It is always nice to take advantage of a warm, sunny day. A company picnic is a wonderful way for the staff of your company to spend time together away from the office. Of course, you cannot have a picnic without good food. Good food and enjoying a wonderful day outside are at the core of a perfect picnic.

Food brings people together. Even though different cultures prefer their own types of cuisine, everyone enjoys food. Some of the best memories people have are connected to food. If you host a company picnic at our venue and serve delicious food, you can help your staff bond and form unforgettable memories.

12 Easy Foods to Have at Your Company Picnic

When thinking about what to serve at your company picnic, you should take different dietary restrictions into consideration. You will want to have an ample amount of food for everyone to eat until they are satisfied. The food also must be easy to transport, preserve, and serve. Below are twelve food recommendations that we think will be perfect for your company picnic, including vegan options:

Easy Salads and Sandwiches to Make

When it comes to easily transportable food, salads and sandwiches take the cake. Salads and sandwiches are easy to make ahead of time, easily packageable, and easy to serve to crowds of people.

The following list consists of six salads to serve at your company picnic:

Salads are both healthy and easy to make. You should consider serving one of the above salads at your company picnic.

The following list consists of six sandwiches to serve at your company picnic:

These dishes are easy to serve on paper plates and transfer from one place to another. If you prepare more than one or two of these salads or sandwiches, your staff will have a variety from which to choose. This will ensure that everyone has their fill.

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