There is a lot that goes behind planning an event. Our special event planners handle all of the details, from the decorations and the entertainment to the activities and the menu. One of the tricky aspects of planning any type of event, big or small, is figuring out how much food is needed. Our Executive Chef Will Towle reveals his secrets for how he prepares for events large or small.

Food for a Party of 100

“Events get four hot items which can be anything from corn and chicken to hamburgers and hot dogs. For an event of this size, I would make 100 hot dogs. That is one hot dog for each person and even though not every single person will have one hot dog, it is better to have too much food than to run out. As far as food in pans, each pan will feed 50 people. So a pan of baked beans or mac and cheese will feed 50 people. Therefore, I would make two pans for this event.”

Food for a Party of 300

“I work off of 100 people and take everything up a little. Usually what I do is double the order in half. For example, I would make eight pans of chicken, which means that would feed 400 people. Which again, you don’t want to take the chance of running out.”

Frogbridge vs. Everyone Else

“Every single person we serve at Frogbridge is important. It doesn’t matter what size the event is, 10 or 500 people, they are going to get the same quality and attention. Our standards are very high here.”

Tips for Hiring Off-Site Catering

“Make sure you interview them first. You want to know who you are dealing with. Also, make sure they have a passion for food and love what they do. That is important. You want them to fulfill the same expectations that you have for your event.”

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