The inclusion of the entire team is one of the most important aspects of team building. When planning your retreat, you want to be sure that the activities that you choose do not exclude anyone with mobility issues or other special needs from participating. The whole idea of team building is demonstrating to your team the positive effects of working (and playing) together. Carefully choosing games that are tailored to everyone on your team is essential.

In order for any company retreat to be successful, all the participants must feel comfortable in the location, events, and team-building exercises. Some employees may hesitate to participate if their necessary needs make it difficult for them. Frogbridge Events can help you figure out how to incorporate accessible games into your next company retreat.

What Accessible Games Can You Incorporate?

There are many types of games that you may work into your corporate retreat that make them accessible for all. Some examples include:

1. Starting With An Ice Breaker

Depending on the size of your group, a great icebreaker is the “Who Am I?” game. Each employee is given a name tag that is pinned to their back. The name on the tag is that of a famous person or character. That employee must ask other guests questions about the person on their tag until they can correctly guess the name. For example, on Sally’s back is the name of Donald Duck. She might ask others if she is a real person or a fictional person. Is she male or female? Old or young?  Limit the questions to one per person so everyone must speak to multiple employees. You can give prizes for the quickest guess, the most questions asked, or even the name who best represents the employee. 

2. Getting to Know You

This game is especially fun if your employees are a bit unfamiliar with each other. You can describe something about one of the employees and everyone must guess who you are describing. The more obscure the fact, the better. If you are bringing together salespeople from across the country who seldom get to interact with each other, it can be fun and very interesting to see what they would guess. An example would be, “This person has been to all fifty states.”  Each person would write down who they think that would be.  The one with the most guesses wins and can receive a prize.

3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Depending on the size of your group, split into teams of five or six people. You could play a company version of Pictionary, where the teams guess what one member is drawing. Get creative with words that have some connection with the company, such as the location, what they do, or something familiar to employees. You can also choose from movie titles, current events, or famous names or places. 

A variation of this for larger groups is charades, where one person acts out the clue and the others must guess the word or phrase.

4. Truth or Lies

Truth or Lies is a great game for everyone and is perfect for getting to know others on your team. Each member of the team writes down four statements about themselves. Three of the statements are false and one is true. The team members must guess which is the truth and which are lies. By making the truth obscure enough that others will not guess, the team members will then know a hidden fact about their teammates. This is especially fun when all the members are somewhat familiar with each other. 

You can also change this game up by giving participants four statements, with only one being true. They could center around their location, their company, or even their boss.

5. Learn Together

Classes are a great way to bond with others. Though not really a game, it can be fun and rewarding. Consider a painting class, for example. Instead of having everyone paint the same object or scene, have them paint different items that somehow fit together. This requires teams to create a storyline and work together to tell the story.

Other learning opportunities may include collecting and identifying plants or leaves and scrapbooking them, planning a menu and preparing the meal, setting up an ice cream or hot chocolate bar, and preparing food for other teams or any number of ideas that can be fun while learning something new.

The Expert Event Planners at Frogbridge Events Can Help Plan Your Company Retreat

At Frogbridge Events, our event planners can help plan your next company retreat and help you organize an event for all your attendees, regardless of their special needs. We can customize an event, designed just for you on our 86-acre resort, which highlights the beauty and natural wonder of all that the garden state has to offer.

Whether you are planning for a small group or for a larger crowd, our event planners can find the activities and settings chosen just for you. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or contact us to get started.