Most job seekers want to work for a company that values and inspires them. If your business doesn’t meet that description, you might need a change in your company culture if you want to recruit top candidates. 

Learning how to create a positive and healthy company culture can help you attract and maintain talent. Here’s a review of how you can benefit from a corporate culture change to attract talent, and the role that a corporate event can play in making positive adjustments.

Why Company Culture Matters for Recruiting

For many companies, hiring is a significant struggle these days. The current U.S. unemployment rate is at a historically low level. In this environment, workers feel empowered to leave their jobs for greener pastures. According to a recent Gallup survey, half of all workers in the United States are open to leaving their current positions. The number one category of reasons they give for wanting to leave? Shortcomings in their current employer’s “engagement and culture” can include things like insufficient opportunities for development and advancement, unreasonable job expectations, and a lack of recognition for their contributions and achievements. 

Today’s employers cannot count on filling positions with qualified candidates simply by offering competitive wages and benefits, although that is still a prerequisite. To attract and retain talent, they need to ensure their businesses are desirable places to work. And for some, that means taking a hard look at their company culture and making positive changes.  

Steps Toward Positive Culture Change

It’s not realistic to expect a company’s culture to transform overnight. For most businesses, change is a process that includes listening, deliberating, and making tangible efforts to show a commitment to transforming company culture to attract and retain talent. A corporate event venue can facilitate those efforts, and some steps towards changing your company culture that can lead to benefits include:

Listening Sessions

Gathering employees in a safe, neutral setting where they can share their thoughts on company culture can be a productive step toward making a change. It’s easier for workers to air their criticisms when not surrounded by the trappings of workplace hierarchy. Holding a company meeting and listening session at a corporate event venue, away from the demands and structure of an office or job facility, can lower barriers and facilitate frank, honest conversations about what needs to change to attract talent and keep current employees on board.

Leadership Retreats

The same goes for meetings among company leaders to discuss which changes to implement and how to accomplish them. You’ll want to get your leadership team together to discuss which ideas from the listening sessions are worth pursuing and to devise workable action items for changing company culture for the better. Holding that gathering at an off-site venue gives executives and managers the chance to focus on those questions without distractions and to collaborate creatively on solutions.

Corporate Events

Holding an event for current or prospective employees can be an effective way to demonstrate your commitment to a more positive company culture. Get-togethers at purpose-built event venues offer a perfect environment for socializing, team-building, and collaboration. A top-quality venue can provide a range of amenities and activities accessible to your entire workforce. This generates meaningful opportunities for group and one-on-one interactions that reinforce and demonstrate your company’s high-quality culture as a place to work.

Partner With Frogbridge Events to Make Positive Changes to Your Company’s Culture

Corporate culture matters more than ever to your prospective and current employees. Attracting talent takes more than offering competitive pay and benefits. Recruiting the best candidates takes a commitment to building and maintaining a strong, supportive company culture. A premier corporate event venue can help you take proactive steps to hear what your workforce wants, plan effective strategies, and demonstrate meaningful change. 

Frogbridge Events in Millstone Township, New Jersey, is that kind of venue. Our 86-acre company event facility offers amenities perfect for holding any type of corporate gathering, from an all-hands listening session to a leadership retreat to a company-wide day off. Contact our experienced planners online or call (609) 208-9475 to start making positive changes in your company culture.