Giving your corporate event a theme can make it memorable. The trick is for it to be a memorable time for your employees and their families without making it feel too much like a work event.

Here are some tips for how to choose the right theme for the logistics, purpose, and goals of your next corporate event. Our team at Frogbridge Events can help you choose a corporate theme and host your event. 

How to Choose a Corporate Event Theme

Some of the best ways to begin to choose a corporate event theme include:

Figure Out Where, When, and Who

The first step in choosing a corporate event theme is to get on top of the logistics. It’s impractical to choose a theme if you don’t know the event’s venue, date, and who will be coming. Select an event venue that gives you the most options, theme-wise. It should have plenty of space, be easily accessible for your attendees, and offer a range of amenities that you could incorporate into a theme. 

Also, give some thought to the day of the week and the week in the month you prefer. The last thing you want is to choose a date that’s too inconvenient for most people to attend. Ask yourself: Is your company or industry one that can take a day off mid-week or is a weekend event your only option? This can help narrow down dates for the event. 

The theme of your corporate event will also depend on the mix of attendees and how many there will be. Some themes work best for a large group of employees and their families. Others tend to suit employee-only gatherings or get-togethers with company clients or customers.

Match the Theme to Your Event’s Purpose

Corporate get-togethers can have various purposes. Some are celebrations of a business milestone while others are annual traditions or special thank-yous for employees or customers. A corporate event can also have a business-driven aim, such as a team-building exercise. The possibilities range far and wide. 

It’s important to have a clear understanding of your event’s core purpose so that you can choose a theme to match. Aligning an event’s theme and purpose gives it a cohesive feel that generates positive buzz and goodwill. Themes that conflict with the purpose of an event, in contrast, often fall flat.

For example, fun-centered corporate summer picnics tend to work well with themes that evoke the season and its typical activities, like the Fourth of July, a Tropical Luau, or a Day at the Ballpark. 

Pick a Theme That Will Benefit Your Corporate Goals

The ideal corporate event leaves attendees feeling positive about their future working for or doing business with your company. What sort of theme would help you achieve that goal? To find the answer, take a cue from what your team or business partners may need and expect from the event. 

For instance, if your employees will have been working all out, a laid-back theme focused on relaxation and stress-free fun can communicate your appreciation of their efforts and their need for a restorative break. On the flip side, if your business will be ramping up a new project soon after the event, the right choice could be an activity-based theme that generates energy and camaraderie. Use your knowledge of your company’s personality and culture to select a theme that gives attendees a reason to feel confident in your leadership and inspired to continue working with you. 

Let Frogbridge Events Help You Choose the Theme for Your Next Corporate Event in New Jersey

The right theme for your corporate event can boost your employees’ morale, strengthen relationships with your clients and customers, and pay dividends for your business. Following the tips above can guide you to a theme suitable for your event’s logistics and purpose, and your corporate mission. 

Our purpose-built corporate event venue in Millstone Township, New Jersey, offers the ideal setting for your next company gathering. Our experienced event planners are ready to work with you to develop the perfect theme for it. Contact us online or call us at (609) 208-9475 today to get started.