Team building exercises are a well-known tool to strengthen coworkers’ teamwork skills. When people think of team-building exercises, they often imagine their team being forced together inside a stuffy conference room performing trust falls. Plenty of companies make great use of indoor spaces and have valuable indoor team-building activities. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of outdoor team building. 

Engaging your team members in an outdoor setting can have many benefits that positively impact your team. If you’re interested in planning an outdoor corporate team-building event, consider working with the experienced event planners at Frogbridge Events.

Doing Activities Outside Will Energize Your Team

Indoors can feel stifling. The lack of walls and the presence of fresh air will give your team the energy boost they need to participate and collaborate actively. Outdoors, you typically have more space to move around and fresh air to breathe. A change of scenery can be galvanizing as a nice change of pace invigorates your team. 

Outdoors also allows people to interact actively as the environment creates a fun dynamic among team members. We spend much of the workday indoors, so getting out for a change is likely to be refreshing. A conference room is no longer a constraint for you and your team, which can be liberating.

The Outdoors Are a Quiet and Relaxing Environment

While exciting, cities are also stressful. There’s always something happening and people around, which is not the best environment to be in when you’re trying to rest and recoup the energy you lost from your regular day-to-day activities. 

The outdoors are significantly quieter than the city or even suburban areas. The only noise present is the background noise of nature: birdsongs, crickets, the rustle of leaves as squirrels scurry around. The quiet and relative stillness of the outdoors is calming and peaceful.

Outdoor Activities Are Great for Building Bonds

The outdoors suits more active and relaxed team-building activities, so leadership has more options regarding what types of activities to plan. Mainly, many outdoor activities are suitable for collaboration and teamwork, encouraging your team members to rely on each other and become more familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Being Active Outside Can Improve Your Health

Spending time outside, and enjoying outdoor activities, especially athletic ones, are fun ways to improve your health while also spending time with your team members. Enjoying outdoor activities together as a team is a fun way to get exercise while building bonds. We spend much of our work time seated while indoors for extended periods, so bonding in the fresh air and being active is a good alternative.

Plan the Perfect Outdoor Company Retreat at Frogbridge Events

Frogbridge Events allows visitors to bond in a fun, active environment. By planning your corporate retreat with us, you allow your employees to truly connect through fun activities while enjoying the ambiance of New Jersey’s outdoors. As guests, you will have access to sporting fields and facilities, a pool complex, a lakefront area, and much more. To start planning your team’s outdoor team building escape, contact us online through our contact form or by calling us at (609) 208-9475.