When planning your company retreat, you might concern yourself with how to stay productive and on task. You may be so worried about getting caught up in all the fun of the trip that you lose sight of the goals you set for your group. 

Corporate retreats are a great time to share new ideas, get everyone involved in group activities, and feel refreshed. With all the excitement surrounding the trip, it can be easy to lose track of the original plan. Everyone involved should keep the retreat goals in mind to remain productive. With these tips, we can help you ensure you do that.

How to Have a Productive Company Retreat

We understand the importance of ensuring you and your team members have a productive corporate retreat, so we have curated the best and most effective ways to keep everyone focused. Tips to stay attentive during your trip include the following:

Make a Strategic Plan and Share It With Everyone

Having a well-crafted plan is essential when trying to ensure the most productive retreat possible. Your plan should spell out your specific goals and activities for the trip, and you should share these with everyone on your team so they can be aware of the purpose of the retreat at all times.

Leave Room for Employee Feedback

Once you have shared your ideas and goals for the retreat with your team, set aside some time to receive feedback on their ideas and thoughts about the retreat. This gets everyone more engaged and could increase productivity while on the trip because the team also contributed to the planning. You can do this in a meeting or offer an anonymous form for members to share their contributions.

Choose a Relaxing Environment

Selecting a calming location for your corporate retreat will help your team relax. This will set up the perfect backdrop for destressing, exploring new ideas, and getting creative. We suggest an outdoor, natural setting as it lends itself to tons of team-building activities. Nature also provides the ultimate refreshing experience. 

Silence Your Technology

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor location, silencing your phones, laptops, and tablets during meetings and activities is a great way to shut out distractions and remain on track. After all, retreats serve as a means to focus on the company and the goals you set out during planning.

Include Problem-Solving and Team Building Activities

During your retreat planning, be sure to schedule activities that encourage team building and problem-solving. This will bring everyone together and encourage them to participate in the activities, which will only be beneficial in meeting the goals for the trip. These activities also give your team space to have fun and think creatively.

Take Breaks 

Taking breaks is a crucial element of staying productive. Breaks allow your mind to rest and give you room to relax. Make sure you leave space for breaks to eat, drink, and just have fun. As important as the team-building activities are, the laid-back ones are productive, too.

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