After 2020 left the world in shambles, workplaces adapted to accommodate social distancing regulations by mostly switching to remote work. These changes prioritized the safety and security of employees, but without daily social interactions and a shift into isolation, many workers feel detached from their company.

The Harvard Business Review found that when studying over 1,100 employees, remote workers were more likely to report feeling mistreated and left out. As the professional world continues with remote work, feelings of solitude and abandonment are becoming a massive obstacle in forming proper workplace relationships and communication.

Now more than ever, employers are interested in finding ways to include employees in company events and showcase remote workers’ value to the organization. Instead of canceling remote work plans, managers are encouraged to create an atmosphere of connection and trust. Here are three valuable tips when forging a dependable network in the workplace.

Use Video Contact with Remote Workers

For workers unable to meet face-to-face, it’s vital that managers consistently schedule virtual check-ins and meetings. These conferences give remote employees opportunities to ask questions and feel more connected with their team. Workers that perform their job at home should have regular contact with other employees.

When left alone to continue their role without managerial affirmations, team members feel secluded and without guidance. Leaders need an awareness of these feelings of loneliness when creating events or tasks for their workers. Using video conferencing tools can significantly reduce feelings of frustration and contentment.

Clearly State Expectations and Roles

Leading a remote group can be tricky since managers cannot physically monitor and teach their team members. In order to clearly delegate tasks and produce quality work, supervisors need to directly communicate each employees’ assignments and how their work is essential.

In cases where there is miscommunication and confusion, the product of work and the relationship between the worker and employer is poor. To avoid these troublesome occurrences, presenting remote employees with their requirements can relieve tension in the organization.

Prioritize Team Activities

Creating close bonds within a team doesn’t always mean giving assignments or discussing work-related issues. One of the most important ways to make employees feel needed and connected is through personal team activities. Incorporating entertaining tournaments and other ideas can significantly improve how your team navigates.

With new technology making it easier to find innovative group events, there’s always room for consistent fun Fridays. If your employees live around the same area, in-person opportunities can provide remote employees access to face-to-face events. Either way, initiating team gatherings will bring your team closer together.

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