From the open air to trees swaying in the wind, engaging with nature can introduce real meaning to our lives. You often hear people say that getting outdoors is great for your health, and a significant amount of research shows how true that saying is. However, employers and workplaces often overlook the benefits of nature on employee health. 

Simply finding time and ways to incorporate the outdoors into your workplace or providing alternative ways for employees to enjoy nature can make all the difference in the mood around your office. If you’re not yet convinced of the power of nature, discover below how engaging with nature can boost employees’ wellbeing. 

The Connection Between Nature and Employee Wellbeing 

Work environments can be stressful. An unpleasant situation can make employees feel anxious, overwhelmed, and tired. These feelings directly affect whole-body health. Stress increases blood pressure and heart rate, and tiredness and tension can fatigue muscles and weaken the immune system. A captivating and freeing environment, like nature, can help!

  • Heal: Nature is healing, both externally and internally. Even just 20 minutes outside in the sun and warmth can boost employee wellbeing. 
  • Soothe: Nature is a healthy distraction. When work is busy and personal life is hectic, employees can take a moment to absorb natural scenery. 
  • Rejuvenate: Spending time outdoors is peaceful. A quiet environment with tranquil surroundings can help reduce anxiety, allowing employees to restore their minds and focus on their purpose. 
  • Connect: Being at a desk all day and sitting in front of a computer screen is draining. 

Nature gives employees time to reflect and connect with the outside world, themselves, and those around them. 

Nature and Its Effect on Three Dimensions of Wellness

Unquestionably, nature is powerful. Yet, nature’s effects go further than providing a destination to rest, relax, and recharge. Engaging with nature benefits these three dimensions of wellness:


Sitting inside all day not only limits employees’ physical activity but also promotes unhealthy practices over time. Staring at a screen all day can cause headaches and damage cells in the brain. A stationary lifestyle is a common contributor to weight gain and long-term illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 

Being outdoors encourages employees to get up and move. Moving your body releases serotonin in the brain, gets blood flow pumping, nourishes the skin, and strengthens the mind—all of which are vital to employee wellbeing, satisfaction, and productivity.   


Nature is emotionally therapeutic. In busy workplace environments, it’s often challenging to find a space to unwind. Even offices with private rooms and nooks for employees to hang out still don’t allow them to fully disengage from their work. They may feel pressured about getting back to work or consumed with all they have left to do; therefore, they miss out on re-energizing their minds. 

Getting outside can help rebalance the nervous system, allowing employees to come back into work with a fresh and clear mind. This will not only aid work performance, but it will also help improve workplace morale. This is because people can sense others’ energy, so when one employee feels right about something, that positive feeling typically spreads around the office. 


Work can oftentimes feel isolating, especially if employees tend to work more independently. People need connection, whether it’s to someone else, themselves, or nature. When employees are socially isolated, it can lead to loneliness, which may result in depression or anxiety. Access to nature aids connectedness to the environment and centers employees to their true selves. Working outdoors can also help employees get to know one another through shared experiences, fostering mutual trust and respect. 

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