While corporate retreats can be a great way to give your team some fun bonding time, they can also be very productive for your organization. Retreats can also be excellent sources of education, direction, and planning time for your team. The key to a successful company retreat is selecting the right type to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Frogbridge Events offers the perfect venue for all types of corporate retreats, offering a spacious and scenic location for you and your team to plan, grow, and learn.

Types of Corporate Retreats Your Company Should Try

Company retreats are a great way to engage your employees and focus on your organization’s vision. Below are three types of corporate retreats that can help your company accomplish its goals.

Annual Planning Retreats

While annual planning retreats are great for managers and executives to plan for the next year, they can also benefit your whole team of employees. This type of retreat can help your organization develop long- and short-term goals to ensure a successful year. It can also help get all of your employees on the same page about your company’s vision. Holding this retreat outside of a board room in a different setting can help stimulate brainstorming and be particularly productive for your team.

Professional Development Retreats

Professional development retreats are perfect for teaching members of your team new skills or developing their leadership abilities. These types of retreats are great for identifying the natural leaders on your team and re-energizing your employees with new ideas and fresh outlooks on company objectives. If your retreat is focused on leadership development, outdoor team-building exercises such as relays or tug-of-war can be both fun and effective leadership training for your team.

Recreational Retreats

Recreational retreats are a fun way to reward and refresh your team. They also give your employees an opportunity to bond with one another and make new connections. After a successful recreational retreat, your employees will likely keep these connections and bonds when they return to the office. These retreats are also great for making your team feel valued and reducing stress levels. Choosing a beautiful location that offers a wealth of outdoor activities is essential for making your team feel like they are truly out of the office so they can recharge.

Plan Your Next Outdoor Corporate Retreat with Frogbridge Events

No matter what type of corporate retreat you choose, an outdoor setting can make your retreat more memorable and effective than one hosted in a stuffy conference room. The event planners at Frogbridge Events are corporate retreat experts and have helped several Fortune 500 companies plan successful events. Frogbridge is located in scenic central New Jersey and has 86 acres of beautiful natural landscape and the latest outdoor recreation amenities. Our event packages are fully customizable and can be tailored to your company’s unique needs. To start planning your next company event, call us at (609) 208-9475 or complete our contact form today.