes Frogbridge Different From Other Event Properties?

Bumper Boats on Lake

We individually design custom flyers for all of our clients’ events. Each flyer will have the event information, FAQs, and directions. We also create private custom RSVP websites (or event info websites) for our clients with their logo and information. In addition to all of this, we provide them with the RSVP information that is collected so that they do not have to internally do it.

Take all of this preparation before your event and combine it with the numerous sports, games, and adventurous activities and amenities and you have a convenient, one of a kind, event facility.

8. Is Smoking Permitted Inside Frogbridge’s Facility?

Kayaking on Lake with Fountain

Smoking is not preferred, but it is allowed. We ask that if your event is family friendly that you have the courtesy to smoke in an area that is away from the children.

9. What Happens If It Rains At My Frogbridge Event?

Serving Food Buffet

Rain or shine, there is a good time to be had at Frogbridge!

If it rains, the day will go on as planned. Your food and beverage area is tented, and we do have a 6,000 square foot indoor gym that can be transformed in the event that the weather takes a turn for the worse.

10. Is The Frogbridge Facility BYOB?


Unfortunately, guests are not permitted to bring alcohol into the Frogbridge facility. We do have excellent refreshments like mocktails and awesome refreshments that can be found at Frogarita’s or Ribbits Ice Cream Parlor Arcade.

11. Are Pets Allowed Inside The Frogbridge Facility?

Petting Baby Goat

Due to restrictions from the board of health, pets are not allowed on the Frogbridge premises. Service dogs are allowed, but the person must have proof certification of the animal’s certification.

We do offer a professionally supervised petting zoo and pony rides as an added feature to your Frogbridge company picnic.

12. Does Frogbridge Have A Store To Buy Souvenirs Of The Day

Girl With Inflatable Balloon Flower

Unfortunately, we do not have an onsite store. With our many entertainment options, children attending your company event can take home balloon creations, crafts, novelty treats, and have their face painted.