Corporate retreats are an excellent way for companies to foster collaboration, recharge, and engage employees. After COVID-19, hybrid systems of work became the new normal for most companies. Employee engagement becomes a significant hurdle, leading to low morale and stifled productivity. 

The need for corporate retreats that combine both in-person and virtual experiences has increased. With careful planning and help from Frogbridge Events, you can host a hybrid corporate retreat that engages participants and delivers meaningful outcomes for the company.

The Power of Hybrid Corporate Retreats

Hybrid events are not a digital supplement to in-person employee engagement. They offer the opportunity to increase attendance by accommodating those who cannot attend the event physically. Hybrid events also allow remote and geographically diverse presenters to interact seamlessly with virtual and in-person attendees.

Hybrid events also lead to low operational costs by reducing the number of in-person attendees and professionals. It opens the door to involve professionals who would have otherwise declined to attend the event due to travel and time constraints. Rather than setting aside a few days to travel and attend the event, they only need to spare a few hours.

Tips for Planning an Immersive Hybrid Corporate Retreat

The following tips will help you shake things up and plan an engaging hybrid event:

Leverage Collaborative Technology

Incorporate innovative technology platforms that offer live-streaming and virtual networking features. Conduct thorough research on the available video conferencing and communication options before settling on any platform. Ensure the platform provides the right tools for your event and at the right price for your budget.

Promote structured networking sessions for both in-person and virtual attendees as well. Virtual networking sessions and online discussion forums encourage participants to share ideas and build lasting professional relationships.

Include Feedback

Use polls and Q&A features during the event to gather feedback from both online and in-person participants. This makes your audience feel that their opinions are valued and appreciated. Surveys can be used to gather post-event insights to measure the event’s impact and success and gauge improvement areas.

Integrate Virtual Breakout Sessions

Engaging the virtual audience at every stage is crucial so that they don’t just feel like spectators. Virtual breakout sessions allow virtual attendees to be divided into smaller groups for discussions and other activities. 

Send Swag to Virtual Employees

As the in-person attendees are being treated to the indulgences of a corporate retreat, their virtual counterparts should not be left out. If lunch is catered for in-person attendees, consider reimbursing virtual attendees for their lunch or sending them meals and any gifts that in-person participants will receive.

Choose a Location

Many corporate retreats are hosted in remote areas, allowing attendees to take a break from their everyday environments. When choosing the venue to host a hybrid corporate retreat, consider venues that offer reliable internet and on-site audiovisual equipment.

For in-person attendees, ensure the venue is close to transportation and accommodation facilities for a seamless experience.

Additional Tips

Here are some bonus tips to make your corporate event enjoyable for both in-person and virtual participants:

  • When planning a hybrid event that involves geographically diverse employees, it is crucial to consider time zones and schedules.
  • You also need to consider the duration of the event. Virtual attendees will be less inclined to sit at their screens all day. Consider scheduling the event for an allocated amount of time.
  • Allow in-person attendees to settle down before starting the video conference. Similarly, make it clear when the retreat is over, so people know when it is time to leave.

You can create a memorable and immersive hybrid corporate retreat experience by strategically combining in-person and virtual elements. Remember to adjust the planning process according to your organization’s specific needs and dynamics.

How Can Frogbridge Events Help With Your Corporate Retreat Planning?

Planning an immersive hybrid corporate event is an intense, time-consuming activity. Frogbridge Events‘ team is here to take the pressure off. We have years of experience planning corporate events for companies of many sizes. We offer many options to customize your event to suit your organization and team.

We will coordinate all aspects of your company retreat, allowing you to enjoy and engage with your team. With proper planning and execution, a hybrid corporate event can drive positive change in your organization. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or complete our form online to start planning a stress-free, one-of-a-kind hybrid corporate retreat.