All the careful planning and preparation for your corporate retreat paid off nicely. The retreat was a success, and your employees felt appreciated and successfully got to know one another. Now that the event is over, you get to follow up with everyone. The post-retreat period is your chance to obtain feedback from your employees and thank them for their participation. Employees should have the opportunity to share their thoughts on the retreat.

3 Steps to Follow Up after a Corporate Retreat

A corporate retreat follow-up should let employees know their opinions matter and encourage communication between everyone. Following up with your staff shows that you care enough to check in with them. The following are three steps to take after a corporate retreat to follow up with your employees:

Acknowledge Everyone Involved

Events do not run smoothly without a combined effort from your staff, the vendors, and anyone else who might have contributed. It is important to thank everyone for their hard work that made the retreat possible. Take the time to acknowledge and appreciate each individual who contributed and helped to cultivate a valuable relationship among your staff.

Send Out a Post-Event Survey

Surveys are a great way to find out what your employees liked or disliked about the retreat. Keeping the surveys short will boost participation. One of the most important aspects of any event is participation. The event most likely was not successful if your employees do not feel inspired or engaged by the event. A quick survey, while the event is still fresh on their minds, will help you know if the event had the results you desired. Such feedback gathered by the survey will be beneficial when it comes time to plan another company event.

Conduct a Post-Event Meeting

Once you have sent out a survey, conduct a post-event meeting to discuss the success and setbacks of the event. This will ensure that everyone’s thoughts are heard and taken into consideration. You should ask your employees about their overall experiences and do not forget to focus on the details. From the food to the travel time, every detail matters and can be improved upon at the next event.

Let Frogbridge Events Help You Plan Your Corporate Event

Corporate events are an excellent way to boost morale by giving your employees the opportunity to engage in team-building activities. These activities can increase collaboration and motivation at work. At Frogbridge Events, we understand the importance of a solid corporate retreat. We pay careful attention to the minor details to ensure that your event is a success. Our corporate event planning team consists of experts who can coordinate all aspects of your company event without putting any stress on you. If you want to plan a corporate event that is both productive and fun for your employees, let Frogbridge Events host your next event.

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