A company picnic is a fun event the entire office will look forward to each year, but choosing the right corporate event location can be tricky. Having the ability to accommodate a number of people is the easy part. The following four points are critical to consider and yet are often over looked. Let’s take a look…

1. What’s On The Menu?

Buffet Featuring Pasta

The food at an event is a major detail that goes beyond just having enough to feed everyone. A good event should have variety while also adhering to dietary restrictions. Here at Frogbridge, our Executive Chef Will not only makes food that tastes delicious with the finest ingredients, but also caters to the dietary needs of individuals attending. His menus are always crowd pleasers, and there is always the option to upgrade your picnic or event menu for added deliciousness. Novelty treats are a great addition to get a taste of summer sweetness and cool down when temperatures rise.

2. What Amenities & Facilities are Available?

Climbing Rope Net

A corporate picnic should be more than lunch and backyard games. When choosing a company event venue keep an eye out for amenities and entertainment that will not only be the talk of the office for weeks to come, but also promote teambuilding to boost morale and collaboration on business projects. Here at Frogbridge Picnic & Events, we not only boast excellent teambuilding activities, but our amenities are second to none. From zip-lining to lake activities, Frogbridge is an adventure waiting to happen.

3. Is There Family-Friendly Entertainment Available?

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Many companies take their company picnics a step further by inviting the whole family. Many venues are not equipped to entertain children as well as adults, offering only a hired clown or magician. At Frogbridge, most of our amenities can be enjoyed by people of all ages and are well supervised by a staff of professionals. Furthermore, we take our family-friendly entertainment even further, offering picnic add-ons like inflatables, performers, petting zoos and pony rides!

4. How Can Your Guests Stay Cool On A Hot Summer Day?

How Can Your Guests Stay Cool On A Hot Summer Day?

Most companies choose to have their company picnics in the summer time because it’s the best chance to get out of the office and enjoy the sun. That sun, however, can get hot in the peak of the season, so it is vitally important to ensure that your guests have a way to get cool and stay cool. Here at Frogbridge, we make sure that this need it always met. From ice-cold slushies and ice cream at Frogaritas and Ribbits Ice Cream Parlor Arcade to pools and exciting lake activities, there’s no shortage of safe summer fun!

5. Convenient Location

Convenient Location

One of the most important things to consider is location. If people are to be commuting to get to the event, it should be at a place that is convenient for most, if not all of the guests, to easily get to. Frogbridge is located in Central NJ, making it accessible for anyone to reach who are from NY or the northern tri-state area states, such as CT, DE, MD, & PA.

Ready to jump onboard for your epic company event? Take a look at our Frogbridge Picnics & Special Events Brochure, or reach out! Our event planners will be happy to speak with you.