You know that your team desperately needs a getaway, but you’re debating how to do this. You’re not sure if you want to have a holiday event, a team-service event, or day off. Have you ever considered a company retreat? An effectively planned and executed company retreat comes with countless benefits that reward and engage your employees. Giving your employees the opportunity to participate is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can go a long way for both them and your company. 

Company retreats have the power to boost employee morale, build personal relationships, and re-energize your team’s wellness. When your team feels valuable and important, they work and cooperate more efficiently. However, planning a successful and meaningful retreat can be overwhelming, so the sooner you start, the better the outcome. 

Why Planning Earlier is Better 

The earlier you begin planning your company retreat, the more time you have to get everything organized and make certain everything is in order to guarantee a productive event. Planning your event earlier will allow you to clearly establish your goals for the event and ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Success is for firstcomers, as they say. If you start planning sooner rather than later, you can ensure things run smoothly, especially: 

  • Transportation and budget
  • Securing a venue 
  • Higher turnout rates
  • Quality of the event 

Waiting to plan your company event can cost you the venue you wanted. Quality company retreat venues fill up fast, so you have to be proactive and reserve a date quickly. If you wait too long, your options may be limited, and you may struggle to find a venue that is near you. Also, planning will pay off in the end. When your event is a week away and you’ve already booked a venue, organized transportation, and created invitations, all you have to focus on is making a few calls to confirm that everything is good to go. 

How Many People Are on Your Team? 

The number of people on your team will determine how early you should start. Smaller companies anywhere between 10 to 20 people can reserve three to four months to start planning, whereas medium to large companies with 50 or more people will need anywhere between five to nine months of planning. 

Both small and large-scale events come with unique challenges. However, if you’re planning a large event, you’ll need to be ready for a huge amount of effort. It might be easy to get 15 employees to come to your company event, but trying to accommodate 100 employees is going to be more complex. There are more steps that need to be taken into account, like budget, set up, and resources. Therefore, you should look for venues that have their own coordinators who can draft an event plan and handle all details so you don’t miss out on anything important. 

What Date Works Best for Everyone?   

When it comes time to plan your event, do not underestimate the importance of selecting a date. It isn’t as simple as picking a day on the calendar and hoping everyone can make it. There are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration, including: 

  • Availability of employees
  • Weather 
  • Holidays 
  • School breaks 
  • Conflicting events 

In addition, the issue of team size comes into play when choosing a date. With smaller teams, you can simply send out an email asking everyone to choose a date that they can attend trouble-free. For larger teams, sending out an email to arrange a date can quickly turn into a mess. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself all over the place. 

If you choose a date in advance, you have more time to fix any issues that may arise such as an employee with a prior commitment. Remember that you may not be able to please everyone and there may be complaints, but by starting early, you can give your employees the time they need to move things around in their lives. 

Organize an Unforgettable Company Retreat at Frogbridge Events 

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Our company picnic venue in Central NJ can swiftly organize an unforgettable company retreat.  We’ll handle the challenging details while you focus on picking a date and pumping your team up for an exciting day. Our team is more than happy to resolve any questions or concerns you may have. To learn more about the many packages we have to offer for company events, complete a contact form or call our office anytime at (609) 208-9475.