Organizing a good retreat requires careful attention to many different details, from location to food and beverage options. One factor that needs consideration is the time of year the retreat will take place. It can be challenging to find a time slot in which everyone in the company can attend. Everyone has busy lives, and some have tight schedules; therefore, planning the dates in advance is crucial for attendance purposes.

Organizing and hosting a company retreat may be stressful, but it also can be rewarding. A company retreat gives you the chance to solidify company goals, employee roles and expectations, and your company’s culture, while offering a team bonding experience outside the office. Retreats are a fantastic way to improve morale and motivate your employees. Looking in Central NJ for corporate event venues? Plan your retreat at our Central New Jersey company picnic venue for a variety of entertainment options, music, and much more.

The Best Time to Host a Company Retreat

Some of the most popular seasons for hosting retreats include spring and autumn. These two seasons tend to be popular because they do not interfere with holidays or vacation time. Summer is potentially the worst time to plan a retreat. During the summer, many employees have already planned vacations or other trips that take priority. For the company, summer can be a costly time to pay for travel and hotels. Regardless of where you host your retreat, it is highly likely to be crowded in the summer. Here are some additional tips for selecting when to host a company retreat:

Plan Your Retreat during Your Company’s Slow Season

When selecting dates for the retreat, you should take into consideration travel costs, your employees’ schedules, and your company’s schedule. A good thing to keep in mind when deciding on dates is what time of year your company’s slow season takes place. By planning your retreat during your slow period, you will be able to focus on strengthening the bonds with your staff without worrying about falling behind.

The Best Months to Plan a Company Retreat

May, June, September, and October qualify as some of the best months to host a retreat. May and June are in the summer, but they are not during the spike of travel season. September and October are usually less busy for people because these months occur just before the holidays. Specifically, September and October are often transitioning periods or the slow seasons for some people. Also, taking advantage of your employees’ slow seasons is just as important as taking advantage of your company’s slow season.

Begin the New Year with a Company Retreat

January and February are excellent months to plan a retreat. At the beginning of the year, your staff likely feels motivated by the opportunity to grow in the new year. You can take advantage of this mindset to set goals and cultivate a passion for meeting them as a company. January and February also tend to be slow for people who are winding down after big holiday celebrations in December. Your staff most likely will have the time and energy to focus on the company and improve their efforts at the start of a new year.

Plan Your Company Retreat with Frogbridge Picnics & Events

Once you have selected the dates for your retreat, you can pick a location. For an exceptional venue and dedicated staff, look no further than Frogbridge Picnics & Events. Our entire staff can take care of planning every detail of a corporate retreat. To ensure that you host the perfect company retreat, our skilled event planners will work with you and listen to any requests and concerns you have. Frogbridge Picnics & Events is the perfect place for your employees to bond and for you to present company goals to advance your business. Our facility sits on eighty-six acres of gorgeous scenery, complete with all the features you need to make your company event unique and unforgettable.

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