Bringing your team together outside the formal work setting can go a long way. From strengthening communications to boosting productivity, you can achieve a wide variety of goals while keeping your employees happy.

Arranging a successful retreat starts with some serious brainstorming. Figuring out how to encourage team building isn’t always easy. By leveraging decades of corporate retreat experience, Frogbridge Events can share ideas to drive your event forward.

Company Retreat Ideas

Planning a company retreat can be difficult, but we are here to help. Some great retreat ideas to unite your team include:

A Technology-Free Day

No matter what industry you are in, your team is likely to be leveraging all kinds of tech for work and communication. Running around with a smartphone in your hand can be highly stressful. Thankfully, you can take this stress out of the picture by arranging a tech-free day.

An outdoor retreat with a variety of activities can take your team’s minds off work and encourage clarity of thinking. No-tech retreats can work amazingly well since the number of distractions is limited. Bring plenty of pens and paper. Outdoor no-tech meetings are bound to bring numerous fresh ideas to the table.

Winery Retreat

A visit to the winery can be a fun experience for the entire team. While they can learn something new about the history of wine and the way it’s made, your employees can relax and have fun without thinking about work. The beautiful scenery coupled with world-class wine can encourage communication and team bonding.

Also, when it comes to arranging alcohol-related events, make sure to check the way your employees feel about it in advance. Some people may not be happy with this choice for religious or health reasons. If that’s the case, you may want to choose another option.

A City Tour

The city or town you work in is bound to have some history your team doesn’t know anything about. To bring your employees closer together, you can take them on a day-long city tour with an experienced guide. During the tour, you can explore the local cuisine, visit museums, and learn more about the place’s history. Such explorations do wonders for bringing people closer together and inspiring new ideas.

If you can’t find a worthy tour in your area, consider taking a bus to the nearest city that can offer something fun and exciting.

Cooking Class

Learning to do something together is the pillar of team building. During a corporate retreat, you can consider arranging a cooking class. Being together in one kitchen and sharing responsibilities is a great way to foster trust and collaboration.

Besides having fun and developing new skills, a cooking class creates an opportunity for sharing a meal afterward. 

Play Team Sports

Team sports are as close to teamwork as you can get. Volleyball, basketball, or bowling are fun to play. Even if one of your team members has never played the game before, they can easily learn the rules and join the excitement.

When you arrange a team sports event, you don’t just encourage teamwork. You take care of your employees’ well-being. After the game is over, employees can discuss their achievements over a tasty meal.

A Picnic

If the weather allows, company picnics are always fun and relaxing. The opportunity to cook and share food can give your team members a chance to collaborate outside the traditional setting. Outdoor picnics aren’t just entertaining, they are great for your team’s health.

Research shows that spending just 20 minutes in the park can improve a person’s well-being. A well-planned picnic can reduce stress levels, boost relaxation, and drive inspiration.

A True Adventure

If your team members have an adventurous nature, you can get away with planning an unusual company retreat. From zip lining and bungee jumping to snorkeling and scavenger hunts, your team members will love the idea.

Excitement coupled with adrenaline can help your team members discover each other’s strong sides and learn how to make them work for the common cause.

Plan the Ideal Company Retreat with Frogbridge Events in New Jersey

The key to the ideal company retreat is the locale. Frogbridge Events offers the perfect location that puts excitement, activities, and relaxation into one package. Whether you are planning a basketball game, an anti-conference, a picnic, or a tech-free day, we can make it work.  Our team can help you bring even the boldest corporate event ideas to life. 

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