Over time, companies have realized that they could be doing more to help the environment. Many initiatives have cropped up to serve this purpose in many forms. One area that is often overlooked is the reality of corporate events. Like any other event, corporate events produce much waste and require significant carbon emissions.

As the state of the environment worsens, it’s understandable that you may be looking for ways for your business to put on their event while still being mindful of the environmental costs to do so. You should know that holding a carbon-neutral corporate event is possible by changing a few practices. A carbon-neutral event is when the amount of carbon emissions produced equals the amount eliminated. Creating such an event could be overwhelming without the help of the experienced event planners at Frogbridge Events.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle What You Plan to Use at Your Event

One of the first principles people learn for protecting the environment is encompassed in the simple mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle”. As you’re planning your event, there are likely items you frequently purchase that you may realize aren’t essential to the success of your event. Instead of relying on creating all new products, think of ways to use what you already have.

Additionally, provide alternatives to single-use items. Think about where you can swap single-use items with ones that could be reused or given new life after the event is over. Finally, look for opportunities to use items that can be easily recycled and make recycling easy for your guests by ensuring there are plenty of accessible receptacles. 

Use Sustainably Sourced Materials at Your Event

Going the extra mile to use sustainably sourced materials for your event will significantly reduce its carbon emissions. Look for ways to use natural materials and work with vendors where you can know the whole supply chain is delivering on best practices. Look for FSC-certified products and materials, meaning they were made from natural, recycled, or reclaimed materials. 

You can also let it be known to your suppliers that you are placing restrictions on the types of products and materials you’re allowing in your event.

Make a Plan to Offset Your Event’s Remaining Carbon Emissions

Beyond the products you use, there must also be a consideration for the energy you use. Energy and fuel are required to transport products and attendees to the event. You can reduce your carbon footprint from transportation through carpooling, consolidating cargo, and scheduling flights strategically, but much of those emissions will remain and need to be offset somehow. 

While planning your event, find a reliable way to measure the carbon emissions your event will produce and use that to calculate how much you need to offset and make the necessary changes to do so. To reduce your energy consumption, replace what you can with renewable energy sources. For your menu, choose produce that is plant-based, local, and in season. You could also think of fun activities to offset your carbon emissions, like working together to plant trees or fund other conservation efforts.

Plan Your Ideal Corporate Event at Frogbridge

Our event planners have helped plan many successful corporate events or Fortune 500 companies, so they are well-equipped to help you organize your carbon-neutral event. They are adaptable and persistent in their approach, and their experience is evident in all their work.

At Frogbridge Events, we will collaborate with you from the very beginning to design a timeline and prepare every aspect of your event. Reach out to our team, so we can handle the planning of your next corporate event for you. To start planning your event, call us at (609) 208-9475 or submit our contact form.