During the COVID pandemic, people have discovered numerous ways to stay connected while keeping themselves and each other safe and healthy. Corporate retreats are typically offsite getaways where everyone is in close contact so they can get to know each other and bond. While COVID has complicated the way we socialize, it is still possible to have valuable quality time with your colleagues. There are numerous creative ways to host a corporate retreat while still following COVID guidelines.

Host a Virtual Retreat That Your Employees Can Join From Home

The pandemic has made the world aware of how easy it is to host virtual events. Using some user-friendly and accessible tools, you can host a corporate retreat online. Online events are the most effective way to hold an event while social distancing. Since employees can attend from wherever they are and don’t need to be in person, there is no risk of spreading illness to each other.

While meeting on a platform like a Zoom or Google Hangouts, you can host your retreat online while incorporating various other activities to keep it engaging and promote team-building, such as:

  • Wellness workshops with nutrition classes, yoga, and exercise they can do at home
  • Mindfulness exercises that help employees reduce their stress and anxiety
  • Trivia competitions where employees can work together to win a prize
  • Team-building games that allow employees to get to know each other while having fun
  • Arts and crafts that are simple and employees can follow along with guided tutorials

While planning out these activities, consider testing them to ensure they work well in a video-conferencing setting. During the retreat, encourage your team members to turn on their cameras, take pictures of themselves participating, and share them. 

Host an Outdoor Retreat With COVID Safe Activities

Hosting outdoor events is a great way to spend time with people safely. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, outdoor activities that leave lots of space between participants pose a lower risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Even without a mask, you’re less likely to be exposed to COVID-19 while you’re outside. 

The fresh air continuously moves around and scatters everyone’s respiratory droplets, so participants are less likely to inhale enough virus-containing respiratory droplets to get sick. There are numerous great activities that you can incorporate into your outdoor corporate retreat, including biking, rock climbing, skiing, and hiking.

Encourage Employees to Get Vaccinated, Tested, or Wear Masks

Health screening, vaccination, and COVID testing can keep employees safe when arranging an in-person corporate retreat during COVID. While symptoms and transmission are greatly diminished for the vaccinated, it’s still possible to spread the virus, so screenings and testing are still valuable prevention methods. 

You can screen employees by asking them to complete a health questionnaire that asks about their exposure to the virus and the presence of symptoms. In some areas, you may be able to have a rapid testing service on-site. Also, providing employees with good-quality masks can effectively reduce the spread of Coronavirus. Masks reduce the respiratory droplets that enter the air, so encouraging employees to wear masks when they meet in person is a useful preventative measure.

Discuss COVID Safety Options With the Event Experts at Frogbridge

The pandemic has made people aware of the importance of practices that keep us all safe and healthy. As we all work together to overcome the pandemic, working with experienced people you can trust is essential. Frogbridge Events can provide you with expert event planners who work with you to coordinate a safe event during COVID.

Frogbridge has ample space for outdoor activities, and guests have access to sporting fields and facilities, a pool complex, a lakefront area, and much more. Frogbridge Events provides an opportunity for your team to bond in a fun, active setting. Contact us via our contact form or by phone at (609) 208-9475 to begin planning your team’s corporate retreat.