A company picnic can be the perfect activity to improve company morale, foster collaboration, and show appreciation for the employees. The success of a company picnic depends on the development and execution of the picnic. Office events take careful planning and coordination to accomplish. Each step requires the planner’s full attention to achieve the best results.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Location for a Company Picnic

Choosing the right company picnic venue in Central NJ impacts the tone, the attendance rate, and the experience. Selecting the perfect venue for the company picnic is crucial for positive results and a successful bonding experience for your employees. The following are questions you should ask when selecting the location of your company picnic:

What’s the Budget?

Hosting a picnic means you will likely be paying for the location, food, and activities. The cost will depend on how many employees will be attending, the venue, and the menu. Before deciding anything else, you should decide how much money the company will set aside for the company picnic in Central NJ.

What’s the Purpose of the Event?

Businesses typically host company picnics for team-building purposes or to show appreciation for their employees. By hosting a team-building event, such as a picnic, companies encourage employees to interact with one another. Having the staff participate in activities together fosters a sense of community that boosts team morale. A successful company picnic can make employees feel appreciated and encourage them to be more productive at work.

When Will the Company Picnic Take Place?

To have an outdoor picnic, the weather needs to be nice. Paying close attention to the weather and season before selecting a date can help you avoid rescheduling or cancellation. Early or late summer and fall are great times to have a picnic. Additionally, avoid hosting the event on or near major holidays because attendance rates tend to drop dramatically around those times. Keeping your employees’ busy lives in mind when picking a date is the best way to ensure the majority of your employees will be able to attend.

Is There Going to Be a Theme?

A theme is not necessary for a company picnic, but it can help inform other aspects of planning, including the location. Picking a theme will help direct what activities and food will be offered at the picnic. A theme can make the event more cohesive, and it could be helpful when narrowing down possible venues. A venue works best when it fits the theme.

Is It an Employee-Only Event?

If the event’s purpose is to build team collaboration, then an employee-only event is probably the best way to go. If the event, however, is meant to show appreciation for the employees, allowing family and friends to attend is an excellent way to thank your employees for their efforts. Once you have decided whether or not the picnic will be limited to employees, then you can begin to build a guest list. The number of people in attendance will affect where you choose to host your company picnic.

Let Frogbridge Events Host Your Central NJ Company Picnic

The event planners at Frogbridge Events have planned numerous corporate picnics for Fortune 500 companies. The resort at Frogbridge is an 86-acre, all-inclusive natural landscape filled with the latest recreational amenities. Our event packages are customizable to fit the needs of your company and your employees. From the food and activities to the setting, the Frogbridge team will provide a productive and memorable event for your company.

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