Remote and hybrid work arrangements have become the new normal. More and more companies are taking full advantage of bringing talent from different locations together in a virtual setting.

While remote employees work great in the digital environment, team building can be an issue. Surveys show that the remote workforce is quickly becoming disengaged. That’s why arranging company retreats is no longer an option – it’s mandatory to keep employees happy and productive. Frogbridge Events can help you plan and run a company retreat for your remote team.

How to Run a Company Retreat For a Remote Team

Organizing a company retreat for a remote team means keeping multiple aspects to keep in mind, such as:

Choosing the Location

Just like in real estate, the location of your company retreat is a major factor, especially when it comes to bringing a remote team together. Since your employees may be working from different cities and states, you need a place they can all access easily.

Another thing to consider when choosing the perfect location is the variety of activities. The place you pick should offer an opportunity for your team to bond. Be it sports and swimming or picnicking and singing, the location should accommodate your wishes.

Making It Last

Chances are, with your team being remote, you don’t have an opportunity to bring these people together often. That’s why a corporate retreat shouldn’t be a one-day gathering. Consider arranging at least a two-day event so your team members can spend more time with each other. 

You can pack one day with various team-building activities, including sports games, karaoke, cooking, and picnicking. Leave the other day for unchaperoned interactions. The more free time you give your team in a relaxed setting, the more they can learn about each other.

Focusing on Event Goals

The way you run a company retreat for your remote workforce depends on the goals you set for this event. If you want the team members to get to know each other and enhance collaboration, you may want to focus on team-building activities.

If your goal is to drive inspiration and come up with some new ideas, you could consider arranging a conference setting.

Communicate your goals to your workforce. They should have a clear understanding of what to achieve during this event. However, don’t demand too much effort. One of the goals of any retreat is to encourage relaxation. While working during the outing is possible, it shouldn’t be the centerpiece of the event.

Arranging Ice-Breaking Activities

Remote team members may feel comfortable communicating online but could feel a little lost when meeting in person. To facilitate face-to-face communication, you may want to arrange ice-breaking activities.

Icebreakers are fun games that help people get to know each other and remove the tension that’s usually present at first in-person meetings. With time, these games turn into a team-building activity that you may take advantage of at the following retreats.

Controlling Your Expectations

Company retreats for remote team members often require plenty of time and financial investments. That’s why executives tend to expect too much from them. By controlling your expectations, you can reap all the benefits of a retreat while having fun and relaxing together with your team.

Not all company retreats end with excellent team-building results. It can take more than one outing to turn your department into a well-oiled machine. And that’s perfectly fine.

Start Planning Your Company Retreat in New Jersey with Frogbridge Events

Choosing the ideal locale for your company retreat is the foundation of its success. If you want everything to go smoothly, you need beautiful outdoors mixed with activities and sprinkled with top-notch entertainment. That’s where Frogbridge Events comes in.

No matter how long your remote employees haven’t seen each other, Frogbridge Events can bring them together. From fun swimming games and sports activities to picnicking and conferencing, we’ve got it all. To start planning, please fill out our contact form or call our team at (609) 208-9475 today.