Have you caught the recreational golf bug?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

One of the reasons our corporate event planners and school picnic organizers host their company picnics and outdoor events with us year after year is that we always have something new and unexpected to offer guests.

Rest assured, Frogbridge never rests on the laurels of last year’s successful catered picnic. Rather, during the cold and dark days of winter here in central New Jersey, we are deep in the throes of introducing all-new (and awesome) activities to thrill and entertain visitors once the weather warms up.

Children, teens, company employees and seniors love golf in just about any way, shape or form. That’s why we increased the number of driving-range bays up to 14 a few years ago. Regardless of the player’s skill set, the golfer stands in the bay with a big bucket of golf balls and swings away. You can work on form, stance and swing – or just see who can drive the farthest distance.

Responding to guest demand, we also recently added a large putting green area for golfers to work on their “short game”.

And our most popular golf venue, our 18-hold mini-golf stadium, is a hit with just about everyone (and an ideal photo opportunity).

Does your group have an interest in recreational golf? Talk to your Frogbridge special event planner about all our outdoor amenity options which are guaranteed to thrill every one of your guests.